This is the possible

relationship between Abel the Hedgehog and Renée the Hedgehog.


Trinity Vampire 16:48, October 8, 2010 (UTC) (Best couple of mine I think so far)



Better have a good reason


Renée met Abel when she was being attacked by Mephiles. They quickly got a close relationship, Abel is willing to give his life to save Renée.


Meeting Again

Abel: (Hiding behind a tree) Hm..I need to pick carefully...

(He spots Renée sitting on the roof of her house)

Abel: She seems right...(He jumps onto the roof and pins Renée down)

Renée: What the--?! Get off!

Abel: Sorry about this but...(He sends a shockwave from his hand to Renée's chest, paralyzing her)
Renée: Ugh! What are you doing?

Abel: I need to do this...(He leans over to her and bites her neck)

Renée: !! (Thinks) He's a...vampire too? But..doesn't he know I'm one?

Abel: (Drinking her blood)(Thinks) This taste seems familiar somehow...have I met this girl before?

(Abel's hand slips from Renée's neck, accidently taking off her rosary)

(Renée turns to her Inner self, kicking Abel off her and into a tree)

Abel: Oof! -he rubs his head-

Inner Renée: You seem familiar, but....until I find out who you are, you are a threat to me...

Abel: (Thinks) Her aura..wait a second..(Out Loud) You're Renée Shuzen..

Inner Renée: Yes...(She pauses) ...You're Abel Nightroad!

Abel: Glad you remembered me.

Inner Renée: I knew someone was going to attack me, but I didn't expect it to be you...

Abel: Heh well, this world can be full of surprises (He jumps up to Inner Renée and reattaches her rosary)

Renée: Abel..(hugs him) Great to see you again...

Abel: (hugs her as well) I was hoping to find you, now that I have, I never want to lose you...


(Coming Soon)


Like I said, this might be one of my best couples

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