Axel and Isaiah never got along. They're always fighting, and Jack always settles it. Usually, the one who started it in the first place was Axel, and Isaiah never started it out of the *two* conflicts they did. The first was when Isaiah was taunting Nazo, it had nothing to do with him. Then, Axel called him an "idiot". Then the conflict was born. The latest became an ugly battle of Axel and Isaiah, and Isaiah is hoping that his Special Beam Cannon kills Axel, because "he will end this battle once and for all". Then, Axel started insulting Isaiah, saying he's a "recolor" . Then Shred got into the fight, (he is Isaiah's older brother, if Bumblebee comes in and fuses with Shred, it'll be a really horrifying fight) so he could protect him. Also, Shred thinks the two are too ignorant to realize that they're basically the same.


Chaos Quest

Nazo Returns



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