Blast the Fox

Blast is a green and white-colored fox and a member of the Anti-Eggman Sqthumb|300px|rightuad V2.0. He is quite intelligent, as well as very serious most of the time, unlike his teammate Hax who shares his high IQ but knows how to have fun, something Blast has never quite been able to master. He is the recruiter of Force the Hedgehog and Shadon the Fusion, something he is happy about, for they are the two most physically powerful members of the team.


Early Life

Both of Blast's parents were roboticized when he was seven years old, something he has never quite gotten over. He never went to school officially, but he would spent most of his free time peeking in the windows of the nearest school so he could learn what the other people were learning. With no distractions, and coupled with a naturally gifted mind, he excelled in most subjects, although no one knew about this. There was an Echidna he knew named Reverse who had also lost a family member: his brother Hax, who was captured by Dr. Eggman. One day the two decided to do something about Eggman's tyranny, more than just holding a few protest signs, as they had always done.

Forming the Squad

And so the Anti-Eggman Squad was born. Blast and Reverse trained each other and figured out how to use their respective powers. Once they were experts in all things anti-evil, they spent a lot of their time on the battlefield destroying SWATbots, badniks, and any other manner of evil that Eggman could cook up. One day, as Blast was fighting a particularly nasty group of bots, a hedgehog named Force showed up and told him about a problem he'd been having. Blast concluded that Force had arrived from another dimension and Force told him he'd like to join the squad along with Blast and Reverse, because there was no Eggman in his own dimension, and he'd like to make this dimension as good as his own.

The Anti-Eggman Squad, Trio Style

Force, Blast, and Reverse had a lot in common, it turned out; each of them had lost something important to them, and they needed to get it back, but defeat Eggman as well. Force had lost his social status, Blast his Chaos Emerald, which Eggman stole in order to increase his weapons in power, and Reverse had lost his brother Hax, who had been captured by Eggman and was never seen again. The group decided to seek out Hax first, even if it meant sneaking into Dr. Eggman's secret base, freeing Hax, and getting out again, because Hax was an excellent computer hacker and they could use his skills to warn people if Eggman was building a new ultimate weapon. They searched and searched, defeating SWATbots all along the way and joining forces with an Eggman-created rebellious android named Circuit, and finally finding him living in a small apartment in Casino City, where he was quite unhappy. A quick test of knowledge revealed him to truly be Hax, but stuck in the body of an unnamed red hedgehog! At first, Reverse didn't know what to think, but Hax explained what had happened: when he was captured by Eggman, he soon learned that he was to be experimented on, along with a red hedgehog whose body he would someday be forced to occupy, in order to see if an operation could be used to change a being's alliance from good to evil. It did not work on either him or the hedgehog, however, but caused his mind to be swapped into his current body, while the hedgehog's mind was destroyed in the process. He managed to escape from Eggman's base, but he was unrecognized by everyone ke knew, and wound up in Casino City, where he quickly lost the few savings his new body had and had to live in a run-down old apartment and buy food at near-bankrupt convinience stored who would give him a discount if he spread the word about how (not) great their store was. Reverse nodded his head in understanding, and the while the two caught up on a lot of other things, Force and Blast used Hax's computer to locate Force's parents in this dimension, but found that time ran slower here than in Force's home dimension, and his parents were still both teenagers. Shadon, Force's alternate father, was also living in Casino City, and Force and Blast set out to find him.

The New Recruit

Shadon, it turned out, was living very close to Hax, but he had to run his body off of his natural products alone (that essentially means eating his food, vomiting it up, covering it in crushed supplement pills, and then eating it again) because he was too nervous to go out into the open, and people thought he was too freakish to go outside. Shadon apparently was created as an experiment by Eggman to create a super-being made out of Sonic and Shadow's DNA, but the result was a strange-looking nervous little thing that looked a little bit like Shadow and a little bit like Sonic. Even worse, he kept having lapses in which he would be able to see what was happening to Sonic and Shadow, but not what was happening to himself. He decided that he would join the squad in order to escape the miserable life he had before. Despite being rather nervous most of the time, he passed the training fairly easily because he was still nearly as fast as Sonic and nearly as strong as Shadow. And so the Anti-Eggman Squad V2.0, the gang of misfits, led by Blast and co-led by Force, was born.

Abilities and Personality

Blast has no special physical abilities aside from firing blasts of energy from his tail, but he is an excellent planner and strategist and makes many useful inventions. He is similar to Tails in that way, but unlike Tails, he is extremely serious and does not care much for non-productive activities such as having fun. His parents were both roboticized when he was very young, so he has a lot of anger towards SWATbots, and in particular, Roboticizers.

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