This is the first book/movie of the BISONICLE series. It takes place after the events of book/movie 5: The Purge in Green Lantern Hedgehogs.


The book/movie begins with Sonic the Hedgehog, unconscious, flying through space, and falling near a void and openes his eyes. In the void, he sees a Ga-Matoran named Vhisola and some Onu-Matoran singing the song, "Creeping in my Soul". During the song thousands of infected Rahi, Rahkshi, and Visorak starts taking away Sonic's DNA, and his memories. After the song, the void, and the creatures disappear. Sonic then falls unconscious again, and falls in another void. We then see several a village under the ocean. We then see Ga-Matoran and Ki-Agori panicking as 30 Takarva are destroying everything in their path. One Ga-Matoran sees Sonic falling into the ocean. The Matoran rescued Sonic, and took him to the surface, which was a beach. And then Sonic opens his eyes, seeing a blue and yellow blur, and hearing a female voice.

Voice: Just relax for a moment. You have been dead for a long time. Shhhhhh. You have hibernation sickness.

Sonic: I can't see.

Voice: Your eyesight will return in time.

Sonic: Where am I?

Voice: You are not of this universe, so I must introduce you to it. You're on the world of Spherus Magna.

Sonic: (blur fades out allowing Sonic to see a Ga-Matoran) Who are you?

Ga-Matoran: My name is Gapaka of Ga-Mata. Yours?

Sonic: I have absolutley no idea.

Gapaka then reveals to Sonic that Ga-Mata has been attacked, and Sonic sees a vision of Ga-Mata being atatcked. Sonic agrees to help her, but after he learns Ga-Mata is underwater, Sonic explains to Gapaka that he can't remember if he can swim or not. However, Gapaka tells Sonic that Ga-Mata is surrounded by a circle which is formed by seaweed, and allows those who enter Ga-Mata to breathe underwater. Sonic decided to give it a shot, and goes underwater. As he's sinking to the depths, he sees thousands of fish swimming for their lives. He also sees a mask floating down to the ocean floor. Sonic catches it, and feels a burst of power. He then starts to remember something about him being fast. When he enters the city, Sonic sees a creature the size of a cave wearing a mask covered in blackness attacking thousands of homes. Sonic sped up to the creature. He then started attacking it. After the battle, some of the Ga-Matoran and Ki-Agori were terrified of Sonic's appearnce, but the elder did not cower. She just smiled.

Ga-Mata Elder: Come. We need to talk.

The elder led Sonic to her hut. She thanked Sonic for saving the village. And explained that the attacker was a beast known as a Tarakarva. The reason the Tarakarva attacked was someone posing as Sonic sent the Tarakarva to destroy Ga-Mata, and kidnap Matoran and Agori to infect them. The heroes tried to rescue the villagers, but they all died trying. Some where in hiding.

Ga-Mata Elder: I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Gali: Turaga and leader of Ga-Mata.

Sonic: I have no memory of my name, or what I do, but all that I remember are my powers. Why is that?

Gali saw into the empty memory of Sonic, and said to him, "It appears that you have amnesia which means that you can't remember anything about your past, but in time, you memories will come back... if you can find a way to do it, and there is." Gali told Sonic of a Mask of Power which can bring back the memories of one who lost them. She also told Sonic that he did not lose just his memories, but also his DNA. Only the Masks of Power can bring back Sonic's power, abilities, and memories. After the talk, Gapaka told Sonic of a friend of hers known as Berix who could tell how to retrieve the Mask of Memories, which is the name of the mask Gali spoke of earlier. But when Gapaka and Sonic get to Berix's hut, no one was there. Sonic the discovered some words made of seaweed on the floor. The read out, "HELP ME".

Sonic: Gapaka! Over here!

Gapaka: (reads the words on the floor) Oh my goodness!

Sonic: How did Berix get captured?

Gapaka: I don't know. (another Ga-Matoran walks up next to them.)

Ga-Matoran: I know.

Sonic: Who are you?

Ga-Matoran: You don't need to know. (Just kidding!)

Gapaka: (spooky voice) She's Kotu.

Kotu told Sonic and Gapaka that she saw someone who looked exaclty like Sonic, but isn't, captured Berix, and took him into a cave. Kotu wouldn't go in the cave, because if she did, she could get captured, and she would die. She asked Sonic, and Gapaka if they would help. Sonic agreed, after remembering the time when he saves people every time they're in danger. The trio then went to the cave which led to the cave where Berix was captured. Kotu stayed behind. However, despite the fact that Gapaka was a Matoran, she agreed to go with Sonic. Soon, Sonic begins to remember how he sometimes travels with companions. When Sonic and Gapaka reaches the cave, they find Matoran covered in eternal darkness carrying a cage which held a male GaMata villager known as an Agori.

Gapaka: That's Berix.

Sonic: How are we supposed to get past those guys?

However, Gapaka sees two Matoran sized stones, and she gets an idea. Luckily, (which is part of the plan) Sonic remembers the fact that he curls into a ball and spins into enemies, and other stuff. Sonic drills into the rocks, so the he and Gapaka could fit inside, and they walked inside. Luckily, they easily find their way through, and went to a dark spot, and took off the rocks.

More coming soon...

Characters (in order of appearnce)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Vhisola
  • Some Onu-Matoran
  • Makuta's servants
  • Several Ga-Matoran, and Ki-Agori
  • Gapaka
  • Tarakarva (infected)
  • Turaga Gali
  • Infected Matoran
  • Berix


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