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Not to be confused with Agni, Agni the Porcupine, or Agnes the Wolfdog.

Agony Leoclaw
Cquote1 This is just exhausting. Cquote2
Agony Leoclaw

Things might be looking brighter... or not. Agony Leoclaw, real name Tarion Fadestep, sincerely wants to live a normal life, but his Cybermal implants get in the way. He is first introduced into the Darkness Trigger series as an antagonist in the series' second installment, The Cybermal Onslaught, as well as one of the unlockable characters in the game's roster.


Agony Leoclaw stands at five feet, three inches tall. His fur is pitch-black, with small white stripes around his body, particularly his arms, legs, and chest. His stripes take a dark blue tinge when his powers are in effect. His tail is also quite long, having a dark grey tip. His hair is a solid dark blue/black color, with bangs that fall over his face and obscure his eyes somewhat. Speaking of his eyes, they appear to be light grey, appearing to be lit-up by lights. When angry or in significant sorrow, they change to a dark purple shade. His left fang also sticks out of his mouth even when it's closed.

In terms of body mass, he appears fairly lean and skinny, likely due to his cybernetics being somewhat incompatible with his organic body.

His cybernetic enhancements can be seen on his forearms, shoulders, torso, and upper legs. Matching his fur color, they are a very dark grey, making them hard to make out without close inspection. Resembling armor plating, the ones on his arms can shift apart to reveal his Agony Rakers: large, menacing claws with serrated edges, perfect for slicing and dicing.

Agony's wardrobe fits his default mood very well. A long-sleeved, black shirt and pants, with a dark blue belt and shoes can be seen on him. In addition, he wears a large, heavy, hooded jacket with the hood always up, as if trying to hide his face from the world. The inside of the jacket is colored dark blue, much like his belt.


During the events of The Cybermal Onslaught, Agony is defined by his always-present depression, a stark contrast to his best friend's constant optimism. Usually speaking softly and seemingly carrying an aura of gloom wherever he goes, he never seems to be able to lighten up, even when there's nothing to be sad about. This only comes up if Twintwist is absent, but even with the lion around, he still has the "gloomy aura" around him. Twintwist does manage to keep him from falling too deep into his sorrow, at least.

Meanwhile, while under the Destroyer's control, he displays more of a cold personality, focusing much of his energy on completing his assigned missions at any cost. One such mission was the retrieval of the blue Chaos Emerald in Khatanli, Yurashya, where he was rather hellbent on grabbing the Chaos Emerald for the Destroyer, only to begin showing signs of resistance towards his control.

Throughout Gazing into the Abyss, however, he slowly recovers from his condition with some help from Knockout, and finally regains his confidence by the story's climax.

Agony has a particular quirk regarding names of people. Usually, he assigns a nickname to his friends and allies, due to the fact that his photographic memory unfortunately doesn't include people's names. Examples include "Red Wolf" for Blitz, "Rikako" for Knockout, "Thunder King" for Raiden, etc.

Agony is also quite spiritual, often making references to "spirits" and "the heavens". This is due to the culture and religion he was part of in Adabat - he was a normal member of a shamanistic group that regarded life as "what the spirits write for us all". Though he wouldn't say that, he does believe in the main point of the quote: that everything that shall be written, will come to pass at some point.

Also regarding names, he feels that when he sufficiently trusts someone, he will give them an affectionate nickname to show his closeness towards them. For example, he refers to Twintwist as "Ferris", after a significant figure in his shamanistic group's religion.

History and Appearances

Main article: Agony Leoclaw/History



  • Twintwist Acidfang - his best friend, and practically the one who has been by his side the longest. Twintwist serves as both moral and psychological support for the tiger ever since the day he saw nearly all of his friends die.
  • Blitz the Noisemaker - a heroic wolf in red, wielding a small variety of weapons in battle. A prominent bounty hunter and renowned as the Hero of New Haven, Agony comes to find Blitz to be a great ally and close friend.
  • Knockout Shadeclaw - an umbrakinetic timber wolf, and a member of the Rikako tribe. Her no-nonsense heroism and desire to vanquish evil, as well as her appearance both on and off the battlefield, combine to make Agony develop a small crush over her during the second DT game. A month after Derek's defeat, that same crush comes up again...
  • Whirlwind Reyes - a soldier in GUN, and an important figure in the organization. Whirlwind provides the role of leadership for GUN's forces, and Agony believes his dislike of formalities is rather humbling, making him easy to get to know.
  • Raiden - the current ruler of the Dark Creatures, and an honorable fellow. Agony admires the lion's fortitude and kingly qualities towards his subjects, believing he's definitely earned his title and power.


  • Edge - another Cybermal with a serious chip on her shoulder. Having little interaction with her, Agony doesn't know what to think of her.


  • Derek Gate - the man responsible for turning him into a Cybermal. Agony holds a serious grudge against him for forcibly turning him and countless others into machines for war, damaging their lives in the process.

Powers and Abilities

The implants on his body enhance his admittedly poor reflexes and stamina. Whereas he was once an inattentive and weak tiger, now he is able to react with much swiftness and move without tiring, allowing him to keep ahead of his opponents. As well, his new Agony Rakers give him an advantage in melee combat.

However, a strange error caused by the implants around his head causes him to relive whatever memories he has with acute clarity, down to the smells, tastes, and sounds. Every memory he has is susceptible to this, even the bad ones that he'd rather not talk about. However, there is a catch - the only thing that prompts him to relive a memory is when he's feeling particularly emotional, either sad, happy, angry, or shocked. On the other hand, he also possesses a unique brand of magic he has cultivated and honed to a great degree of skill. Combining the darkness of his natural shadowmancy with the nothingness of Void Energy, Agony's power produces a very powerful and destructive magic skillset. The applications of this magic are as follows:

  • Erasing objects from existence
  • Causing withering of life
  • Being able to stagger foes with certain attacks
  • Unleashing bursts of shadow magic from his person

A particular quirk about his tail is the fact that is quite prehensile and flexible, essentially granting him a third hand to manipulate objects with. With it, he can hold onto another item if his hands are full, or grasp a foe from afar and throw them back, or hold them in place. An added benefit is it being able to coil into a sort of spring shape, allowing Agony to leap like being bounced off of a spring.


  • Agony Rakers - a pair long, razor-sharp iron claws that pop out from Agony's arms. Capable of rending armor and dealing immense damage when attacking rapidly, they are a force to be reckoned with. Combined with his Shadowmancy abilities, Agony lives up to his name indeed.


Agony is fast, powerful, and incredibly dangerous. Not only does he sport incredible movement and attack speed, but he packs quite a punch as well. Unfortunately, all of this won't mean much if he can't close in on his opponent, but his Trigger and a number of his specials allow him to close some distance between him and the opponent. Though quite the brutal fighter, mastering Agony requires being effecient with combos and not going all willy nilly.

  • Fright Night: Agony's Trigger move. He propels himself forward or in any direction of his choice in a drill-like fashion with both claws wreathed in shadow and sticking outwards.
  • Relentless Shadow: Agony's Limit Break, which allows him to perform his Trigger move up to three times in a row whether it hits or not, greatly enhancing his movement options for a limited time. He also gains a boost in his movement and attack speed. 
  • Night Fury: Command Normal. Agony stabs at his opponent with rapid fire claw thrusts.
  • Wrath Sever: Agony dashes forward while rapidly slashing with his claws, gaining multiple hits.
  • Dark Cyclone: Agony jumps upward while performing a spinning attack with his shadow-coated claws.
  • Grieving Dusk: Agony dashes a short distance forward and performs a powerful strike with his claws in a cross-like fashion.
  • Pulverize: Performed while the enemy is down. Agony leaps toward his downed foe before skewering them with his claws.
  • Rage of the New Moon: A Critical Trigger where Agony performs a barrage of claw swipes that leave trails of Void Energy with each slash.
  • Lament of the Dark Hour: Performed in midair. A Critical Trigger where Agont emits a massive cross-shaped beam of shadow, dealing multiple hits to the opponent.
  • Nightmare Scythes: An Adrenaline Mode-only Critical Trigger where Agony loses all sense of self-restraint by engulfing his entire person in shadow and rushes towards his opponent before unleashing a savage barrage of shadow-coated claw slashes, finishing with one final strike from both claws that utterly decimates the foe.
  • Hell's Dark Demise: Agony's Overkill move. He rushes forward before he suddenly vanishes as the world suddenly darkens around his opponent. They are then rendered distracted before Agony suddenly rushes forward out of the shadows and delivering a savage strike from his shadow-wreathed Agony Rakers.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 7 - Being a Cybermal, it's only natural that Agony's attack power is incredibly bolstered through his cybernetic enhancements.

Defense: 6 - The armor his cybernetics provide allows him to last longer in a fight than he normally would.

Speed: 8 - This is arguably Agony's field of advantage. While he's nowhere near as fast as Sonic, his movement speed is impressive and he can strike his foes just as quickly.

Magic: 7 - Having been "cursed" with shadow magic, Agony does try to make the most of it, especially in battle.

Evasion: 8 - Agony's reflexes and agility have also been greatly enhanced, leaving him nearly capable of split-second reactions without much effort.

Intelligence: 6 - The augmentations given to him have boosted his intellect abilities noticeably, turning him into an effective combatant compared to his originally weak form. However, said augmentations, along with what he's witnessed under Derek's command, have done a number on his previous personality and sanity, leaving him a depressed wreck for the most part.

Skills: 8 - I guess one could say that he's pretty damn good at what he does... and what he does ain't very nice.

Accuracy: 6 - For all his incredible power and speed, Agony's precision is rather average at best since his moveset mainly consists of savage claw strikes.

Stamina: 7 - His enhanced stamina, coupled with the cybernetic armor, allows him to fight for a good while. However, his systems can go critical and need some rest.

Tolerance: 7 - His cybernetic enhancements allow him to feel less pain than the average Mobian, but taking too many hits can cause more than a few dents on some of his limbs. That's usually never a good thing, especially if his weapons are rendered disabled.

Overall: 70%


While he is quite powerful in his own right, Agony has flaws that can cripple him if exploited. A big one is his cybernetics' toll on his energy. His power and durability are quite formidable, but as a consequence, his augmentations drain him of energy, causing him to wear out more quickly than normal in a fight. As a result, he will require a moment to recharge and get his strength back up before getting back into the fight.

His Vivid Memory comes with a notable drawback - while he is able to relive good memories, sometimes he may relive bad ones, experiencing the same feelings he had like it's just happening. Sometimes he may lose himself in the flashbacks, and be unable to pull himself out unless someone else gets his attention and jolts him out of it.

Agony is also incredibly dependent on others to keep him emotionally stable. Twintwist serves as his "emotional crutch", but should he be gone for long periods of time, he will start to be more emotional than usual, or snap at people without provocation.


The Cybermal Onslaught

"Can't... fight it...!"
—after his first encounter with Team Heroes
"Break... free!"
—after being defeated during his second encounter with Team Heroes
"...ow... my head... feels... clearer. What happened..."
—after breaking free of the Destroyer's mind control
"...thank you, but I must decline. I... don't want to be a burden."
—when offered to team up with the heroes
"Alright... I guess I'll join you then. If only to see Evil Man go down..."
—after Twintwist urges him to reconsider
—before Twintwist goes to sacrifice himself
"Very well..."
—when selected
"I suppose I'll have to fight."
—beginning a normal match
"Huh. I think that's good?"
—winning a normal match
"No! Agh..."
—losing a normal match
"Spirits, guide my hand!!"
—beginning his Overkill
"Give in to your fear!"
—finishing the opponent off
"...and, sometimes, I like to bring my voice down really low like Morgan Freeman to impress the ladies."
—Blooper Reel: Baritone of Attraction

Gazing into the Abyss...

"...haven't been to a gathering in a long time."
—going out to meet the others at the Crimson Crayfish

Theme Song(s)

All Pain Is Gone by Combichrist

This is his main theme in The Cybermal Onslaught, describing his status as a Cybermal, his powers, and desperate desire to break free of his sorrow. It gets a Rapid Ascent remix by VNV Nation when he's fought as a boss before defecting to the heroes with Twintwist.

Connection to Character

Combichrist - All Pain is Gone

Combichrist - All Pain is Gone

Agony Leoclaw's Theme

Stuck in a hole! Enslaved by emptiness! / Fists clenched tight, though I'm not alone! - Agony having lost many friends while in the Destroyer's control

They're always here! Controlling my thoughts! / Every sense, every sound, every image: abstract! - Agony having the unfortunate case of sometimes reliving what he has seen with vivid clarity

They're all around, watching me die! Free will: obsolete! Intention: unknown! / This is the day, the day I'll try! 'Cause this is the day, THE DAY I DIE! - Agony fighting against the Destroyer alongside GUN and fellow Cybermal Twintwist while trying to remain as sane as he can

This is the day, the day I die! / All Pain undone! All Pain Is GONE! - Agony feeling that he might be next to perish in the war against the Destroyer

Come set me free! / All Pain Is Gone! - Agony being desperate for someone to save him and the ones he loves from the despair that they are experiencing

And it's never enough! The story never ends! / A chapter is closed, another one's revealed! - Agony feeling the cycle of destruction will continue if something isn't done

Razor-blade love, I can taste the peace! / Another day gone, another chapter complete! - Agony using his powers to try to bring peace as best as he can


  • Agony is voiced by Steve Blum, famous for playing characters like Wolverine in Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Jack Cayman in MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy.
    • Additionally, his Agony Rakers seem similar to Wolverine's adamantium claws.
    • His voice has more of a low baritone, similar to Shockwave in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, but later games have him use the savage growl like a lot of the characters Blum plays, particularly in-game and during more intense scenarios. This can be attributed to his general personality being much less gloomy after the events of TCO and Gazing into the Abyss.
  • Agony's character and abilities are inspired by both Garrus Vakarian and Thane Krios from Mass Effect
    • Another similarity to Mass Effect is his relationship with Knockout, who plays a role parallel to the female Commander Shepard. Knockout (FemShep) helps Agony (Garrus) slowly come out of his shell and reach out to people, especially her.
      • Yet another Mass Effect similarity is his way of nicknaming people, like how James Vega does with other characters. This trait is also shared by the character Taokaka from BlazBlue.
  • His real name is taken from another character DarkMantis owns in World of Warcraft.
  • His Cybermal name was originally going to be Pain Panther, but this was scrapped.
  • His attire is inspired by the clothing worn by Alex Mercer, the player character of [PROTOTYPE].
    • It is also somewhat similar to the jacket and suit that Dante and Vergil, respectively, wear in DmC: Devil May Cry.
  • His Overkill finisher is similar to what Dark Mantis performs when at low health in Mega Man X8.
    • The move also sports a vibe similar to that of the Judgement Saber, Charlie Nash's Critical Art from Street Fighter V.