Black Mariah is a mercenary, the partner of Roland the Coyote.


Nothing is known of Mariah before she met Roland.

Meeting Roland

On one of his jobs out in the desert, investing a series of murders, Roland found a young girl amongst the bodies. He soon discovered she was the cause of the deaths, as she was possessed by a spirit of some sort. Deciding against killing her for some reason, he took her in as his partner.

Life as a Mercenary

She took the name Black Mariah, and since then they have worked as a team.


Mariah has straight black hair, and wears a blank white mask which covers her whole face. She wears an old-fashioned dark gray dress, from which a thin tail protrudes.


Mariah can transform into a demonic state. An aura surrounds her, in the shape of a demonic figure, and her mask turns black, melding with her face. She grows long claws, and her clothes turn black.


Hang 'Em High - My Chemical Romance


  • It is unknown what her species is, but it is assumed it is some sort of feline/rodent, due to her tail.
  • She was actually created to fit around her theme, rather than the theme having been chosen to fit her.
  • She shares her theme with Roland.