Aura Sphere is a powerful special attack, only usable by those with a powerful aura and control over it.


The user draws from their aura, and focuses their aura in between their hands. The aura is condensed into a small orb of raw aura, which is then sent flying at the enemy at blinding speeds. The speed of this attack is such that it is near impossible to dodge, while the power of the attack is enough to punch clean holes through several walls of steel before losing speed and power. This attack is the peak of aura control, requiring great capabilities to control one's aura or innate talent in order to draw out and condense their aura into a small orb for offensive means. This attack, although without element, takes on traits from the user's element affinity (i.e. fire user's Aura Sphere leaves small flames in its wake, electricity user's Aura Sphere has a trail of electrcity).


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Pokemon Users


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