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This story is about a hedgehog named Apallo who fell from the hevens with his sister Diana with no memory of where there they came from. They wake up to find them selves with The God the Sun and Goddess of the Moon they tell them that their ther Reincarnations and that their the last hope for the world. Hades the God Of Death has killed the other Seven Gods and threw their Elemental Spheres onto Mobius and has created Minions that are powered by them. Now the battle for the world begins now.




Apallo The Hedgehog- The Main Character in thie game he is also the fastest character too. He uses fire to fight his enemies.

File:Violet The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog).png Violet The Hedgehog ( Made by Apallo The Hedgehog) - After Apallo Saves her from Dr. Eggman she falls in love with Apallo and forced him to be his husband to be. She uses magic.

File:Diana .png Diana The Hedgehog- Apallo's little sister. She sha control over ice and water.

File:Fightbot.pngE-1,000,000 (Heatboost)- After Apallo befriends him Heatboost helps him on his quest. He hates Dr. Eggman and has been turned to the side of good and is Apallo's Besf friend. He fights with his weopn arms and has anti fire protection.

File:Lunas.png Lunas The Hedgehog- A mysterious blue and grey hedgehog with moon powers and abilities the same abilities as Apallo.

File:Gnome.pngGeone The Genetic Hedgehog- A Hedghog that went under a genetic experiment 20 times, Genome was made to be the strongest being in the world, but when he found out that he was going to be treated as a weapon he rebelled and joined Apallo and his crew. He can use his powers of levitation and other enhansed abilites to fight

File:Shock.pngShock The Hedgehog- The son of the Mayor of Zaptrap City, Shock can transform into a lighting bolt to travel through machines, computers, metal, etc. He fights using a special bracelet that can turn his arm into any weapon that was data in special chips that go into the bracelet.

File:Jack The Hedgehog.png (Special Edition Extended Version Character) Jack The Hedgehog - Jack was the first friend that Apallo and Diana made in Star Village. Before he finally joined the siblings, he was a thief.


Apallo The Hedgehog Soundtracks10:30

Apallo The Hedgehog Soundtracks

The First Two Themes


There 8 Regions of Mobius that Apallo and friends must travel.

Stary Valley

Stary Valley

This is the place where Sonic and Tails find Apallo and Diana.


  1. Star Village- The Hub Town in the game, it has Weapon Stores, Item Shops, an Inn and more.
  2. Down Town Star Village- The Cashino, Arena and the Black Market are found here.

White Mountian

The First location where the Ice Elemental Sphere is being held. This is in the northernmost part of Mobius, the villages here are have the number one in frozen food resources. For people heading there from Star Village they need a Lift Pass to travel from there to White Mountain.

White Mountian


  1. Article Village- This village is where the God Of Ice, Article was worshiped. After she was struck down by Hades, the villagers are in a state od depression and grief.


  1. Icy Grotto- This new cave goes into the mountain and comes out to Ice Cap Castle.
  2. Ice Cap Castle- The Evil Palase Made out of ice and snow. The Ice Witch who is holding the Ice Elemental Sphere, used it to Make the castle. It is filled with freezing water, ice guards, and icicle traps. Apallo's in for a rude awaking if he thinks that his fire moves and abilities can help him he is going to get soaked in despair.

Aquatic Contient

The Second Region on Mobius that is part land and part water. The Land part of the Region is refuge for the people who to ran away after the Water Monster, Aqua Knight, has taken over the second part of the region.


  1. Tropical Village - The salvation village for all those who ran away from the Aqua Knight. This is also a port city they also worshiped Aquata the Goddess of Water.
  2. Aqua City- The Underwater City that has been taken over by water monsters led by the Aqua Knight. This is also the Dungen in this Region too.


Boss 1: The Ice Witch- The Ice Witch isn't as powerful as what actuallly thought. Her Stragety is to make two Ice Knaves (Hp: 7) and charge her power up to use her Ice Wave attack, if you defeat the Knaves then she will stop charging and you can attack her at will for about 3 turns after the 3rd turn she ill bring up two knaves again and you have to repeat the process until her hp is depleated.

Hp: 56

Def: 0

Spe: 25

Mp: 100

Attacks: Knave Spawn, Ice Wave, Icicle Cannon, Staff Wack

Boss 2: Aqua Knight- Just like the Ice Witch before him he is not a tough as you think. His stragety is the same as the Ice Witch but not as easy. First he summons a Sharknive (Hp: 15) yes just one and while you fight it the Knight calls his Seahorse to prepare his powerful attack, Torpedo Joust. If you manage to beat the Sharknive he wont stop preparing for his attack so you just have to wail away at him until he stops. Repeat the process until he falls.


Def: 3

Spe: 47

MP: 250

Boss 3: Tusk Mammoth- This is a Man Mammoth (like a Man-Horse Thing) that uses the legendary Tusk Bow to shoot Earth Arrows. He uses no Stragety but his high Defence and Attack make him a tough one to beat. Use Magic and Power Attacks on him.


Def: 15


Mp: 0

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