Belzebuth is a oneshot, songfic fanfiction by fanfiction author Yorobot. It revolves around a band singer deeply in love with the only one he will never get, i.e. Blaze the Cat. The story happens four years after the games` continuity and on Sol.


Belzebuth (pronounce bell-zay-butt) is the singer of the band The Roommates, which has known fame on many towns of Sol. Despite his reputation of Casanova/Don Juan created thanks to his fame and talent, deep inside he is a romantic and wishes to be with the only one he will never get: none other than Blaze the Cat, Queen of Sol. However, one night he is visited by Blaze`s main bodyguard, Opak, a strong cat with his right index finger replaced by a knife blade. The show the following day will be watched by Blaze and if she likes, they will strike it rich! But it is possible for her to dislike it. This news breaks as Belzebuth is in many internal fights about himself, his band members and his whole life.

That night, they rock the show and later, in his room, he is visited by Blaze. This encounter does not turn out quite as expected and he ends up revealing his crush. However, after their first, totally unexpected kiss, they are found by Opak who gets revenge on Belzebuth with his knife blade. The singer ends up in the hospital with Blaze and his band pals visiting him. Finally, after this coma stops, he finds out he has to prove Blaze`s parents that he is a good pick for them. The fanfiction ends just before he begins talking, so it is impossible to know what happens next.



  • Blaze the Cat


  • Belzebuth the Cat (Dédé)
  • Opak the Cat
  • Blaze`s parents, King and Queen of Mobius
  • Patrick Espo Di Napo the Echidna (mentioned)
  • Mike Saw-a-Sky the Beaver
  • Andrew Vanderbeak the Peacock
  • Dioof Brothers


"Belzebuth is a true story... in a way. The character Belzebuth is based upon a French Canadian singer who was widely popular in the 1990s. It is also loosely based on a kind of Romeo and Juliet-like relationship and finally, The Roommates, er - Les Colocs` longest song named Belzebuth and which the fic follows a similar plot." - Yorobot

  • "Taking out all the anger, all the negative feelings in a single ten seconds… there`s no better therapy in the whole world." - Belzebuth
  • "Belzebuth is just another name for the devil. And the devil may cry." - Belzebuth
  • "If you look well, Elyzabeth contains all the letters in the Queen`s name… ELyZABeth… which I can't have yet…maybe that`s just a coincidence but the other letters spell out "yet"… and the H might go for "have". Funny. Can't get ELYZABETH, can`t Have BLAZE YET… playing on words gives some cool surprises once in a while." - Belzebuth
  • "It doesn`t seem so, but guarding Princess Blaze the Cat from harm is not an easy thing, as she seems to have caught the disease known as "rebellion" pretty late." - Opak the Cat
  • "Like any other male in the city, it is possible that you have a crush on Blaze. If you come too near, or try anything funny… I`ll use that blade on you." - Opak the Cat
  • "While we`re talking about that, why do my parents still want me to be protected by a bodyguard when I could burn a whole city with my hands?" - Blaze
  • "And every time you mentioned that cat in the song, you were looking at me, as if there was a link, as if I was the Elyzabeth of the song." - Blaze

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