Assassin the Hedgehog front cover.

Assassin the Hedgehog is a game that Assassin might make in the future. It is Based on Assassin the Hedgehog's story and uses major characters in his story.


Main Story

The game starts at a cutscene of 8 year old Assassin running away after his parents die, the main gameplay is 7 years later, he turns 15 and becomes an Assassin just like his father, he has also moved with his aunt Tikal and his 17 year old cousin Roscoe. He and Roscoe eventually meet Sabrina the Fox who Assassin falls in love with over time. Over time, Roscoe and Assassin also become associated the Freedom Fighters and their leader Sonic the Pirate, who tells Assassin he has his finest men seeking out Eggman and requested that, in return, the two cousins help him, which they agreed to do. After several successful victories over Eggman's army, Sonic tells Assassin and Roscoe that Eggman has been located at Chemical Plant, they go there and kill Eggman and his men.

Assassination Missions

Some enemy NPCs can be assassinated for money, Assassination targets can be set via your PDA.

Here's a list of Assassination Targets. Note, all Assassination Targets will be guarded by 5-10 Soldiers ( Elise will be guarded by zombies and Medusa will be guarded by demons)

Imperial Bases

The player can also aid Freedom Fighters in attacking Imperial Bases. the objectives are as follows

  1. Open the base doors for your allies to commence the assault
  2. Defeat the barricades (they will get harder as you advance)
  3. Destroy the communications array
  4. Kill the base commander

Random Events

There are also some events that occur randomly in the game world which Assassin can either join in or ignore. They always involve fights between Freedom Fighters and Imperial Soldiers. Here is a list of these Random Events.

  • Public Protest - The Player will find a crowd of people and one of them is speaking about Injustices. After a while, some Soldiers will appear and fire on the crowd. Assassin may choose to kill the soldiers or let them kill the Protestors.
  • Grand Theft Auto Hostage Rescue - A Man will run up to Assassin and tell him to raid an Army Convoy and set some Hostages free. If Assassin finishes the Task, the Man will thank him and give him money.
  • The Hanging - A Man/Woman/Boy/Girl will run up to Assassin and tell him their Father/Mother/Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter/Nephew/Niece/Cousin/Brother/Sister is being hung by Eggman's Men, If Assassin successfully stops the Hanging, They will be rewarded with either money or another Gift.