Amazing Interstellar Amusement Park formerly known as Dr. Eggman's Amazing Interstellar Amusement Park, is a huge amusement park in space. Connected to multiple planets nearly anyone in the galaxy can travel to the park. After Eggman was defeated, G.U.N took the park over, and allowed it to stay open for everyone. The Park is made from multiple Egg Carriers (Redesigned of course) and a few uninhabited planets. There are a series of trains that travel through the park for anyone who doesn't wish to walk the rather far distances.


Tropical Resort

The beginning of the Tropical Resort serves as the one of the Entrances into the park. It appears to be themed after a Tropical paradise within a city. Here people can register to; enter the Racing Tournament, enter the Talent Show, Rent a Hotel Room(s), Rent a Suite, Apply for A Job, Get a Map of the Park, and Get Your Tickets. The Tropical Resort is home to the 5-star "Interstellar Hotel". Within the Hotel are 5 "Amazing Suites", and while they are expensive, they are also very luxurious and provide a beautiful site of the park. There are five different restaurants within the hotel. One is "The Golden Shell" a beautifully romantic restaurant for any romantic couples. The restaurant even includes a fountain. The next is the "Spice" inspired by foods from Puerla Cana. The third restaurant is "Aquarius" a sushi and fish restaurant. The forth restaurant is a fast food place that is inspired by real world establishments. This one includes a Play-land for children. The final Restaurant is a scientific inspired one. You place your order into the Galactic Food Scanner and it delivers whatever you want! There is also a Spa Center in the Hotel, a Swimming Area, a Day Care, a special Day Care for pets, and a Fitness Area in the hotel. Back outside there are large buildings that serve as the Control Rooms for the entire Park. There are cars that can be seen flying through space. The cars are just people arriving as well as companies delivering products throughout the park.

Area Information

Attractions: Hotel, Restaurants, G.U.N Facilities, Spa Center, Fitness Center, Swimming Center, Day Care, Pet Day Care, Registration Area, Control Room, Travel Pods, Park Train Station.

Theme: City Life, Tropics


Theme Songs:

Sweet Mountain

Sweet Mountain is an area filled with a racing area and a roller-coaster. Guests can come here to view the incredible planet of Sweetopia, a beautiful world filled with organically delicious foods that come from every planet in the Galaxy. Foods courts of many different sorts can be found here and the aromas they give off is enough to attract anyone. Guests will be pleased to know that Travel Pods are available to traverse the planet and view the sights.

Area Information

Attractions: Food Courts, "The Chill Pepper" (Roller Coaster), Travel Pods, Go-Kart Course

Theme: Food

Workers: Candy the Sugar Glider, Tanka the Sugar Glider, Rollie the Hedgehog, Yin-Li the Panda

Theme Songs:

Aquarium Park

Starlight Carnival

Asteroid Coaster

Dragon Oasis

Paradise Isle

Wisp Planet

Mystic City

Eggman's Base

Spagonian Hills

Sand Castle Park

Paradise Park

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