Angena pic.

Is the romantic pairing between Angeloz the Light and Annamaria the Wolf


Anna and Angeloz have known each other for quite some time, As they grew to become friends, Angeloz has had a secret crush for Anna, as Anna had the same feeling for Angeloz. As they grew more and more closer, they sometimes had a small Spark, and they always looked to each other for a kind support. As Anna showed her feelings, an emotional Angeloz couldn't contain his feelings anymore for Anna and so he burst out saying that he loved her, and Anna returned the feeling. Angeloz was quick to kiss Anna for this was something he always wanted to do since he first met her. Shocked but not deterred Anna slowly but surely relaxed herself into the kiss. It may have been a shock to both of them but they know one thing they both enjoyed it. This has how started a new chapter in both of their lives, as they now explore the world of being a couple together.

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  • Gale: Everybody deserves love



  • Bee the Fox: I hate every couple except for this one (blushes)
  • Diabloz the Dark: Only weaklings take the time to love! *growls*
  • Cold the Hedgehog:Tailsman67 told me that Bunny Rabot loves someone else,noting personal but Diabloz right.
  • Macabre the Hedgehog- No. I should be with Anna. Angeloz doesn't belong to her.
  • Wraith: *stabs Macabre* Oh, shut up.


(Angeloz and Memph walk out of a black portal)

Memph:Hello all and good morning ^_^

Angeloz: *takes in the nice breeze* Ahh another great day here!

Hikaru:Morning Memph!

Anna:(Smiles and wave)Hi Angeloz!

Memph:Ahh why good morning Hikaru ^w^

Angeloz: *smiles* Hi! *thinks for a moment* Jeez Anna did you put a tracker on me or something? *laughs*


Anna:Nope.Me and Hikaru got here 48 minutes ago.(Smiles)We come here early.

Angeloz: Sure... *teasing smile*

Anna:(Giggles)It's true.

Angeloz: Wow you guys sure a something else! Unlike Memph...

(Memph is seen sleeping on the grass)

Memph: Zzzzzzzzz COOKIES!!!!

Angeloz: *tear drop* Right....


Anna:(Giggles)Sounds like he's dreaming.

Angeloz: *smiles* Yeah just be happy.... to late

(Memph is seen eating the grass)

Memph: These cookies taste funny....

Angeloz: *groans*.... *looks at Anna and cheers up* So Anna you wanna go do something later!?


Hikaru:We'll still be here.I'm still making Anna's coat

Angeloz: *smiles but then looks confused* Coat? You getting a new look Anna?


Anna:Not really.I'll still keep my look.(Smiles)

Hikaru:(Shakes Memph)Wake up!

Memph: Huh? what? Oh hi Hikaru..... why does my mouth taste like dirt and grass?

Angeloz: *facepalm* No wonder I am such a clutz.

Hikaru:(Teardrop)Because you ate them cause you thought they were cookies.

Anna:But I still love you.(Kisses Angeloz)

Memph: Oooh well it doesn't taste half bad *laughs*

Angeloz: *breaks the kiss* Thanks Anna *smiles and blushes*

Hikaru:Oh brother...

Anna:(Smiles and blushes)Anytime.

Memph: Hmm *gets up* I need to plan my next move for the organization *crosses his arms*

Angeloz: Organization?

Hikaru:Memph didn't you tell Angeloz.

Anna:(Holds his hand)

Memph: .... No it slipped my mind, ... Angeloz I need you and your sister to act as my proxy whenever I am not available for the team.

Angeloz: Ummm ok?....

Memph: ...*sighs* I will show you later....

(Angelaz crashes on Memph)


Hikaru:Don't confuse him Memph.

Anna:I'll help you Angeloz.

Memph:(Knocked out)

Angelaz: Oops... were you guys talking?

Angeloz: *smiles* I'm glad I got someone so kind to help me out.


Anna:Oh.(Blushes)Hi Angelaz.What brings you here?(Looks at Angeloz and smiles)Your welcome.

Angelaz: *laughs* Well Memph left me behind AGAIN! It's not my fault that I take my time to look good! *kicks the knocked out Memph* Grrr *looks at Anna and Angeloz holding hands* Are you guys stuck or something?

Angeloz: *blushes* Ah crud....

Anna:(Blushes)No...we're fine...

Angelaz: *crosses her arms* And now you both look like you are sick? Just what is going on here?

Angeloz: *nervous* -under his breathe- Crud crud crud crud crud...

Anna:(Nervous smiles)Uh...well you...see.hahaha...

Angelaz: Ooooh I get it!

Angeloz: *eyes shrink*

Angelaz: You both got stuck with super glue and can't get away from each other! *laughs* Jeez that stinks for you Anna having to be stuck to my brother must be annoying! *laughs again*

Angeloz: *vein on his head*...

Anna:You got it all wrong Angelaz.

Angelaz: *thinking* Hmmm maybe it is because you did a dare *laughs*

Angeloz:: WE ARE DATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelaz:.................. *bursts out laughing* Brother you are such a kidder! For a second there I almost believed you! So how did you get the dare started?!

Anna:(Blushes and smiles)He not kidding Angelaz.We really are dating.

Angelaz: Ooooooh...... nope still don't see it! *laughs* I need proof *sticks her tongue out*

Angeloz: Sis you are so hard headed *sighs* How can we show you that we are dating...

Angelaz: Hmmm I don't know *shrugs* but if you don't prove it to me I won't accept goody two shoes as your girl

Anna:Hmm.Aha!(Whispers in Angeloz ear)(How about we kiss each other?)

Angeloz: -whispering- That sounds the most logical way to get her off our backs.

Angelaz: *playing with her goggles* I'm waiting!

Angeloz: Fine you want proof! I'll show you how much I love her! *kisses Anna*

Anna:(Kisses him back)

Angeloz: *holding the kiss*

Angelaz:.... Ok I believe you...... Ok you can stop now *tapping her foot impatiently* HELLO YOU CAN STOP NOW!!!!......Frig....

Anna:(Giggles in the kiss)

Angeloz: *While holding the kiss he embraces her*

Angelaz:.......... Well you definitely convinced me *sighs but then smiles* Now I need to find me a guy! I can't loss to you and the goody two shoes! *laughs*......Seriously i'm talking here.. you mind paying attention to me!

Anna:(Brakes the kiss and whispers in his ear)(You think she's had enough proof?)

Angeloz: I don't know. I think she might need more convincing. *smirk*

Angelaz: Hey pay attention to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna:(Giggles)(What do you have in mind?)(Smiles)

Angeloz: -softly- Hey for you anything that you want. *kisses her and breaks it quickly*

Angelaz: -_-" What have I done I lost them....

Memph: *groans as he is regaining consciesness*

Angelaz: *kicks Memph again knocking him out again* Shut it I am trying to think

Anna:(Nips his neck)(How's that?)

Angeloz: *blushes* Anna I didn't know you could get like this.

Angelaz: O_o I think I am going to barf...


Angeloz: -softly- Hey I ain't complaining one bit.

Angelaz: *kicking Memph* I want a boy!..... Someone pay attention to me!

Anna:(Smiles and kisses him)

Angeloz: o///w///o <<<< *what is going on in his head as he holds the kiss with Anna*

Angelaz:...... forget this I am going to do what Memph is doing *lies on the floor and falls asleep besides Memph*

Anna:(Hugs Angeloz while still kissing him)

Angeloz: *slowly breaks the kiss and smiles* I believe we have satisfied the judge *looks at the sleeping Angelaz and chuckles* Do you agree Anna?.... *embraces Anna caringly*

Anna:(Smiles and rest her head under his neck)Yes I do.

Angeloz: *chuckles* I think everyone here has the right idea.... wanna take a nap? *soft yawn* Not that you are boring me or anything. *smiles*

Anna:(Smiles)Sure as long as I can lay next to you.

Angeloz: *lays on his back relaxing on a soft bedding of grass* Ahh there we go! *closes his eyes but then opens one of them slightly* But i'm missing just one detail... Anna *pats a spot beside him* All yours *smiles*

Anna:(Lays next to Angeloz and smiles)Thanks.

Angeloz: Hey... anything for my lovely light *closes his eye*

Anna:(Cuddles next to him,closes her eyes and smiles)

Angeloz: *smiles* (-thinking- I'm the luckiest guy in the world.)

Anna:(I'm the luckiest girl in the world.)(A butterfly lands on her nose)Huh?

Angeloz: *Yawns and open his eyes slowly* Huh what's wrong Anna?

Anna:(Giggles)Just a beautiful butterfly that thought I was a flower.

Angeloz: *chuckles* I can see where it would get that idea from *kisses her cheek*

Anna:(Smiles)That's also because this flower has a caring angel to love her.(kisses his cheeck)

(Memph walks up to them)

Memph: *smiles* If you two love birds are done.... Anna I have your first Assignment for the Organization.... Angeloz you will be my proxy and go with her.... please do well. *clears throat* The mission is simple we need to collect Wisp's thirteen of them... it does not matter the color you get... just get the Wisp's and your mission will be over. Don't fail me now. *walks through a black portal*

Angeloz: He really knows how to kill a mood *snickers* Well then *sits up* let's get to collecting and I'll be sure to keep you safe *fixes his glasses and smiles*

Hikaru:Here Anna,your coat's done.

Anna:Thanks.Just let me get this on.(Goes behind a rock)

Angeloz: *twiddles his thumbs while he waits*.......

Anna:I'm back...Well what do you think?

Angeloz: Ummm *blushes* You look very beautiful.

Anna:(Smiles and blushes)Thanks.Well let go.(Grab his hand)

Angeloz: Do you know where you are going?

(A black portal appears in front of them)

Angeloz:..... Um I guess Memph left us a present.

Anna:Looks that way.Wherever this portal lends,that's where we'll go.

Angeloz: Well no time like the future let's go! *runs through the portal*

Anna:(Smiles)Haha,hey wait for me!(runs though the portal behind him)

(Anna find herself falling down a brightly lit environment)

Anna:Oh no!Someone help!(Closed her eyes)

(She feels herself stop falling, it was Angeloz)

Angeloz: *wings extended to the fullest* You can open your eyes now princess. *looking around with a serious face*

Anna:(Opens her eyes to see Angeloz holding her)Thanks Angeloz.(Kisses his cheek)

Angeloz: *blushes* I will always protect you Anna, I promised you that. *smiles as he looks around* Interesting... It feels as if I am in a carnival of some sort....

Anna:It does.You can put me down Angeloz.(Smiles)

Angeloz: Oops right *smiles and lands* Here you go *sets her down* ...... *looks around again* How weird... *eyes widen* Eggman? *walks up to a poster of eggman*

Anna:(Giggle)And he's still ugly as ever.(See a container)What's this?(goes to it)Angeloz!Come see this!

Angeloz: Hmm? *walks up to it* How illogical to have a container here? *taps it*

(Out pops a strange creature)

Anna:It's cute.(Smiles)

Angeloz: How interesting *pokes the creature* just what are you?

Anna:I think this is one of the Wisp we came for.

Angeloz: That is highly logical..... *pokes it again and smiles* So we found a green one.... you mind coming with us Wisp?

Wisp:(does what looks like its happy and swirls around Anna,then lands on her shoulder)

Anna:Haha.I take that as a yes.(Smiles)

Angeloz: *laughs* Looks like it has taken a liking to you! Well then let's go find some more! *dashes off on ahead*

Anna:(Giggles)Wait for us,Angeloz!(Dashes behind him)

Angeloz: .... Hmm what is the egghead planning.... *looks ahead and sees badniks*.... Guards?... that must mean something is here! *leaps over the badniks head*..... I wonder why he wants these things.... Anna you ok there?

Anna:(slashes a badnik with her Solar Flare)Yeah,I'm okay.

Angeloz: *whistles* Remind me not to get on your bad side! *teasing smile*

Anna:(Giggles and smiles)Don't worry,the rest of the time I'm sweet.I only pull this out when someone I care for is in trouble or self-defense from badniks.

Angeloz: *smiles* Good!.... cause I don't want a sun burn please *laughs*.... *See's another container* MINE! *taps the container to let out a purple wisp*

Anna:And that makes two!

(The Wisp bites Angeloz's hair)

Wisp: *happy squeal*

Angeloz: AHHHHHHH *running around like a moron* get it off! get it off!!!

Anna:(Giggles and grab Angeloz)Stay still and I'll get it.

Angeloz: O.. ok *calms down*...

Wisp: *stops biting Angeloz and Licks Anna, it then relaxes on Angeloz's head*

Angeloz:.... Why do the biting ones always like me TT_TT

Anna:(Smiles and fix his hair)No idea.You alright?

Angeloz: I'll live let's just get the next one before this thing gets hungry....

P Wisp: *squeals happily*

Angeloz: *fixes his glasses* Come on I wanna get this done! I want to go somewhere with you after this *smiles* So times a wasting! *looks around* Hmmm I don't know why but I feel that big Eggman face of a building probable has a lot of these things.... we know how Eggman loves to show off *sighs*

Anna:He sure does.That also means there's going to be more badniks in there.

Angeloz: Hey that just means more fun for us! *smiles*

P Wisp: *excited squeal*

Angeloz: Come on *smiles and runs off*

Anna:(Giggles and smiles)Right behind you!(Follows him)

Badnik 1: Halt!

Angeloz: Highly illogical for that to happen! *laughs as he blasts one with a brilliant bullet*

Badnik 2: *gets in Anna's way* Halt!

Anna:Nope!(Fires a light arrow at it)

(A massive group of badniks guard the entrance)

Angeloz: Wow we were right! If there are this many here there is bound to be plenty of those little guys in there! Now how to deal with those guys...

P Wisp: *squeals as he fuses with Angeloz*

Angeloz: What the!.......

(Frenzy mode activated!!!)

(takes out the whole group and reverts to Angeloz)

Angeloz: Whoa *looking around*..... what happened?...

P Wisp: *squeals happily and goes back on Angeloz's head*

Anna:I guess these little guys have amazing powers in them.

G Wisp:(Squeals in agreement)

Angeloz: Now it makes sense.... So that is why Eggman wants you guys.... *looks at the entrance* Closed.... *looks around and sees a strange object and then sees it inside the building* Interesting... *touches the Device* Hot! What ever it is it has some strange energy.... but why is there two of them.... here and then there?

Anna:I don't know.If only the was a way to get a good look.

G Wisp:(squeals as she fuses with Anna)


(In hover mode)

Anna:(Sees something)(What's this?)

Angeloz: Freaky..... What do you see!?

Anna in hover mode:Um...I see a large capsle,a few badniks,and that strange device and it's hook to something but I can't tell what it is.

Angeloz:.....*thinking*.... Well then try to find a way to get the door open... I will follow you in as soon as you do that!

Anna in hover mode:Got it!(Went to look for a way in)

Angeloz: Well I better do something as well!

(A group of badniks rush towards Angeloz)

Angeloz: Oooh that will be a fun way to kill time, ready little guy!

P Wisp: *squeals and fuses with Angeloz*

(Frenzy mode!)

F Angeloz: YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Explosions can be heard behind Anna)

H Anna:Angeloz!(Went back to check him)

(She saw F Angeloz chasing a group of badniks in a funny way)

F Angeloz: Come back!!! I only want to be your fweind!!! *laughs*

H Anna:(Giggles and sees the door open by the blast)Hey Angeloz!The doors open!

F Angeloz: Oh ok! *reverts to Angeloz*

P Wisp: *giggles with glee*

H Anna:Coming down!(Hovers back down and reverts to Anna)

G Wisp:(giggles and sits on Ann's shoulder)

Angeloz: I think I can get used to this guy *smiles* i'm going to call you Chomp *pets Chomp*

Chomp: *squeals in approval*

Angeloz: You should name yours to Anna *smiles*

Anna:Hmm.How about Twinkle?

Twinkle:(Rubs Anna's neck and squeals in approval)

Anna:(Smiles)She likes it.

Angeloz: *laughs* I can see that!... I guess we have to get twelve more Wisps because I am not giving Chomp away!... Well then lets go! *dashes into the building*

Anna:Haha!Wait for us Angeloz!(Dashes behind him)

Angeloz: *grinding a rail* Hey Anna what did you say you saw again while you were up here?... *switches rails*

Anna:(Grinding a rail also)A large capsle,a few badniks,and that strange device that's hooked up to something.

Angeloz: Well these guys came from little capsules... So it is logical that their must be plenty in there!!! .... but hooked up to something... I don't like the sound of that... *looks ahead and sees incoming badniks* We got company Anna!

Anna:(Pulls out Solar Flare)I'm ready when you are!

(Both Anna and Angeloz fought their way though all the badniks till they reach the capsule)

Anna:Phew.We finally reach the capsule.

Angeloz: *kicks one of the badniks* How illogical to leave such weak bots to defend a major find....

Anna:Yeah.Unless that means...


Angeloz: *facepalm* Ahhh crud.... the fatty has arrived.

Anna:Looks that way.

(Eggman shows up in giant clown-like robot)

Eggman:I thought I heard something ruining my carnival.And it turns out to be Wolf Girl.Ohh and who's your little friend?

Angeloz: The names Angeloz, Angeloz the Light! You must be the eggdork I have been hearing about!

Eggman:You brat!I'm the great scientist!Dr.Ivo Robotnik!And you will regret to mess with me and my empire!

Anna:Big deal,Egghead.We're both here to free the wisp you have locked up.

Eggman:Well,I'm afraid you have to deal with me you little brats!(goes in the robot)

Angeloz:.... A genuis you say? *fixes his glasses* I must see this for my own eyes... *spreads his wings out and prepares for battle*

Anna:(Pulls out solar Flare)We're ready for you.

Eggman:Ahahahaha!I'll show you both my greatness!(charges at them in his bot)

Angeloz: Highly illogical! *flies around him* You are much to slow to be a genuis!

P Wisp: *laughs at the comment*

Anna:Whoa!(Moves before the bot got her)That was a close one.

G Wisp:(Nods)

Eggman:Well wolf girl,your friend can fly,but you can't.So you'll go first!(The bot's arm was about to land on Anna)

Angeloz: Anna! *moves at blindling speeds and takes the hit* GACK!!! *knocked back*

Anna:Angeloz!!(Runs to him)You alright?Please hold on!

Angeloz: It's alright I just don't want him to hurt you....

Anna:But he did.By hurting you,my angel.

Angeloz: Ooh Anna... *tries to get up* Then I won't let him touch either of us...

Anna:(Helps him up)And I'l help you.

Eggman:Ohhh,I see that your more than friends.Then I'll send you both to your doom!(Charges at them both)

Angeloz: No you won't! Beserk mode! *gains feral armor and a huge broad sword* I will no let you touch my flower!

Anna:(Sees a weakpoint on his chest)Angeloz!Let's aim for the chest!

Angeloz: *nods* Follow my lead! *charges at eggman* HAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Anna:(Follows Angeloz)HIIIIYYYAAAHHH!!!!

Eggman:Take this!(Tries to hit them)

(They both avoided the hit)

Angeloz: *brings up his blade and strikes the center of the bot* Got it! Finish it Anna!

Anna:(Pulls out Solar Flare)Right!(Jumps up to the chest and strikes the center)

(the bot shorts circunt and both Anna and Angeloz escaped the blast and Watch as Eggman leaves)

Eggman:You'll pay for this!(Leaves)

Anna:We did!(Smiles)

Angeloz: *smiles* You did the finishing blow though. Now then to finish the mission! *smashes the capsule with his blade*

(13 wisps fly out the capsule and then fly around Anna and Angeloz)

Anna:There's 13 in all.(Smiles and looks at Angeloz)Looks like we can keep Chomp and Twinkle.

Twinkle:(Sits on Anna's shoudler and cheers happyly)

Angeloz: *Smiles and fixes his glasses* That sounds great.... but I just want to go home now. *Sighs*

(A black portal opens and Memph "Fursona")

Memph: Ahhh great job I see you finished the mission... come then. *walks through the black portal and the wisps follow*

Anna:Ready to go,my angel?(Holds his hand and smiles)

Angeloz: That sounds great! *smiles back*

Chomp: *lands on Angeloz's head and does a happy squeal)

Anna:Then let's go.(She goes through the portal with Angeloz)

(The castle of nowhere)

Angeloz: *Looking around* Where are we?

Anna:No idea.(looks at the balony)Look at the veiw.

(Memph is standing in front of them)

Memph: Since you are both members take full advantage of the place and relax. If you want to head out to anywhere away from here have Anna open up a member portal. *Walks away*

Angeloz: Hmmm now that we have the run of the place. Come on let's go see the balcony! *smiles*


Angeloz: *walks to the balcony and opens the balcony door. He then looks back to see if Anna is following* Come on my flower. It is better to see a view from the best point.

Anna:I'm coming.This place is so big,I got worried I would get lost.

Angeloz: Nahh I won't let that happen. It is highly illogical to begin with... you are to bright.

Anna:(Smiles)Thank you.(Stands next to him)

Angeloz: *Staring at the permanent dark skies.* The stars are something else in this world..... nothing like Mobia

Anna:Yeah.They sure are.

Angeloz: *Looks to Anna* Of course the stars can not compare to my lovely flower in radiance... *loving smile*

Anna:(Looks at Angeloz)And they can not compare to your light,my kind angel.(Loving smile)

Angeloz: Hey I have an idea! *Jumps off the balcony*


Angeloz: *Comes flying up* You rang? *Chuckling and fixes his wind blown glasses*

Anna:(Sighs and giggles)How's the veiw?

Angeloz: It looks nice.... but it is missing something. *Extends his hand to her* Care to complete it?

Anna:(Takes his hand and smiles)Sure.

Angeloz: *Pulls her in close it appears as if the two are defying the very gravity as Angeloz flies* Now this is what I call a view.

Anna:(Looks)This is the best veiw ever.

Angeloz: *Whispers in her ear* Hold on tight to me my love.... I want to show you how it is to fly for real.

Anna:Ok.(Holds to him tighter)

Angeloz: *Looks up and flies up a bit he then levels himself and begins flying. Buildings passing underneath them and the wind blowing gentle* Whenever I fly.... I remember the first days I came to be in this world. I remember the first day I met you and feel in love with you.

Anna:I remember too.The two of us,too shy to say something till we both worked up the courage in our hearts to tell our feelings.

Angeloz: Yes.... Ahh! *lands in a spot with flowers*

Anna:Wow.I never seen such pretty flowers like these.(Smiles)

Angeloz: *Chuckles and fixes his glasses* Oooh so you like them. *walks a bit past her* I am glad you approve of my work.

Anna:You mean you growed them?There beautiful.

Angeloz: Well I was planning on showing you them sooner but I didn't think it was ready. *Twiddles his fingers* I still think it is a bit to soon.

Anna:(Hugs him)I love them.(Kisses him)And I love the angel that growed them.

Angeloz: Thank you.... I had quite the inspiration to grow them. Welcome to the Annamaria Garden.

Anna:(Smiles)Thank you.So what's the name of these blossoms,my angel?

Angeloz: I.... wanted you to name them.... They are a new breed I found here.

Anna:Okay.Then I'll call them Angelicz,

Angeloz: *Looks to her and has a loving smile* Wow I knew you were the right one to name them.

Anna:(Looks at him with a loving smile)Thank you.

Angeloz: *Picks an Angelicz and goes over to Anna* Here. *Presents the flower to Anna* I um... wanted to give you a new flower to wear. *Looks away shyly* You don't have to wear it if you don't want to though...

Anna:(Smiles)I would love to wear it.

Angeloz: *Looks back to her with bright eyes* You would!? *regains composure and fixes his glasses* ....

Anna:(Giggles)Yes.(Takes the tulip out of her hair)Would you do the honor?

Angeloz: I-I would love to. *takes the Angelicz and gentle puts it where the tulip was, The blue and white coloration of the flower compliments Anna* W-wow *blushes as he backs off a bit to see Anna and her new look*

Anna:(Blushes)How do I look?

Angeloz: *Gulps* I really can't describe it with words.. I can only do this.. *Walks up to her and kisses her passionately while he embraces her.*

Anna:(Kisses back)

Angeloz: *Breaks the kiss slowly* Sorry.... I did not mean to appear so uncivilized in my approuch.

Anna:(Place her hand on his cheeck and smiles)You where just perfect.

Angeloz: I see then I have no regrets doing this. *Resumes kissing passionately*

Anna:(Keeps kissing)

(The flowers blow softly in the wind and emit a soft and sweet aroma)

Angeloz: *After awhile he breaks the kiss and tries to fix his glasses but they fall revealing his eyes* !!.....

Anna:What's wrong,my angel?

Angeloz: *looks away* Sorry I look weird without my glasses.

Anna:(Places hand on his shoulder)Please let me see your face?

Angeloz: U-Um.... ok. *slowly turns his face to face her* See what I mean... weird. *looks down a bit*

Anna:(Bring his face up to meet hers and smiles)No,their beautiful.

Angeloz:.... But my eyes.... they look so weird. They don't match.... One doesn't belong to me...

Anna:That doesn't matter.What matters most is that I love you.And that's never going to change.

Angeloz: A-Anna.... *Loving smile* Of course you are right. Never doubt a woman's guidance. I love you so much.... I hope that we can share our time together for a long time.

Anna:(Loving smile and hugs him)I hope so too.

Angeloz: Well then Anna. Do you have anywhere you want to go to?

Anna:I'm not sure.(Giggles)

Angeloz: *Chuckles* My my indecisive are we? *yawns a bit*

Anna:(Yawns a littles)We could take a nap here.We did finish that mission earlier.

Angeloz: That sounds like a very logical and lovely idea. *breaks the hug and walks to a small clearing, he then brushes off some of the grass to create a spot for them.* Here we go... *Sits down and pats the spot beside him. Signaling that this is for you Anna.*

Anna:(Sits next to him and smiles)Would you play your song for me?

Angeloz: *smiles* Of course. *Takes out his calculator and with a couple of button presses it becomes a violin. He then begins to play his soft tune for Anna.*

Anna:(Hums the tune and rest her head on his shoulder)

(A few years later on a beautiful spring day)

Anna:(Resting in a bed of flowers smiling and huming Angeloz's song)

Angeloz: *flies in and lands at a distance* Why am I feeling this way.... *nervousness can be seen on his face* It is so illogical... *sighs* Noooo it is very logical...

Anna:(Opens her eyes,sits up,sees Angeloz,smiles and waves at him)

Angeloz: Oh. *waves back to her and walks up to her*

Anna:(Hugs him when he got close)Hello my Angel.How are you?(Smiles)

Angeloz: (hugs her back and smiles) I am perfect my radiant flower and you?

Anna:(Smiles and kisses him)I'm perfect too my guardian angel.And today is so beautiful.

Angeloz: *nervously fidgeting* Yeah I suppose it is.

Anna:(Looks at him)Is there something you want to ask,my angel?

Angeloz: *nervous look* W-what!? Ummmmmm.

Anna:(Holds his hands and smiles)You can tell me,Angeloz.

Angeloz: *becomes more confident* Okay. *kisses her forehead* but how about we relax first?

Anna:(Smiles)Okay.(sits down on the flower bed and pets a spot next to her for him)

Angeloz: *smiles and sits next to her. He begins to hum a new tune*

Anna:(Smiles)That's a nice tune.What is it?

Angeloz: Oh. *looks at her* A new song I am working on. I call it "Radiance of a Flower."

Anna:It sounds beautiful.Will you play some for me please?

Angeloz: Of course. *materializes his violing* It is not complete yet but. *starts playing the song and closes his eyes*

Anna:(Lays her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes)

Angeloz: *smiles as he finishes what he made* I know it isn't much. *chuckles* But I hope you liked it.

Anna:(Smiles and kisses him)I love it.Just like I love you.

Angeloz: *kisses her back* Anna.... I have something to ask you.

Anna:Yes Angeloz?

Angeloz: *puts away the violin and holds something behind his back* Um... I was really hoping.... umm...

Anna:Hoping for what?

Angeloz: *shows her the case* I was hoping.... that a radiant flower like you would marry this angel. *opens the case to show her a blue and pink gem on a ring*

Anna:(Smiles and cries tears of joy)Yes I would my angel.

Angeloz: *takes the ring* That makes me so happy. Let's see if this fits. *takes her hand and gently places it on her ring finger*

Anna:(Looks at it and smiles)It fits perfectly.

Angeloz: *smiles and looks at her* Just like a certain woman I know.

Anna:(Hugs him)And a certain man I know.

Angeloz: *hugs her back and smiles* I love you Anna my radiant flower.

Anna:(Smiles at him)And I love you Angeloz my guardian angel.(Kisses him)

(Jon- Hmm I wonder if I could join (seeing as how Macabre tends to be a womanizer towards her...?)

(Hika:Maybe.That's up to Memph)

(At their wedding)

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