Aquamarine the Cat
Aquamarine loves listening to various genres of music.
Fur: Light teal

Muzzle: Off-white

Eyes: Blue-ish gray
Different clothing every couple appearances she makes
Renee (mother, deceased), unnamed father, Sandra (sister)
Romantic Interest
Knuckles (until he makes it clear that he doesn't like her anymore)
Her friends, Bad Religion (tries to deny it as much as possible), the Beatles, Beck, Blondie, Britney Spears, Cascada (kind of), the Clash, The Heavy, Kanye West, Moby, Nirvana, No Doubt, Radiohead, the White Stripes, hanging out with her friends, remembering the times before her mother died, steak, swimming, the beach, sushi, chicken, her friends/Sandy being safe, drawing, Friday night sleepovers
Doctor Robotnik and his team of lackeys, spiders, Nickelback, Paramore, Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam, laboratories and chemicals, Sandra/her friends in danger, mountains, hurtful gossip, grooming herself with her tongue
Spin Jump, Spin Dash, excellent night vision and hearing, knowledge of chemistry, hunting for household pests, can retract her claws, acute sense of smell, speed of 30 mph
Antonia, Dana, Sandra, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Sonia, Manic, Dexter, Big, Vector, Espio, Charmy Bee
Doctor Robotnik, Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Nack, Nic, Sleet, Dingo, Coconuts, Scratch, Grounder, Metal Sonic

Aquamarine the Cat (アクアマリンキャット Akuamarin kyatto?), sometimes known as Aqua (アクア Akua) by her closest friends, is a teal 15-year-old, female, cat and is the older sister of Sandra the Cat. Like Sonic and other characters in the series, she is significantly shorter than humans her age. She is 100 cm (3' 3) and her weight is unknown.

Concept and Creation

Aquamarine was one of the first few Sonic the Hedgehog fan characters created by FindTheCompuerRoom in an attempt to create a love interest for Knuckles the Echidna.


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thing Alive (series)

This is the only thing Aquamarine has appeared in so far. She is first seen at Amy Rose's house after the two decide to try and become friends.


Aquamarine is very kind and happy person around her closet friends and others, but before someone gets to know her well, she appears shy and does not like attracting attention to herself. She is especially meek and timid when made to do public speaking around a large crowd or being alone with Knuckles. Aquamarine is also kind of the jealous-type when it comes to relationships. Her mother is dead, and has been for 5 years, so she occasionally mourns over this. This also resulted in her being somewhat over-protective of her little sister, Sandra. Sandra is annoyed by this, and even sometimes resents Aqua's company, only causing her to do this more. Even though Aquamarine is protective of her, she still trusts Sandra in many other things. She does not like talking bad about her friends behind their backs, or anyone else doing so, either. Aquamarine tries her best to save her friends from the hurtful gossip that constantly goes around Central City High School about them and is always willing to stand up for them. She is not a tomboy, but not a girly-girl either. She is not entirely against fighting, only when her friends pointlessly fight or it involves Sandra being put in danger. She is prone to common cat diseases, and regularly has to get vaccinations, something which Aquamarine does not enjoy...


Sandra the Cat

Sandra, more commonly known as Sandy by everyone, is Aquamarine's little sister whom she bonds with very well. The two have no sibling rivalry, but Sandy will occasionally resent Aquamarine's company when she worries about her to much. They share most of the same likes and dislikes, but still have major differences. Sandy is more of a loud-mouthed, obnoxious punk than Aquamarine is. The two still care about each other, although Sandy acts like she doesn't.

Antonia the Hedgehog

Aquamarine's first real friend at the Central City High School, along with Dana the Fox. She and Dana befriended Aquamarine after the three of them were forced to volunteer for a charity drive at their school. Aquamarine would spend most all of her free time with them before she had to take the responsibility of helping Sonic and his team. Antonia is more tomboy-ish than she is, so they have somewhat different outlooks on life.

Dana the Fox

Aquamarine's other real friend at the Central City High School. She and Antonia befriended Aquamarine after the three were forced to volunteer for a charity drive at their school. Aquamarine would spend most all of her free time with them before she had to take the responsibility of helping Sonic and his team. Dana is a soft-heart and shy, bonding with her over that a little bit more.

Amy Rose

Aquamarine's first connection to Sonic and his team. Amy rescued Sandra once from a freak storm that came over Central City and Green Hill Zone, and she was completely grateful. She sends her a thank-you note, but Amy refuses to take a gift from her. The two bond over somethings, like shopping and M.A.C. makeup, but Aquamarine doesn't really care for Amy's fan girl status or obsession over Sonic.

Knuckles the Echidna

The main love interest of Aquamarine before and during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thing Alive. Knuckles is oblivious to this. He cares about her, like he cares about the rest of team, but not any deeper than that. At one point in the series, he finds out about her crush on him, and decides to go one date. The become an 'item' for about a week, before Knuckles' playa instinct kicks in and breaks up with her for another Mobian girl.


  • Renee the Cat (mother, deceased)
  • Unnamed father




(more to come)


"Well, maybe he's kind of rude...and maybe he's a bit of a playa... But he's cute!" - Aquamarine referring to Knuckles' attitude to her, her friends, and the rest of the 9th grade.

"No, it's okay. I'm sure your [Amy] iPod isn't any worse than mine!" - Aquamarine trying to make Amy Rose feel better about the embarrassing (to Amy) My Chemical Romance song she had on her iPod.

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