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This page is about Bita's characters and their futures (unaltered and altered timelines)


This the list of Bita's Universe: X Years Later.

Tail's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

Tailream children (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Butter the Rabbit (Middle daughter)
  • Cookie the Fox (Newborn daughter)
  • Shauna the Echidna (Francis' girlfriend)
  • Thunderstorm the Seedrian (Tails' & Cosmo's daughter)
  • Earthchild the Seedrian (Tails & Cosmo's daughter)
  • Aerial "Swift" the Fox (Tails & Wave the Swallow's rival child)

Knuckles's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

Knuxulie Children (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Lara-Su the Echidna (Teenage daughter)

Geoffrey/Hershey's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

Geoffershey Children (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Frederick the Skunk (Son)
  • Hazel the Cat (Daughter)

Rotor's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Colleen the Echidna (Best friend and Baby-Mama of their kids)
  • Bessie the Walrus (Daughter)
  • Tanya the Echidna (Daughter)

Charisma's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Charisma the Hedgehog (Leader of the family)
  • Lenny the Hedgehog (Husband)
  • Brooklyn the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Lenore Charm "LC" the Hedgehog (Daughter)
  • Stella the Hedgehog (Son)
  • Hattie the Hedgehog (baby daughter)
  • Finn the hedgehog (baby son)

Big the Cat's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Katy "Cady" the Cat (Big & Blaze's daughter)
  • Sabastiana "Sweet Tooth" the Cat (Big & Honey's daughter)
  • Norma the Cat (Big & Queen Hathor's daughter)

Cosmo's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

Espio's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • NICOLE the Lynx (wife)
  • Salma the Chameleon (eldest daughter)
  • Juanita the Chameleon (youngest daughter)

Lien-Da's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Dr.Finetevus (Husband)
  • Bryn-Da the Echidna (Daughter)
  • Miran-Da the Echidna (Daughter)

Scourge & Fiona's Family (Bita's Universe: X Years Later)

  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Evil Leader)
  • Fiona the Fox (Scourage's wife)
  • Payback the Fox (teenage daughter)

"Chloe's Nightmare":X Years Later

  • Rouge the Bat
  • Amy Rose
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Shadow the Hedgehog

Bita's Universe: X Years Later (alternate zones)

Mobotroplis Freedom Fighters (Archie Comics)

  • Princess Sonia Acorn
  • Prince Manik Acorn
  • Argyle the Crocodile
  • Belle D'coolette
  • Jacques D'coolette
  • Melody Prower
  • Skye Prower

Dark Freedom Fighters (Silver's Future)

  • Jani-Ca (Julie-su's daughter)
  • Dagger Walrus (Rotor's son)
  • Scarlette Robbot (Bunnie and Antione's daughter)
  • Cutlass Depardieu (Bunnie & Antione's son)
  • Blockbuster Polar Bear (Bark the Polar Bear's son)
  • Payback Fox (Scourge & Fiona's daughter)
  • Demo Duck (Bean the Dynomite's son)

The Clumilliya Zone (Alternate "Twilight" Zone)

  • Jenny the Hedgehog (sonic & amy's daughter)
  • Mildred the hedgehog (shadow & amy's daughter)
  • Topaz the Fox (Cream & Emerl's son)
  • Rhinestone the Rabbit (Cream & Emerl's daughter)
  • Kimber-Re (Silver & Misty-Re's love-child)
  • Laurie-Re (Silver & Misty-Re's love-child)
  • Trisha Prower the Fox (Tails & Cream's daughter) (Age:20)
  • Erin the Rabbit (Tails & Cream's daughter) (Age:21)
  • Chenille the Rabbit (Tails & Cream's daughter) (Age:23)
  • Kandi the Rabbit (Tails & Cream's daughter) (Age:23)
  • Nails the Bat (Fang & Rouge's daughter)
  • Katy the Cat (Blaze & Big the Cat's daughter)
  • Sabastiana the Cat (Honey & Big the Cat's daughter)
  • Elektra the RoboCat (Omega & Blazes child)

The TweenLight Zone (The Clumilliya Zone's Twilight Zone)

Brotherhood Exiled01

Previous victims of The TweenLight Zone

"A Zone where everyone's fallen in love with wrong person, their previous offspring are abandoned, left to fend for themselves and a great evil from the evil genius overwhelms the area that when in solitude, where they are least alone, only a ray of hope lies within"
—Description of The TweenLight Zone

Fan-Made Pairings

Theme Songs

Coldplay vs

Coldplay vs. Katy Perry - Wide Awake In Paradise

Sabastiana's Theme Song ("Wide Awake In Paradise" by Katy Perry/Coldplay)