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  • Ashura (Toonwriter's universe)
  • Ashura and Shadow in the future (200 years later) with the six other Chaos Hedgehog
  • Ashura the hedgehog and Risa Prower, they are the Kaboom Makers
  • Ashura from Ashura: Dark Reign (Sonic rp)
  • Ashura as seen in the Ashura movie series.
  • Tralon ashuras brothersGo to Ashuras brother tra'lon

Ashura the Hedgehog

Age Unknown

  • 18(Chaos Universe)
  • 21(Toonwriter Universe)
  • 100"really" 16"looks like"(Sonic Gx)
  • 18 (Deceased, Sonic Afterlife)
  • 19 (Ashura: The Movie)
  • 19 (TK2 fan games and Comics)
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
  • Black face, green body
  • Red eyes
Height 100 cm.
Weight 35 kg.
  • Ashy (By Janella)
  • Big bro (By Sonic, Sonia and Manic)
  • Little Bro (By Sarah)
  • Bro (By Voltage)
Romantic Interests
  • Janella the Cat(Chaos Universe)
  • Honey the Cat(Sonic GX, hinted in Sonic Afterlife)
  • Amy Rose (Divoriced)
  • Naomi the Hedgehog(Ashura Movie Series)
  • Amy Rose (his crush in Toonking2 Fancomics)
  • Super Speed
  • Sqid attack
  • Death Star
  • Chaos Crackel
  • Kiss Attack
  • Basic Combat
  • Jump Dash/Homing Attack
  • Jet Run
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Chaos Lance
  • Chaos Burst
  • Chaos Magic
  • Chaos Attack
  • Chaos Blast
  • Sonic Wave Guitar (Sonic Afterlife)

This is for Ashura from ANY person's continuity!


Ashura: The Movie

In Ashura: The Movie, Ashura was born in the year 3218 on a small Earth-like planet called Arus. When he was a baby, the ruthless Evil Master bombed Arus and only a handful of the population survived the attack. Among them was baby Ashura who was launched in a capsule into space and towards Mobius. In the present time, Ashura is 19 and he is Sonic's friendly rival. Ashura and Sonic at first disliked each other, but they became friendly towards each other and Sonic helped Ashura beat the all-powerful Evil Master in the end.

Chaos Universe

In the Chaos Universe, Ashura is 18, and Janella's boyfriend. He is a good friend of Sharna. He can be very serious, But is also a bit of a jokester. He hits on Sharna in part of the Series, so Sonic gets back at him by kissing Janella. Ashura didn't get along well with Manic and Sonia.

Toonwriter Universe

In the Toonwriter Universe, Ashura is 21 (2 years older than Sonic), and the older brother of Sonic, Sonia and Manic. He can be very serious and mature (like Keith Clay and Sasuke Uchiha combined). In Sonic GT, he first appeared in the episode where Cosmo was resurrected. At first, he was mysterious and thought to be evil, until he revealed his true colors in the battle with Mephiles; to be a good guy, one of the Sonic Heroes, and in a surprise, another one of Sonic's only living relatives! He gets along with Sonia and Manic really well. Ashura has multiple forms that go up to his golden Super form.


Start out in an ancient echidna civilization who lock up Ashura in the Chaos Stars,released by EggMan in Sonic 2to kill Sonic, by taking on the role of Ashura, a reckless rogue who has been shunned from his clan"Note:Ashura looks like GlitchyProductions Ashura when he is 16" and seeks revenge. Then take him forward to Sonic's present day and cause mayhem for the blue blur.Ashura met Honey in a park after getting her rag(Ashura called it),Because of Honey Ashura is Good and Evil,It's a hard relationship but it's working.Ashura has an Ultimate form like sonic and friends(Note: his Ultimate form look like Dilan101's Ashura)

Needlemouse universe

In this universe, Ashura lives in the Glitch Zone with his friend Wechnia as they try to stop Nazo the Hedgehog from using the raw power of the Glitch Zone for his own evil purposes.

Sonic Y

In the Sonic Y universe, Ashura is sonic and amys 5yr old (episode representing sonic generations) son (hes 3 yrs old in the episode representing sonic colours) ashura also learns some speed and hero skills from hes father and currently only knows how todo the spin dash,spin attack and spin jump. Also despite being 5yrs old Ashura also cant talk (because in this universe mobians only start talking when there 6-10yrs old) so he communicates by actions and movements(like classic sonic).

The Multiverse

In this universe, Ashura has his own team, called Team Sword Shockwave, a girlfriend and some awesome warriors that help save the universe! They are: Aqua, Kalenz, Nitron, Nyan, Brains and Mr Cat (his pet). Mr Cat pees on everyone. He also later has a son, a daughter and a wife. See more at:


Ashura is a glitched version of Sonic but Fans of Sonic made Ashura their own by making a new look,story, ECT.


Sonic 2

Ashura: Dark Reign

  • Sonic Adventures 3(Tailsman67 version)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2011)

Ashura (here known as Ashur) appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2011) as a member of Nazo's team, along with Honey and Wechnia. He is Nazo's second-in-command and is the rival of Tails, Rouge and Marine.

Sonic Afterlife

Ashura, having died prior to this time, appears as a ghost in Sonic Afterlife as a main character. He is met by Sonic early in the game (along with Honey and Wechnia), and a rivalry soon develops. Ashura informs Sonic of the security around the Afterlife Gate, which doesn't faze Sonic until Ashura tells him that he, Honey, and Wechnia are part of the security. Ashura tells him that they'll meet again before the three ghosts vanish. Ashura fights Sonic twice, being the first, and second-to-last boss. After Sonic beats him the second time, Sonic promises him a rematch when he dies for real, which Ashura smirks to. When the barrier between the living world and the Afterlife is distorted by Nazo, Ashura comes through to the living world with Honey and Wechnia to tell Sonic about the Spirit Crystals. When Nazo is defeated, Ashura and his friends return the Afterlife, stating that they met their end fair and square, but Ashura says he'll be waiting for that rematch.

In the first battle, Ashura fights Sonic by trying to blast him with sonic waves from his guitar. If Sonic gets too close, Ashura will send a sonic wave that repels him. Sonic must attack him while he is attacking to get through.

The second battle with Ashura is a race battle, similar to Metal Sonic or Shadow. While racing, Sonic must attack Ashura while dodging his guitar's attacks.

Mario Kart: Mario and Sonic Edition

This racing Game is Mario Kart 7 and Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed combined, in his story of the Game, Ashura had a French-Canadian accent and lived in the Kingdom of Fenwick with his father, Pierre the Hedgehog until his father passed away. There was a "trophy" that he wants after winning in the Racing Tournament; He wanted a Brother. Later almost in the ending it revealed that Bernadette was his mother, Sonic was his long Lost Twin Step-Brother and Jules was his Stepfather, making Charles "or Uncle Chuck" his Step-Uncle. Also why Bernie abandoned him with Pierre and kept Sonic (or "Marice" to Bernie and Jules) is because Bernie and Pierre were splitsville years ago.  

Sonic VS. Sonic

Ashura appears in the game as one of Sonic's skins.

Fan Comics

Toonking2 Fan Comics

Mario and Friends

In the Fan Comic episode Amy Rose: The Fan Comic, after Amy Rose found out that Sonic is about to Reunite with Princess Sally Acorn and will never be interested in Amy's relationship, Amy had no other option but to run away, and at Pauline's House in Toad Town in the Mushroom Kingdom, Ashura interfered her say and annoys her with his flirting after her Roboticized father Detective Willy O' the Hedge helped her run away from Mobius, and Amy let her Roboticized mother Dr. Daria Rose (AKA the Android) beat the living crap out of Ashura and blasted him back to Mobius with her cannon arm.

Super Smash Bros.: The Comic

In Angela O'Haru and the Royal Suspension, after King Elias Acorn found out that Eggman 's Shadow Android "Daughter" Shadaisy Robotnik framed Princess Daisy for the attempted murder of King Richard of Sarasaland in the Mushroom Planet and banished her from Mobius to that planet, he also exiled Amy Rose to the same Planet for assaulting Sonic and Sally and his guards restrained Ashura from conforting her.

And in Amy Rose: The Curse of Durian Toadstool, in the Ginderbread Manor, as Ashura watches the scene through her Candy Cane Window, as extra Punishment for assaulting Sonic and Sally, he saw that Sorceress Durian Toadstool turned Amy Rose into an Human.

Super Smash Bros.: 6 Years Later

When Detective Inspector Charon Daniels of the Mushroom Kingdom found out that Princess Daisy and Luigi did not kill Prince Skull of Sarasaland (Daisy's twin brother), She parted Luigi and Daisy from the Execution and Ashura the Hedgehog and Rosemary were the 2nd and 3rd of the suspects she gave questions to since Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the 1st, When Charon asked about the Murder of the Sarasarian Prince, Ashura said, "Saqua Buier! Non, Mo Nami; Oui, zum Teenagairez may have vorked on le fanfictions bazed on me being ze pupil of Zum "Nazo " Dillveed, but nevaire zat I believed zat zum Nazo dung-ver-brains evaire existeed."

And after Amy decided to crash Bowser II's dad's Koopa Clown Car for making her pregnant when he was 12-years-old back in Super Smash Bros.: The Comc, Ashura tries to break up the fight between the two at his current age, Scolding Prince Bowser II that "Zat is non vay to treat le fetale!!" then Bowser II scolds back that "But look what she did to the Koopa Clown Car?? My Dad is gonna be pissed!!" And after Elias found out in the Mushroom Kingdom that Amy did a very good Deed against the Enemy, He decided to uplift the Banishment against Amy and welcomes her back to the Freedom Fighters, and of Course have Durian turn Amy back into a Hedgehog as a reward. And after Durian gave birth to an egg and hatched a baby Crocodile which is Vector 's Son in Super Smash Bros. the Comic, it was Ashura who gave Durian an Idea on naming him "Argyle " right after Vector's Father.

Super Smash Bros. Beyond

Argyle is very good friends with Miley Prower , Misty Prower, Cyrus Prower and Katherine Nightmare  and it was Ashura who was their Mechanism Science Teacher at the Super Smash Bros. VideoGame Academy while Shay the Bat was the VideoGame History Teacher there.

Sonic Chaos

Ashura is the God of Destruction, who was trapped by the Chaos Emeralds power inside his own mask; the "Mask of Ouran." After Eavesdropping on Silver telling the Freedom Fighters hown Ashura has destroyed the future he came from, a spybot immediately reports it to Snively, who quickly locates the first half of the mask. When the Freedom Fighters trie to steal it from him at the site of its discovery, he takes Azura hostage and makes his escape to robotropolis. The freedom fighters obtain the second half and confront Snively to destroy it. After a battle erupts, resulting in Shadow joining sides with the freedom fighters, Snively obtains the second half and Ashura is summoned when the eclipse begins. When Snively attempts to issue an order to Ashura, Ashura promptly kills him, and then sets his sights on Ray, beating him to a pulp in a fraction of a second. He then Activates a nearby portable Roboticization chamber that had Azura trapped inside, sending him to attack the freedom Fighters, and forcing Tails to fight him.

After the Battle (During which Tails is revealed to be able to control the Chaos Emeralds due to exposure to Chaos Energy from the Power Rings) Sonic, Shadow, and Tails, Follow Ashura to the outskirts of Robotropolis, where they power up to their super forms and the Final battle begins.



Ashur in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2011).

Ashura the Hedgehog (Sonic Chaos)

Ashura as he appears in Sonic Chaos

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