Unlike the Elemental Ring, its was enchance by the power of the Chaos Emerald. The Bio Ring was made by
Bio Ring
Miles "Tails" Prower and has the capability to copy the attacks of the E-Series. Due to the failed results, Tails mechanized the ring in order to sustain the Chaos Energy. Sonic used this ring during events in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. The ring can also sustain major damage and strengthens the user's attacks.

Current Times

During the events in SatSoD, the Bio Ring was used to be an ordinary Power Ring before the E-Series attack them. When Sonic is injured, Tails upgraded the ring and gave it to him. After the destruction of the Egg Fortress, Sonic used the remaining energy of the ring to escape from the blast. It's unknown that the ring was destroyed or lost.

Weapons stored in the Bio Ring

There are Elemental Chips stored in the ring. Each one possessed the weapons of the E-Series. According to the results, the weapons can be helpful or useless, depending the elemental properties. There are some restores health to enemies or stuns them for few seconds.

List of Elemental Chips in the Bio Ring

  • Nova Strike

Attacks with a devastating shower of volcanic bombs. It can break through shields and break through attacks.

  • Bubble Parade

Fires a bubble blow in front of enemies. It can trap enemies and explode for few seconds.

  • Lightning Overdrive

Unleashes a burst of electricity. It can pierce through shields and powered up machines.

  • Commando Ball

Transforms into gaunlet that can throws a spiky mace ball. It can handle tougher enemies and able to break shields.

  • Knockout Gas Combo

Spreads a streams of dreadful gas. It is closed range but can do multiple hits in one wave.

  • Time Stopper

Stops time in an entire area. It can stops enemies and freezes shots.


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Failured Results

The Bio Ring is very powerful and stronger due to the power fo the Chaos Emeralds. However, when Tails experimented the ring before the events in SatSoD, it exploded and it was found out that the power was unstable and it was mixed by fear and negative energy. Tails was sent to the hospital. He was having problems with his head during bedtimes and his leg was injured. The symptoms are headache, muscle weaken, dizziness, and hallucinations. He still manage to fix the problem by sustain it in a metallic ring container. Tails feared from the results and try to hide his first test experiment before anything ends up in the wrong hands. However, Eggman stole it from him and he builds a deadly invention, the Nightmare Fog.

This is now considered to be in the dangered level that anyone can imagine.

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