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"Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't beat you... Does it?"

- Ashlotte
Ashlotte "Jinxer" The Mouse
Jinxer, Mickey, Brown Mouse, Mickey Mouse.
Cheese, Wrestling, Running, Jumping, Friends, Tomboys, Honesty , Funny People.
Girly Girls, The Color Pink, Gossiping, People who act too sarcastic, Rude People, Racists, Enemies.
Wrestling, High Jumping, A Fast Runner.
Ability Type

Early Life

Back when Ashlotte was recently born, she wasn't the usual baby you'll see nowadays. She was often rude to anybody she'd see, even her parents at times. That didn't stop her parents from liking her though.

Awhile after her recent birth she became nicer then she was before. She was also more curious then before too. She would ask questions like: How are video games made? How do people come up with words or names? How are babies born? What makes something cute? Because of her curiosity she became very silent.

Without Permission

When Ashlotte was nine she was watching a match on her television. When commercials came on she saw a commercial on T.V that was about how to become a wrestler, all you needed to do was be eight years old or older and go to a site online and sign info about yourself. After Ashlotte saw that commercial she went on her computer and did all that was needed. A message then came out of the printer saying to go to a location. Ashlotte looked at it curiously for awhile. She got off her computer chair and shutt down the computer and went into her parent's room and left a note on the Television. After that she left the house without permission.

Traveling All Alone.

Ashlotte got out of her house a long time ago going into the wild forest, she was scared, but that didn't keep her from becoming what she really wanted to be, a wrestler. Ashlotte looked left and right often, sometimes behind her. She was shivering like it was the day of Christmas Day. "I should've brought a jacket.... And maybe some other clothes while at it..." she whispered to herself as a tear came down her eye. There was a rustle in a nearby bush behind her, but she couldn't hear it. As Ashlotte went on the rustle kept fallowing her. Very soon Ashlotte stopped in the middle of picking two ways, left or right. After time she just went left without out any thinking. She then saw a house in the distances. Ashlotte ran to the shadowed house to see what it was in it. Even thought she wasn't that kind of person she needed shelter. She got there and opened the door, went inside and closed the door behind her. Breathing hard she then sat down on the ground panting, she got tired very quickly for somewhat reason.

"Tired already?" A random noise said from above. Ashlotte then jumped alittle and looked around, but she didn't see anyone. "W-who's there?!" Ashlotte said in a small voice. Suddenly out of no where a mobian jumped from above into Ashlotte's face. Ashlotte then asked a question "Who... Who are you?". The mobian then backed away from Ashlotte smirking as if he thought she was just a joke. "My name is Tate, Tate the Echidna." He said in a very cleverly way. Ashlotte got up and tried to smile but It looked fake. "I gotta go... It was nice meeting you but.." Ashlotte turned around waving then tried to opened the door but it was locked for an unknown reason. "Uhh.. I don't have the keys, mind opening the door?" She whispered scaredly. "What? Why... Didn't you want to know how to wrestle?" Ashlotte then gasped in surpised then looked at Tate. "You know about that?!" Ashlotte said in excitement. "Who ya' think the info went to? A bear?" Ashlotte then jumped and hugged Tate. "Ooh! I'm so excited to see you!" Ashlotte shouted while snuggling into Tate's chest. "Tomarrow we shall start training, it's pretty late." Ashlotte smiled then got off of Tate and said "Okay, I'll be glad to do that! Where shall I sleep?" Ashlotte then bowed. Tate was impressed by Ashlotte. "For an 8 year old at the time she was pretty obeying." He thought. "Okay, Your bed if over there" Tate then pointed at the stairs. "Your room is up there." Ashlotte went up the stairs and saw a bed, mirror, a Chinese carpet next to her bed and a window. There was also white paint on the walls. Ashlotte liked the room. She then jumped into her bed and covered her self in her blanket. She yawned and went to bed. After she woke up she trainned with Tate everyday until one day she said that she learned enough from the master, she must carry on. Tate smiled and waved his hand as she left.

Meeting Sonic and Shadow.

Ashlotte was minding her own business, lying next to a tree until she her running, sounds, and trees falling. She looked behind the tree and saw to hedgehogs fighting. One was blue like the ocean and one looked emo. Ashlotte then got up and went behind the tree where both of the hedgehogs were. She waited until she got attention. After a couple of seconds both of the hedgehog noticed the mouse. They both suddenly stopped and looked at the mouse. "Took ya'll!" She complained. Sonic then laughed and rubbed his nose. "Anything, Missy?" he grinned a cocky grin. "No, Mr. Flowing Ocean! There isn't! I would just looove if you kept going on fighting with loud noises! Why are ya'll both even fighting anyway?!" She said in a sarcastic tone. Sonic then rubbed his ear in boredom "Well jeez, what's your problem? We both were just fighting, It's not like we are harming anyone..." Ashlotte then wanted to hurt Sonic but she didn't. "Well, if you are going to fight go somewhere else!" She yelled. "Ooooh... You're going to make us?" Shadow laughed. Ashlotte was then silent. "Shadow leave her alone. We'll leave if you want us to, you're okay with that?" Sonic asked. Ashlotte was still not satisfied. Ashlotte the shoved her hand into Sonic's face if like Sonic was giving her something. "$60." She said smirking. "What?! $60?! What for?!" Sonic shouted. Sonic acted like he never had a penny in his entire life, but to Ashlotte it was like you gave her a videogame. "Yes, look at all the damage you did to the forest..." Ashlotte said in a royal way. As Sonic and Shadow looked around the forest he say that 18 trees fell. "Maybe some other time?" Sonic said nervously laughing. Ashlotte frustratedly sighed and smiled. "Fine! But you have a month!" Ashlotte spoken. "That's enough time!" Sonic winked at her. Shadow then shouted at Sonic. "Can we go already?!" Shadow wasn't in the mood for much more talking so he couldn't wait any longer. "Fine, Shadow! Be more patient!" Sonic said while laughing like he usually does. Sonic then surprised Shadow by getting a head start. "Beat 'sha!" Sonic said loudly so Shadow can hear it. Shadw then ran after Sonic. Ashlotte then shrugged her shoulders and walked home after the talk.



  • Ashlotte got her name after Soul Calibur 4's Ashlotte
  • Ashlotte's Design is like Xyke's Mouse character on YouTube.
  • Ashlotte's personality is to be a mixture of Mouse and Ashlotte, nice and thoughtful.
  • Ashlotte's ears are in her hair, which makes her a bad listener at times.
  • Ashlotte hates sarcasm but she uses it.


  • "Ha, what can I say? I'm surprised too!" - Ashlotte getting an S Rank.
  • "This was suppose to be hard?! That was like practice!" - Ashlotte getting an A rank.
  • "Tisk, Tisk, Tisk." - Ashlottle getting an B rank.
  • "I'll take It!" - Ashlotte getting an C rank.
  • "W-what? H-h-how?!" - Ashlotte getting an D rank.
  • "...I've could of done better... I guess." - Ashlotte getting an F rank.
  • "Wow! That was like doing stretches!" - Ashlotte completing a mission.
  • "Don't even get me started..." - Ashlottle failing a mission.
  • "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you can't try... Upsetting." - Ashlotte winning a fight.
  • "Training just for this?! How?!" - Ashlotte losing a fight.
  • " A-alittle help here?!" - Ashlotte asking for help from her partner on low health.
  • "I'm coming!" - Ashlotte's reply when hearing her partner begging for help on low health.
  • "Don't you dare touch me!" - Ashlotte after attacking an enemy with a melee attack.