This articale is all about the Dragon Species of Amazina


  • Dragons are very short-tempered, well, most of them
  • Dragons can manipulate natural elements depending on their color
  • Strangely, there are dragons that are not reptiles
  • The creation of these type of dragons are unknown
  • They resemble animal species a lot, but are purebreeds
  • Dragons can grow up to 7 ft tall
  • They have a strong rivalry with the Aqua Species
  • Even though the Aqua's King is half dragon
  • Dragons are known for their great strength
  • A child dragon can hold a bolder that needs 5 full-grown Men to lift.
  • The Dragon kingdom has split in two due to a horrid feud.


Dragon Species List

Dragons The most well known dragons, they are seen with strong armored torsos and steel-hard tails. They come in different looks, the females are smaller in stature though. Males are identified by their blue eyes while female eyes are red. The Dragons are very strong, however, most lack common sense.
Mammal Dragons Or called Anthrons, they are a type of dragon that are not reptiles however in the dragon species. They all have long spikes and Long, sharp ears, and a spiked tail, with wings. They are a tad taller than Anthros however very small compared to their cousins. They were once assumed to be hybrids, until the discovery of the fact their population is higher than Dragons. The king is an Anthron, however he is ill.
Serpents Dragons that are four-legged creatures, they are called Serpents because of their long bodies and their population is most common near fresh waters. They do not interact with other creatures, so they are typically monsters or animals.
Dragonoids They are human-oid dragons, only to be destingushed by their horns and long ears. They are taller than the average human, up to 7 ft in height. They are mostly common at Breezvale. It is said the reason why Dragonoids look human, is because of the high levels of spirit energy since The River of Humanity is in Breezvale.
Demons Demons come in different shapes and sizes, they have separated their kingdom from the dragons. Queen Demona, a 5 story tall, four-armed serphent is responsible for this. She said she over-powered all Dragons, but she was denied and made the King ill as revenge. All Demons are known to be evil, except one, Dem is a sweet child.
Fire Barriers They are human-like creatures that can control fire. The oppisite of Water-Barriers. They all look human and live in Breezvale. Even though their mass amounts of power, every now and then, the Fire Barrier Village will be caught on fire do to an overpowered Barrier, since as generations moved, so their power increased. There is a fugitive Fire Barrier who sealed most of his power due to the consant calamity of his village.


  • King Phengon
  • Flare Pheniox
  • Draco the Dragon
  • Draca the Dragon
  • Doragon Tentei
  • Tsuchi Tentei
  • Ame Tentei
  • Queen Demona
  • Prince Dem
  • Rax the Dragon

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