Angelaz new look

Biographical Information
  • 15
  • Angeloz the Light (Twin brother)
Romantic Interests
  • Tenchi the Mouse (Best friend)
  • Zulto the Hedgehog (Boyfriend, got back together)
  • None yet
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description
Species Soul/Hedgehog
Gender Female
  • Fur: Emerald green
  • Eyes: (right) Gold rimmed eyes, with purple center (light) green
  • Dark green sleeveless shirt
  • arms length black gloves
  • black skirt
  • black stockings
  • black shoes
Abilities and forms
  • Coming soon
  • Demon Trigger
  • None
Super Forms
  • Overdrive G-EX Mode
Theme Song
【GUMI】For my soul【オリジナル曲PV付】

【GUMI】For my soul【オリジナル曲PV付】

Her theme song

DJ splash- Crying Soul

DJ splash- Crying Soul

I am determined Angelaz has arrived theme song!

【メグッポイド】 よく、わからない。 【オリジナル】

【メグッポイド】 よく、わからない。 【オリジナル】

Demon trigger Unleashed!

Instrument Profession
  • Singer (Natural)
  • Drums
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


A fragment of Memphis' personality she was created to fill the void that Memphis left behind. As of now she fights enemies on her own vigilante style format.


She was once fun, happy and always had a bright smile on her face. But when she lost her wings that all changed she is now cold, cruel and has a permanent frown on her face. Now with Tenchi she has cheered up massively but until Onorc is killed she will not truly be what she once was.


Tenchi the Mouse:

A person she knows she can depend on. Angelaz goes to him whenever she is in need of advice.

Zulto the Hedgehog:

Though a rocky path tore them apart they have now gotten back together. She loves her random CATTANKING boyfriend and will defend him with all her power.


  • Coming soon.


  • I based Angelaz off of my spunky and tough attitude part. She is litterly a fragment of me.