Aether is one of the ten Attributes, the various facets and representations of reality. The other nine are:

Of the attributes, Aether represents creativity, change, and will. Its opposite is Illusion.


When used in battle, the main properties of Aether is to control energy, the state of matter, and dimensions. Aether's primary strategy is to avoid or debilitate the opponent, doing so by altering the state of the enemy's weaponry to a useless form, then striking back. A more advanced and more well-known method is to make one's body immaterial and intangible, either by altering the state of one's own body or even by phasing one's body out of the current dimension. While the enemy is unable to strike, an Aether user can then strike back at the target with a variety of energy-based attacks. Because of these abilities, Aether users are quite evasive and difficult to attack.

Aether users lack much in the areas of physical attacks and "proper" defense. The reason for both of these is Aether's reliance on rendering oneself immaterial/intangible; while the user is unable to be struck by the opponent, the user is likewise incapable of physically striking the enemy unless the immaterial state is dropped. Because of this, all Aether attacks are focused around striking with energy, be it close- or long-range. Most of these attacks look either like raw or solidified energy, or take on the appearance lightning. However, Aether has no direct relationship to Electricity.

Among Aether's other miscellaneous abilities include temporarily granting another person immaterial capabilities, creating temporary duplicates of items and people, and even temporarily rendering the opponent temporarily "silent"; unable to use special abilities. These numerous powerful abilities make Aether an extremely variable and creative Attribute.

However, Aether is stricken by a set of weaknesses that limit its power. Because all Aether attacks involve the use of energy in one form or another, techniques, people, and equipment capable of absorbing or negating energy shut down the Aether element almost entirely. Aether's most prominent weakness is however, energy; Aether's use and manipulation of raw energy makes it a very exhaustive Attribute to use in battle, requiring either to be used only in short-term battles or vast reserves of energy at the user's disposal.



Of the Attributes, Aether is the representation of change, creativity, and willpower. It represents the capability to change both one's surroundings and oneself for better or worst, and using the mind and will to bring a vision to reality. Aether means to take what one has and change it into something else, creating something new through force of will alone. To put it simply, Aether is the most creative and optimistic of the Attributes.

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