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"Found you Sonic!"
"But I don't want to be a Sonic Character anymore!"
—Amy in Amy Rose the Movie (TK2 Edition)
This page is for Amy Rose from ANY person's continuity. (Excludes Anti-Amy and other dimensions forms of Amy).

For other uses, see: Amy (Disambiguation)

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Amy Rose

Amy 3D

Biographical Information
  • 8 (First appearance)
  • 12 (Most fanfics)
  • 14(Ultimate Universe)
  • 16-17 (Emerald City High/University)
  • 33 (Jordan the Hedgehog's universe)
  • 14 (Z Studio Fanfiction)
  • 22 (User:Phoenixfeather's Sonic Secrets timeline) (Anime in Season 6)
  • 10 (Royverse)
  • 15 (GrandeBonnott Fanfics)
  • 14 (ChillyCookie5's Universe)
  • 11 (Pianoteen's Universe)
  • 27 (Future of Pianoteen's Universe)
  • 15 (War for Mobius)
  • 40 (Armageddon)
  • 34 (robana22s universe)
  • 15 (Sonic Unleashed 2)
  • 15 (Sonic Inversion)
  • 15 (logankart2000's universe)
  • 12 (physically 16,Bita's Universe)
  • 14(User:Shade234's timeline)
  • 12(Physically 16,KB universe)
  • 15,000 (in Sonic, the Lost Frontier)
  • 22 (Hero of Mobius)
  • 13(Cyclonestar's universe)
  • 12-19 (06civic68pa's Universe)
  • 21 (Equilibrium (Fan Fiction Series))


Toonwriter's fanfics
Flashfire212's Fanfics
Sonic's Secrets timeline by User:Phoenixfeather
Isaiah X
  • Isaiah The Hedgewolf (Stepbrother-in-law)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Brandon The Hedgehog (Son)
  • Shred The Hedgewolf (Stepbrother-in-law)
  • Johnson "Bumblebee" The Hedgewolf (Stepbrother-in-law)
  • Madness and Mayhem The Hedgewolves (Stepbrothers-in-law)
  • Jet the Hawk (husband)
  • Amber Rose (first-born daughter)
  • Frostclaw Rose (second-born daughter)
Ultimate Universe
  • Samuel the Porcupine‎ (Future Husband)
  • Kristy the Hedgehog (Future daughter)
  • Sammy the Porcupine (Future Son)
  • Emi the Hedgehog (Future Daughter)
  • Zonlo the Hedgehog (Future Adopted Son)
  • Zenet the Hedgehog (Future Adopted Son)
  • Zreken the Hedgehog (Future Adopted Son)
The Sonic Show
  • Future Husband- Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Future Daughter- Maura Rose
Sonic's Universe meets Inuyasha's
  • Husband: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Son: Thrash the Hedgehog
BTU:Bita's Universe
  • Julien the Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Heather Rose (Eldest Daughter)
  • Cheryl Rose (Daughter)
  • Timmy Rose (Eldest Son)
  • Mickey Rose (Son)
robana22s universe
Gurahk's Universe
Titanium's Universe

AlexTheUltimateInovator's Universe

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (REAL true boyfriend/future husband)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Jr. (son)
  • Nicky the Hedgehog (son)
  • Emily Rose the Hedgehog (daughter)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (descendant)

Pianoteen's Universe Present Times

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Boyfriend)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Boyfriend)
  • Mary Rose (Mother)
  • Joseph Rose (Father)

False Future (Bad)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog (Sister in Law)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Brother in Law)
  • Samuel the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Olivia the Hedgehog (Daughter)
  • Maria the Hedgehog (Niece)
  • Falco the Falcon (Cousin)
  • Fox the Fox (Nephew)
  • Wolf the Wolf (Nephew)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Grandson)

True Future (Good)

  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Vivian the Hedgehog (Sister in Law)
  • Liana the Hedgehog (Daughter)
  • Lilian the Hedgehog (Daughter)
  • Breana the Cat (Daughter)
  • Anthony the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Mort the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Lance the Hedgehog (Nephew)
  • Adriana the Hedgehog (Cousin in Law)
  • Elisa the Hedgehog (Niece)
  • Candace the Fox (Niece)
  • William the Fox (Nephew)
  • Helen the Cat (Daughter)

Toonking2 Fancomics


  • Dr. Thomas Light (Future father in law)
  • MegaMan Light (Future brother in law)
  • Roll Light (Future sister in law)
  • TimeMan Light (Future husband)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Boyfriend and Future husband)
  • Keayon (Future son)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (future husband)
  • Unamed parents (desceased)
  • Marsha (close as a sister-in-law)
  • Tails (close as a brother-in-law)
  • Sonic Jr. (son)
  • Manik the Hedgehog (son)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog (daughter)
  • Cream the Rabbit (close as a sister)
  • Blurr the Hedgehog (close as a bother-in-law)

Wolfia Tigernay's Universe

  • Narezco the Hedgehog (boyfriend, later husband)
  • Misteria the Wolf (sister-in-law)
  • Jacob the Hedgehog (brother-in-law)
  • Mason Thorn the Hedgehog (nephew)
  • Amber Rose the Hedgehog (niece)
  • Olivia Rose the Hedgehog (niece)
  • Lee Thorn the Hedgehog (brother)
  • Linda Rose the Hedgehog (sister-in-law)
  • Winter the Hedgehog (daughter)
  • Army the Hedgehog (daughter)
  • Zero the Hedgehog (son)
  • Rosy the Rascal (used mostly in her earlier appearances)
  • Amy Talia Rose (full name)
  • Rosecut (Sonic the Hedgehog: Night of Shadows
  • Amy (Julien the Hedgehog)
  • Amy Light (After married to TimeMan Light)
  • Amy Hibiki (After married to Dan Hibiki)
  • Pink one (By M.Bison)
  • Pinkie (By Misteria)
  • White Rose (By Narezco)
  • Crazy hammer girl (By Sally, Karma and Blaze on occasion)

robana22's universe

Toonking2 Fancomics

  • Amanda Gayle Rose (to Daria and Willy)
  • Amy (to Jade)
  • Pinky (to Claire and to Angela)
  • Harry-Girl (To Princess Peach and Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Hammer Broad (To Bowser Jr.)
  • Pink Hog (To Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sgt. Calhoun)
  • Mom (To Crimson and Powser)
  • B***h(Once used by Vanessa)
Romantic Interests
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2, Toonwriter's universe, robana22's universe, AlexTheUltimateInovator97's universe, Sonic X, 06civic68pa's Universe, and game universe)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Shadamy Fanfics)
  • Tails (Royverse)
  • Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • TimeMan Light (MegaSonic)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog(Cyclonestar's universe)
  • Narezco the Hedgehog (Wolfia Tigernay's universe only)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Female
  • Fur: Pink w/ Peach Muzzle, Inner Ears, Arms & Hands
  • Eyes: Green w/ Black Pupils & Glassy White Sclera
  • 3 Pink Furred Curves, Thick Bands coming out from her Forehead
  • 5 Thick Quills that Extends curved down around her Head (Like Knuckles' Quills only Shorter & Thicker)
  • Pink Eyelids w/ 2 Thick Eyelashes on each Eye
  • Completely Full Pink-furred Tummy with no markings
  • Triangular, Constantly Alert & Perked Ears
  • Small Black & Shiny Nose with no apparent Nostrils
  • Small Slightly Arched Tail
  • Broaded Pink Furred Feet with no distinct visible toes


  • Red Headband that appears to keeps her Spines Down
  • A rather Flimsy Red Halter-Top Dress with White Accents & a Skirt that flares out towards the bottom, While under netting keeps a Dress flared out
  • White Gloves backed with by very Thick Shiny Golden Ring Bracelets
  • Red Boots with a Vertical White Stripe Accents, Metal Soles & White Collars


  • Red Headband that appears to keeps her Spines Down
  • Red Dress Coat
  • White Gloves backed with by very Thick Shiny Golden Ring Bracelets
  • Pink Pants
  • Red Boots with a Vertical White Stripe Accents, Metal Soles & White Collars
  • Red Headband that appears to keeps her Spines Down

Sonic Riders Series

  • A White & Creise Vest with White Trim at the Bottom
  • A pair of Creise Trousers with White Lines down at the side of each leg
  • A pair of Red & White Striped Sports Shoes with Yellow Accents on the top of Each
  • A pair of White Gloves fastened in place by a Red & Yellow Sweatbands-like Garment on each wrist
  • She's Also Possessed the Primary Creise colored Ark of the Cosmos which allowed her to Manipulate Gravity

Olympic Games

  • A White & Creise Vest with White Trim at the Bottom
  • Black Skintight Leggings
  • A pair of Red & White Striped Sports Shoes with Yellow Accents on the top of Each
  • A pair of White Gloves fastened in place by a Red & Yellow Sweatband-like Garments on each wrist

Olympic Winter Games

  • Red Headband
  • Pink Dress Coat
  • Black Pants
  • Pink Boots with a Vertical White Stripe Accents, Metal Soles & White Collars

Her Wedding

  • White veil with pink headband
  • White dress with pink waist strap
  • pink boots with a white strap down the middle
  • her white gloves with golden rings for cuffs

Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog

  • A pink Gi and an undershirt with purple fingerless gloves (While in training with Dan Hibiki)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Knothole Freedom Fighters (Agent)
  • Team Rose
  • Wasteland Rebellion (Wasteland Ooo Future; 06civic68pa's universe only)

Piko Piko Hammer

  • Skilled w/ Hammer
  • Basic combat
  • Mega Smash w/ Hammer
  • Meteor Mash w/ Hammer (NAOSTH only)
  • Jump Kick (NAOSTH only)

Megaphantaze's Hero of Mobius

  • Oil Slider
  • Bubble lead
  • Top spin
  • Rain flush
  • Water wave
  • Blizzard attack
  • Danger wrap
  • Water balloon
  • Ice wall
  • Laser trident
  • Chill spike
  • Glue shot
  • Salt water
  • Ballade cracker
  • Pulse Stopper

Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Gadouken
  • Koryuken
  • Dankukyaku
  • Legendary Taunt
  • Hissho Buraiken
  • Shisso Buraiken
  • Haoh Gadouken
Super Forms
  • Super Amy
  • Nega Amy
  • Nightmare Amy
  • Heartbreak Amy(Ultimate Universe)
  • Ultra Amy (BTU:Bita's Universe)
  • Hyper Amy (Marcos Universe:Mobius,Earth,Heaven,Hell United)

Will the Echidna storyline

In the fanfics by Flashfire212, Amy is happily married to Sonic, and has three kids, Sonia, Manic and Maddy.

Book One: The Beginnings

At the start of Book one, Amy gives birth to Maddy, and takes part in searching for the kids in chapter 2. In chapter 3, she is seen in awe at Big's family reunion.

After this point, all work for the series is conceptual ONLY

Book Two: The Sickness

Amy is one of the people nursing Will back to health after he returns home

Book Three: The Invasion

Amy fights with Sonic, Will and a small group of others in trying to defend the Chaos Emerald from Scourge and Striker, the Anti-Will. She is also one of the people that stay back with Knuckles as reinforcements to help Will fight Scourge and rescue Maddy.

Book Four: Insanity

Amy plays a major part fighting Insane Shadow, she is present and fighting alongside Sonic, Tails and Silver as they fall victim to the Shadow Armada's assault. She witnesses Shadow fusing with Sonic and Silver to make Phoenix, and is one of the five who gives some of her power to Will for him to go to his full non-fusion power: True Chaos.

Book Five: Possession

Amy defends Sonic from an assault from a Rageik possessed Maddy.

Book Six: Sealed

Amy is attacked by the Rageik-empowered Legendary Super Sayian Scourge, being badly beaten until BloodSonic, Will and Shadow manage to fight him off.

Random Fight

In the Random Fight series by BloodSonic1, (set 20 years before Will's birth) Amy first appears in Random Fight 2, and is seen making out with Knuckles, making Sonic power up. She goes Nega (one of her super forms) and attacks him to no effect. He then blasts her. She reappears in Random Fight 4, saying to Sonic that Knuckles and Kittwill beat him up if he doesn't marry her. He, of course, refuses and gets beaten up. In Random Fight 5, she is caught having sex with BloodSonic, prompting Sonic to go attack her and Blood, then fuse with Silver and Shadow to make Phoenix. She is mentioned in the second series of Random Fight, Fusion Saga in the second episode, where BloodSonic drives Super Sonic mad by saying Amy was dead. Amy appears in her Super form in Fusion Saga 3, powering Sonic up to Super. She then goes Nightmare after Vicous is defeated and joins Will in fighting Apocalypse Sonic. Blood doesn't join in the fight because he feels Sonic is far too powerful because he defeated Vicious when he couldn't without losing an ounce of power. Amy and Will are soundly defeated and knocked out and Sonic tells a surrendered Blood to fight him down where Mac and Vegicioku fought previously.

Terrible Luck Saga

In this mini-series by Manta-bee, Amy is among the rest of the group (with the others being Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Cream) that the abominable Lerichtries to make his slaves. Although they manage to get away from him, he still pursues them with intent to kill them. In the animation, she is voiced by Monica Rial.


In the events of Doomsday, which is 21 years in the future of the normal continuity, Amy is living a peaceful life with her husband, Sonic the Hedgehog. The two of them have a daughter named Violet Rose, who often hangs around with her best friend Jordan the Hedgehog.

Sonic Underground Remake Series

Amy lives with Rodent, Conker, and Tails in Willow Woods. Currently, a witch by the name of Gruntilda tried to steal Tooty's youth, only for Amy to rescue her and get her youth switched with hers. However, thanks to her friends along with Banjo and Kazooie, she was restored back to the way she was. Also, despite being a fangirl to Sonic, she also has a crush (hidden) on Rodent.

  • (More to Come)


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2

Amy has been confirmed to appear in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2 manga.

Alternate Future (AF, Summers' Universe)

Amy is speculated to be a descendant of the Shouka Tribe, due to her pure pink color, like the other females of the tribe, and also possessed incredible strength, especially when she's annoyed. It is said by Summers that she has amazing strength due to her harboring Chaos Energies, but cannot do much with it because she lacked the necessary training in order to fully control it. In the small time which Summers had trained with Amy, she now knows how to levitate off the ground and to fully harness her superhuman strength, making her perhaps stronger than Knuckles, but she remains not as agile as him. In the end, Amy still confessed her love for Sonic as usual, but to a less obsessive degree, which proves to be rather successful.

Sonic Battle Arena

Amy is a contestant in Sonic Battle Arena. She was sad when Sonic died.

Sonic and Eggman: Dynamic Duo

In this game, Amy has a very little role due to her being paralyzed by Dr. Eggman's new gadget.

Resident Evil 4: Sonic Style

Here, Amy takes the role of Ashley Graham.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Night of Shadows

Amy is first seen at Glacian Ski Resort racing Sonic down the ski slopes. After she is kidnapped by Deadlock and spends most of the story as Rosecut, one of the minions of Nightmare. As Rosecut, her quills and eyes are turned pure black. Also, her quills are raised in a sort of (). Rosecut is first seen in Tails' workshop, looking for the fox himself. She is also seen reporting to Nightmare (shortly after which Sonic fights her for the first time, cornering Sonic, Shadow, and Tails, and essentially introducing Twinblade, to name a few. Like Deadlock, she is seen continually throughout the story, also fought alongside Deadlock and with the rest of Nightmare's minions. After defeating Nightmare, Amy is broken free of the eye shadows, but rather than chasing after Tails, she walks back alongside Hyper Sonic. After challenging him to a race, Sonic gets her to close her eyes and, with a light kiss, transforms her into a Hyper Form.

The Sonic Show (Cloverfang's Universe)

Episode #1
Amy and Terra fight over Sonic - Amy pulls out her piko-piko hammer, and Terra pulls out her knife.
Episode #10
Amy and Sonic's future daughter, Maura Rose, comes from the future with her friends, along with her friends Breanna the Cat, Dawn the HedgeCat, Junita the Foxabbit, and April the Batinda. Breanna explains that it's very true about what the preacher said (that all the characters were eitehr falling in love with the wrong person, or arguing maliciously.) Amy is falling in love with the right person, though.


Amy Rose appears in The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog series in the RFU (Rainbow Fanfic Universe). In one of the chapters, Amy Rose gets dehydrated after a robot with dehydrating abilities dehydrates her. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Lightning the Hedgehog ask Eggman if he had created such a robot, Eggman denied it. Delilah the Cat (one of Eggman's sidekicks) said that he had created a robot that could dehydrate its opponent, but she said she had never seen it, and that she only thought that Eggman created it (because she couldn't think of anyone else who would create a robot of that sort). In the RFU, SonAmy is not supported, and just like all the original Sega games, Sonic still tries to escape a hug or kiss from Amy Rose.

Krinkinko the hedgehog's story

Krinkinko the hedgehog was promised by amy to give him information on eggman if he did a few favors for her. After chasing sonic and shopping she gave him an obvious answer. He saw her a last time in the fanfic when she was with cream and he helped her with a flicky problem.

Amy Rose & the Looney Tunes (Spongebob100)

Amy Rose is the main star of this show. She is beautiful, sweet, kind, caring and she is like Bugs Bunny, with Jack the Hedgehog, she is really friendly to him, after all, Jack is Amy's Best Friend

Amy Rose the Hedgehog The Movie

Amy Rose is the Star of the Movie, Amy notices that the 6 Piraka's Captures Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy saw Tikal & a new Spirit name Turaga Vakama and he and Tikal tells her that Amy needs to save Sonic the Hedgehog from the 6 Piraka & Amy Rose needs help from Cream & Amy is the only one who can stop the 6 Piraka, retuen them to Voya Nui & save Sonic the Hedgehog

Jack the Hedgehog's (Spongebob100) Story

She wants to help Jack the Hedgehog catch the Chaos Emeralds & she notices Jack is fallen in Love with Blaze the Hedgecat, she helps them get together in Love. Her Appearance in the Story begins in "Chapter 4: Captured by the Rose"

Jack the Hedgehog's 2nd Story: The Rise of Dragon Jack

She is one of the Main Characters in Jack's 2nd Backstory about Jack had the Dragon Core inside of him. She helps Jack with his New Adventure along with Patricia the Skunk, Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Blaze THC & Darkstorm

Jack the Hedgehog's 3rd Story: The Ogre within

She is one of the Main Characters in Jack's 3rd Story about Jack turning into Ogre Jack. She helps Jack along with Patricia, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Darkstorm & Blaze THC

Sonic: War for Mobius

Amy first appears in Sonic: War for Mobius as a recurring character in Season 1, but later became a main character in season 2. Her personailty is an amalgamation of her early and current characteristics. During the Hedgehog Holocaust, Amy witnessed her entire family being slaughtered by frightened Imperial Troopers. 10 years later she met a depressed Sonic (Who was believing himself to be the last Hedgehog on Earth). Sonic soon found Amy and was relieved to realize he was not the last of his kind. Much like Sonic, she hates Bellum with a passion and would anything to get her revenge for her family.

Domestic Radical Adventures Series

"Domestic Radical Adventures": Amy Rose appears in several original DRA episodes. She first appeared in Episode 5: "The Ancient Tree Sap Secret!" when Louis and Peach came to the end of a canal. Amy was seen smashing plastic and wooden robots with her hammer. She became more calm around Louis and his friends but she was mad at Sonic for embarrassing her, discovered in Episode 41: "Payback is officially needed!". Come episode 82 "The Villians Changed Reaction!" (Not yet aired), Sonic and Amy are an official pair again.

"Domestic Radical Adventures Forever": In Domestic Radical Adventures Forever, Amy appeared in many episodes. She has become more confident and strong to be a champion. In Episode 30: "Finally this day has come", Amy meets Marmalade and Emma for the first time. Apparently she was found out she was only nine years old at the time and in Episode 61: "Happy Birthday Amy" she now turns eleven.

"Domestic Radical Pokemon": Unlike the other Mobians and Downtowneirs, Amy, Alexis, Christie, and Shadow stayed longer than the rest. She wanted to test out Meloetta's power to become stronger and stronger. She appeared only from Episodes 20- 32.

"Domestic Radical Adventures: Victory Streak": Amy appears in 97% of the episodes because she is eager to compete in all the contest. She has won the World Cuteness Contest in the hometown of the downtowneirs. The figure skating grand festival (the most important one), had Amy place in the top 16. In the Dark Angel Reunion Competition, Amy has won in the Top 5 along with Peach, Shadow, Bokkun, and Louis. She has unofficially won the contest because she was part of Louis' performance.

"Domestic Radical Adventures: Inter-Galactic Missions": Amy had her most important scenes in DRAIGM. She now has won her eight ribbon previously in the Marsh Forest Contest. Now she and Louis' friends are all eligible to compete in the "Super Senior Cup", the "World Senior Cup", and the "Figure Skating Grand Festival". Unfortunately Amy made the top 16 in the Super and World Senior Cups. Luckily, at least she made the top 8, but she lost to Louis. However, something even more serious happens with Amy. Now it is revealed that Amy clearly states to Sonic that she is mature enough to move on and find someone else. So now Amy is with Shadow the Hedgehog.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Main article: Amy Rose (BearfootTruck's Universe)

Amy is a pretty important character in BearfootTruck's stories. While she isn't part of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, she plays an important role in certain stories. She still has the hots for Sonic, too.

Amy Rose: The Movie (TK2 Edition)

In Game Central Station while walking to the Sega Lodge with Billy Hatcher and Ulala for a Sonic Team Character 12-Step Meeting, she remembered in Toad Town Square at the Mushroom Kingdom Sonic confessed to Amy that the reason why wanted a relationship with Sally Acorn again and why Sonic resists the fact on Amy being his love is because despited being an Archie Sonic Character, she did made the debut in Sonic Spinball, but Amy stole Sally Acorn's Role in Sonic CD, Sonic Drift 2 and the First Sonic Adventure game. So in the Lodge she confessed that she doesn't want to be a Sonic Team Character any longer and it frightend everyone in the Sonic Team 12-Step Meeting (minus Sonic who wasn't there): Billy Hatcher, Ulala, Tails, Silver, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Big the Cat, Cream, Cheese, Princess Elise, Charmy, Vector, Espio, Omega, Nights and Blaze. So after that she moved out of Pauline's house out of the Mario world to search for a game and Corporation where she really belongs against Daria's Wishes. And on her way in Game Central Station a group of Scrapped Hobos who live in the streets (Wanda the Mushroom Fairy, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Honey the Cat, King Jade (the Green Wiggler in Super Mario Sunshine), Dingo Dile, N. Brio, Tauna Bandicoot, Hamm & Gas-O) called the "Scrappies". Ray asked Amy if she can join them, but since Amy refuses, she moves on entering the Kingdom Hearts Universe in Traverse Town where she meets King Mickey Mouse and his Daughter Princess Moddie. After they introduced they asked Amy if She see a lion shaped, scar-faced cyborg that contains a brain. More this movie will be in the Upcoming article in this website. .


  • She is also playable in Terrible Luck but is a bit more frequently playable than Cream the Rabbit (who is playable in the least frequency), like the other characters.
  • Amy is included in Sonic Smash Bros.
  • Amy is playable in Sonic Adventure 3, but only for the Chao Garden and Role Play.
  • Amy is playable in Sonic Adventure 4: Paradox, but only in Party Mode.
  • Amy is a playable character in Timmy and Sonic:A Quest to find the Chaos Emerald.
  • Sonic's ancient HI-FI
  • Sonic Adventure 4: Paradox Amy is a playable character in the game and is a special collector card. She is the damsel-in-distress, as she is kidnapped by not Eggman, but the primary antagonist who runs through time. Sonic and friends go on a rescue mission, but run into many traps, including Metal Sonic! After the player rescues her, she cannot be played in the story, but can be played in Party Mode.
  • Super Sonic Smackdown Amy is playable in this game.
  • She has her very own story again in Sonic Adventure DX 2.
  • Amy Rose appears in a classic game called Lightning the Hedgehog, which is based on the RFU.
  • Amy Rose appears in a game of football/soccer in Sonic Strikers she is a Striker and a Skill Type player who is on Sonic's team.
  • Amy Rose is a playable character on The Sonic the Hedgehog Game.
  • Amy Rose is a Playable Character in Sonic & Spongebob Riders & the Only Character that has 2 Outfits, one is her Riders Outfit & the Other is her Original Outfit & she upgrades her Pink Rose to its Max Level, she is the Toughest & Most Powerful Character to race with.
  • She is playable in Sonic the Hedgehog: Tekken 1, 2, 3, Tag Tournament, Ultimate, 4 & 5 (Sonic the Hedgehog: Tekken Dark Resurrection, 6, Bloodline Rebellion & Tag Tournament 2 is coming soon)
  • She is also a playable character in Sonic Riders: Gravity Unleashed.
  • In Sonic Fanon Party, Amy is a non-playable character foun

d on Delber Beach. She is accused os stealin Lumina's sand shovel. She is a playable characer who has attacks like Whack-an-Enemy,Revivin' Tears(which works only if Sonic is K.O.ed),Pink Fury,and Pink Flashes Tackle.Her Co-op Attacks are Comet Smash(with Sonic),Pink Yo-yo(with Tails/Cream) and Trapeze Smackdown(with Rogue). Add more of your games here

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Amy appears in the game as a starter Speed-Type character. In the Story of the game, Amy is first seen in Central City when the alien invaders invade the city, Amy is rescued by Sonic. From then, Amy teams up with Sonic in attempt to save humanity from the alien invaders lead by Immarius.

Planned apperances in User:Mystic Monkey's games

Sonic the Fighters 2

Profile: Sonic's Self Proclaimed Girlfriend is here to smash foes with her hammer. Amy is unaware of her new power.

Speed: Starts at 10

Power: Starts at 40

HP: 122

DEF: 95

ATK: 40

Attacks: Hammer Smash, Hammer Toss, Storming Heart, Hyperdrive Hammer, Spinning Hammer, Blow Kiss, Storming Heart Effect, Tornado of Love.

Costumes: Nimue Lady of the Lake.- Wii Exclusive

Stage: Emerald Coast.

Theme Song: My Sweet Passion


Get ready to lose!

I told you I would win!

How could I lose!

Sonic vs. King of Fighters:

Three Amys appear in the game: This one, Rosy the Rascal and Amy's "Orochi" version. (Normal Amy but with her creepy face from Sonic X Episode 19 and a new moveset.)

Theme song: Theme of Canme/Cammy from KOF '98 (Mega Drive version)

Moves (more coming soon)

Hammer Smash

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Blood Warrior

Amy nearly becomes one of Skarlet's saguinophagy victims as she tries to murder Sonic, but narrowly escapes. Here, Sonic has developed very strong feelings for Amy.

Sonic Y continuity

In the sonic y continuity, amy is wills beloved younger sister and an assassin at training. Amy is also the prophet destined to saved billions, but has not used this power yet due to the emerald of eden. Which will activate when the time is right. She also gets together with sonic in the episode representing shadow the hedgehog (game) and gives birth to ashura in the episode representing unleashed.

The Adventures of Pinkie and Nazo

Amy Rose appears as one of the more major characters in the series, being a good friend of Pinkie and Nazo.

Hero of Mobius

Amy is one of the 8 playable characters in hero of Mobius and is categorized as water-type, which means she is able to use water/ice-typed weaponry. Her special ability is Piko hammer, which allows player to spin in air for while, before he/she falls.

She was on guest for Sonic, but she is gonna face her nightmare... Amy appears to be jealous during the story to Blaze, but she won't sense, that there's no need to be jealous for them.

CD Data

Quote: "Watch out! I'm Sonic's girlfriend!"

Good: good heart

bad: Tomboyish nature

Likes:  Sonic

Dislikes:  Rivals on love


Fans of the Sonic/Sally pairing tend to consider Amy Rose as a Mary-Sue because of her over-the-top admiration for the main character, damsel-in-distress stereotyping, and incredible powers.


  • Cream (Close as her Sister)
  • The Witch Sisters
  • Marshalia
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Runner




  • Princess elisa(Amy hates her because elisa and sonic are dating,shes really jealous of their relationship.poor elisa doesn't know Amy hates her)
  • Nikki the Hedgehog(She thinks that Sonic and Nikki "romantically" like each other, which is true)
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Sackboy
  • Blurr the Hedgehog
  • Dragon Slayer

Diatonic scales and keys

Amy is loving the F Chord, she is love hearing the F songs

Voice Actors

  • Jennifer Douillard (1999-2004)
  • Lisa Ortiz (2005-2010)
  • Cindy Robinson (2010–Present)


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