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Ancient Continents, by JoshTheHedgehog12, is currently under construction. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

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The Ancient Continents are continents in the Ancient Dimension that are being lead by leaders.


  • Ventilus- the wind continent that is being lead by Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh).
  • Pyronia- the fire continent that is being lead by Louie the Fox (E-Josh).
  • Seaborgia- the water continent that is being lead by Thomas the Echidna (E-Josh).
  • Pyramus- the earth continent that is being lead by Jetris the Hedgehawk (E-Josh).
  • Zynari- the galactic continent that is being lead by Patel the Hedgehog (Max).
  • Cryolus- the ice continent that is being lead by Noa the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012).

Continental Castles

  • Thunderous Tornado in Ventilus
  • Scorch Magma in Pyronia
  • Tide Typhoon in Seaborgia
  • Pyramid Ground in Pyramus
  • Tower of Lost Souls in Zynari
  • Freeze Frost in Cryolus


Ancient Continent Map

Leader Pictures (Thumbnail)

Continental Leaders

  1. Josh the Hedgehog - King/Ancient
  2. Louie the Fox - Mechanician/Ancient
  3. Thomas the Echidna - Fighter/Ancient
  4. Jetris the Hedgehawk - Knight/Ancient
  5. Patel the Hedgehog - Prince/Fencer
  6. Noa the Hedgehog - Knight

Source of Cold Weather

1 year ago, the continent Ventilus is the source of cold weather. Right now, a continent formed. It is named Cryolus. It is now the source of cold weather, because of its frozen land.

Source of Hot Weather

The continents Pyramus & Pyronia are the sources of hot weather.

What's your favorite continent here?

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