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Air Masista
Hair/Fur: Pearly blue-lilac Eyes: Blue
Red bikini-style tank top

White skirt with teal designs

Orange scarf and matching bandanna

Aqua bracelet

brown sandals
Epicho (Sister)
"Like the winds I am a wandering soul..." "How Peaceful~"
Small cloud based shields Wind Elements

Air is a young echidna girl often on the move in search of her older sister, Epicho. She had been seperated from her older sister sometime back when a huge storm hit their current home land. Air had been thrown somewhat away from their home in a forest area, and upon return couldn't find any sign of her sister.

Unable to find any clues or signs of her sisters location, Air continues to wander around. She isn't sure if she is even still alive, but because she couldn't even locate anything resembling her sisters body yet is the reason she keeps going. Nothing could make her quit, not even if a strange letter from her sister told her to...


Air Masista is a teenage echidna who is currently single. She is nice to those with an interest in her, but due to a past engagement that ended terribly, she is a little sensitive with romance in general. Her nostalgic personality sometimes also interferes with new relationships, which she doesn't really mind since she's in search of her older sister anyway.

Since Air spends her time traveling, she has no exact home for the time being. This is both from a struggle to collect Rings for even a temporary place and because she fears she will grow lazy and quit her mission. However, if for some reason she would really need a temp, she has been making things to try to sell for a few rings but doesn't expect all that much for them.

Normally she can be found in forest areas or the Mystic Ruins.

Attacks and Abilities

For the time being, Air usually has to rely on her wind abilities alone. She cannot glide or dig (but is working on it) like normal echidna can, and she also doesn't like to fight so she tries not to.

With her wind element however, Air is able to lift herself in little "boosts". Usually she will rely on this to get across gaps or dangerous areas. As well as adjust air currents or grab a hard item. She never uses too much force at once in order to avoid injury or damaging anything.

  • Puffy Shield - small clouds are summoned to protect Air or allow her to escape.
  • Flightly - Making a small gust of wind, Air can make things float
  • Erratic Current - Air sweeps a strong gust of wind at the target, then uses another to lift then up into the air, then proceeds to drop them. 


Because of her stubborn refusal to fight unless its necessary/life risking, it makes her a pretty easy target to attack. Air tries to talk the attacker out of fighting her, but it only sometimes work.

Also, because of her claw-less hands she has also not learned to dig properly like most echidna. She also cannot glide with her short hair, but has been trying to accomplish this anyway and can get little boosts using her wind elemental.

Hobbies and Talents

As she often spends her time traveling, Air enjoys collecting old diaries or drawing notebooks she happens to come across. She enjoys looking through them to learn about the owner and then keeps a hold of it like a treasured keepsake. She also enjoys reading up on older echidna tribes or anything related to the chao.

On rare occasion, Air has also taken up candle making as a hobby. From all of her travels, she tends to find the supplies rather easily. She will then give them away to people she knows, people who could use them, or may even try to sell them for a few rings. Because she also makes her bandanna's and scarfs, it's often suggested that she gets into sewing or making clothes, but she really doesn't want to.


Air is a loving, gentle girl who enjoys spreading happiness and joy to others. She is mostly anti-violence, unless it is really needed to help someone and even then may come off as remorseful of her actions. While she also isn't judgemental, she really hates it when people underestimate the air surrounding them because she feels a connection towards it and the one thing she hates above all else is feeling non-exsistant.

Normally, Air appears to be a very calm and level-headed girl. But when people get to know her, they realize she can be somewhat of a ditz sometimes. She also has a nostalgic side that she hangs onto very closely.


  • Swimming
  • Just enjoying nature in general
  • Fruity scents
  • Favorite Foods: Fruit (mainly apples)


  • Torture/Violence
  • Those who wish to harm nature
  • People who act like the air around them means nothing
  • Hate Foods: Coffee, soda/pop, anything super sugary, meat


Air the echidna

Air is a pale, pearled-lilac echidna girl with indigo-blue eyes and ice blue eyelids. Her skin (which is only her muzzle) is a very dull tan. She has short cut hair that curls outward nearing the ends and a puff of spiked bangs held down with an orange cloth.

Air wears a red bikini-styled tanktop with a small layer of ruffles along the bottom, a white skirt with teal detailing, a single ice blue bracelet, a pair of white stockings, and brown sandals. Around her neck is a loose, flowing orange scarf.


  • Her orange bandana changes style/pattern with every appearance.