This articale is all about the Spirit Species of Amazina


  • The Spirit Species have an extreme variety
  • Most Spirit Species are intagenable
  • Spirit Species live very long lives that far surpasses of Plants
  • Spirit Species includes creatures that have no relations ships with the dead
  • Some Spirits are feared
  • The Queen of Spirits, Queen Chrystina, is the goddesse of the heart of Christmas
  • Her daughter, Noel, is a Winter Shrine Maiden
  • She is also Earthia's sister, the queen of plants
  • Spirit species lack emotions and sympathy
  • They are known to live in a medival styled city, called Searina
  • Some Spirits repersents seasons


Spirit Species List

Darklings The Common Spirit species, all which have dark bodies and silver hair, they lack emotions and care for others and only protects their own kind. They can levitate and pass through walls, however this ability is rather tricky.
Banshee Demonic Phantoms, born to sing sorrrow and grief, they are all females. Even though they appear to foretell death, they do not cause it. However their frighting looks can give one a heartattack. Some Banshees are docile and sing during day. However others can just randomly attack a person at night. If it was helped or saved, it is extremely loyal to who saved them. They also might take over houses, even though haunting, if you treat the banshee nicely, it will protect the people of the household from anything that can harm them.
Youkai The most Varied spirit species, they come as different creatures, like Nues, Satori, vampires, and etc. Some Youkai don't even have a type, and are just called Youkai. Most of them however, eat flesh.
Poltergeists Ghosts summoned by the depths of hell, which most are controlled by Yamas. They can psychicly control objects without touch, and some posses objects and take on forms resembling of that object. They are sometimes mesengers or protecters.
Season Sprites They are seen as limbless creatures with pale skin. They all resemble seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumen and Winter. The Queen is a Winter. They all have a strange glow that feels differently depending on their seson, most Season Sprites don't come out until their corresponding season is here.
Phantoms (Birth-born) Phantoms are spirits born as ghosts, not the spirit of a departed. They are shapeless mists with cold tempatures that if touched, your hand will have a horrid frostbite then shatter 3 seconds later. Birth-born Phantoms are Phantoms that are born through birth, mostly from babies' corpses when born. They have feelings, however most still do not interact with the living. Afater 10 years of age, they take on the shape of what suits them best, animal, plant, dragon, etc. Birth-born phantoms also have life-lines, so sooner or later they will disappear out of existence (a.k.a. die)
Phantoms (Created) Phantoms are simple creatures with shapless bodies. They are created from a certain death or curse, and many other ways. However, Created Phantoms can only hold one emotion, it can be happy, sad, or mad. If a person is in an area of a happy phantom, they too become happy, same thing with sadness and madness, however in places where there are a lot of sad phantoms, when a person enters that area, they might become so grieved, they commit suicide and create more phantoms. Created phantoms will exist as long as their emotion and home stay intacted.


  • Ray the Darkling
  • Shiri Darcie
  • Twili the Phantom
  • Rosie Poltergeist
  • Annie Poltergeist
  • Dasie Poltergeist
  • Gabe Newell

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