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This page is for Blaze the Cat from ANY person's continuity.
Blaze the Cat
Biographical Information
  • 15 (Solarian)
  • 18(Chaos Universe)
  • 14(Z Studio Fanfiction and Sonic Angels)
  • 23 (User:Phoenixfeather's Sonic Secrets timeline)
  • 30 (BTC The Ops 1, 2, and 3)
  • 24 (anime in Season 6)
  • 14 (Bita's Universe)
  • 16 (Shade234's timeline)
  • 15 (Cyclonestar's universe)
  • 22 (Megaphantaze's Hero of Mobius)

Sonic's uniervse meets anothers Shadow the hedgehog (husband) Blaze the Hedgecat(daughter) Gold and Silver Blood War Game Series #1 The Countdown Starts (AmyPinkRose's Fanfics)

'Ice the Cat (Draconai's Fanfics)&nbsp '(Genesjs' Fanfics)

The Sonic Show

  • Future Husband- Silver
  • Future Daughter- Dawn the HedgeCat
Chaos Universe
  • Unnamed parents
  • Lumanai the Cat(Twin sister)

Z Studio Fanfics

Aly Parris's fan universe

  • Unknown parents
  • Azuki (cousin)
  • Molly (cousin)
  • Silver (future husband)
  • Maria the HedgeCat (future daughter)
  • Silver Jr. the Hedgehog (future son)
  • Roxie the Cat (future daughter)

Gurahk's Universe

Silver The Hedgehogfan1's Universe

  • Silver the Hedgehog (husbund)
  • Lilly the Cat (sister)
  • Salma the Cat (sister)
  • Sophie the Cat (daughter)
  • Kevin the Hedgehog (son)
  • Blaze Chao (pet)
  • Silver Chao (pet)
  • King Gerald the Cat (father)
  • Queen Sally  Cat (mother)
  • Fire the Cat (cousin)
  • Pyshic the Hedgehog (cousin in law)
  • King Shadow (uncle)
  • Queen Alina Hedgehog (aunty)

Titanium's Universe

Cyclonestar's universe

  • Unnamed Father(Deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother(Deceased)


  • Dr. Thomas Light (Future father in law)
  • MegaMan Light (Future brother in law)
  • Roll Light (Future sister in law)
  • FireMan Light (Future husband)
  • MagmaMan Light (Future brother in law)

Blaze Sol's Fanfictions

  • Silver the Hedgehog (Future Husband)
  • Violet the Hedgecat (Future Daughter)
  • James the Hedgecat (Future Son)
  • uglyCatGirl by ashley the  Hedgehog
  • Catgirl
  • Catwoman
  • Princess Blaze
  • Highness
  • Majesty
  • Drama Queen (Chlois the Hedgehog)
  • Princess ( by Queen Sally before married)
  • Queen Blaze (by King Gerald and Queen Sally)
  • Ms. Blaze (by CutMan)
  • Miss.Blaze(Used by Cream)
  • Emperess
  • Emperess Blaze
  • Beauty of the flame(in a legend)
  • Blaze (by Marsha)
  • Stupid furball (By M.Bison)
Romantic Interests

From Kagimizu's fanfics Statyx the Hedgehog

Dr.Eggman rox 2 Fanfics

Bita's Universe

  • Silver the Hedgehog (boyfriend)

SuperSonicShadow1324's Universe


  • FireMan Light

Blaze Sol's Fanfictions

  • Silver the Hedgehog (Boyfriend and Future Husband)

Megaphantaze's Hero of Mobius and other fandoms

  • Sonic the hedgehog (hero of Mobius)
  • The Phantom Blot(The main romantic interest)

Cyclonestar's universe

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
Physical Description
  • Lavender Burmese Cat (African Pygmy Hedgehog in Sonic's Secrets)
  • Sol Dimension Cat (Sonic Rush)
Gender Female
  • Lavender fur and tail tipped with dark purple, white muzzle and "pulled hair" into a four-linked ponytail
  • Eyes with golden irises and two thick eyelashes on both sides

Purple and pink cape, white tights, pink high heeled shoes, long white socks, gloves with a fluffy cuff, a gold necklace

Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic Combat
  • Using her claws
  • Top Sin
  • Axel,
  • Axel Jump
  • ,Burst,
  • Burst Hover,
  • Burst Dash,
  • Chaos Control (Sonic '06 only)
  • Axel Tornado
  • Jump Step
  • Fire Boost
  • Fire Jump/Spinning Claw
  • Running at high speed,
  • Pyrokinesis,
  • Burning Blaze (Her Super Form)

Street Fighter X Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Yoga Fire
  • Yoga Flame
  • Yoga Inferno
  • Yoga Blast
  • Yoga Catastrophie

Hero of Mobius

  • Fire tornado
  • Atomic fire
  • Gemini laser
  • Pharaoh shot
  • Napalm bomb
  • Flame blast
  • Scorch wheel
  • Flame sword
  • Burner wave
  • Magma Bazooka
  • Solar Blaze
  • Nitro Blast
  • Torch arm
  • Mega ball
  • Photon Missile
  • Phantom Fuse
  • Weapons (BTC Flames of Dead only)
Super Forms

Blaze the Cat is a resident and princess of the Sol Dimension, as well as the guardian of the Sol Emeralds.


Early Life (Manta's fanfics)

Blaze Arinna Kojo the Cat was born as the third child of King Alcyon, Lord of Mobius. Being one of his five daughters, Blaze was gifted with the power of fire, which was ironic since the Ifrit was stalking the planet. Blaze had good relationships with her sisters, most notably Nami, but was reluctant to socialize with anyone outside of her family, as she was picked on at school because everyone else there had psychokinetic abilities. But a hedgehog named Silver was kind to Blaze and the two formed an unbreakable friendship. Blaze also befriended a raccoon named Marine who was also picked on because of her power, which was shooting light green energy balls.

Theme Song

File:Eminem - Survival (Explicit)

Silver the Hedgehog 2

Blaze is sent on a mission to rescue her sister, Sora, after she failed to return from recovering the Box of Darkness. But Blaze finds that inside the Box is her long lost sister, Malefice, who just happens to be evil. But, after teaming up with Marine and Sora, she manages to re-seal Malefice inside the Box.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze wonders about her mother, who had mysteriously vanished, and begins her journey to investigate her mother's disappearance. But her journey is made difficult by the interference of Eggman Nega, who plans to trap peoples souls inside robotic bodies.

X Chronicles

Blaze found Jacob the Cat on Tropic Island. The two instantly fell in love. Jacob is extremely protective of her.

A Blazing Adventure

Blaze journeyed to Central City, still investigating her mother's disappearance, but runs into Nega instead, who plans to use an ancient monster to fulfill his goals. Reuniting with Marine, Kay and Silver, Blaze defeats Nega and neutralizes the creature while in her Burning form.

Blazing Adventure 2

Still in search of her mother, Blaze returns once again to Central City, feeling she is drawn there, but instead finds that she has been framed by none other than her evil, long lost sister, Malefice. Teaming up with Marine, Silver and Alet, Blaze re-seals Malefice inside the Box of Darkness and returns to her search.

Sonic Underground Remake

Blaze's statue makes an appearance in the Mobodoon episode, indicating where Mobodoon was hiding. She and Silver would make an important appearance in a flashback told by Scourge during the Season 1 OAV 2 Parter.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2

Blaze has been confirmed to appear in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 2manga  

The Sonic Show

Episode #10
Blaze and Silver's future daughter, Dawn the HedgeCat, comes to the set with her friends, Breanna the Cat, April the Batinda, Junita the Foxabbit, and Maura Rose. They came because a preacher told them that things were falling apart in the past, and they may not be born if they don't fix it. Breanna says that he told them either (A. one of their parents were falling in love with the wrong person, or (B. their parents were arguing malaciously. The only couple who were seeming not to do either were Tails and Cream. Blaze hadn't even appeared until this episode.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Main article: Blaze the Cat (BearfootTruck's Universe)

Blaze is still a princess & guardian in this universe, but her duties mean that she's only a recurring character.


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Super Sonic Smackdown

Blaze is an unlockable character in this game.

BLAzE THE CAT 7 The Ops: Flames of Dead

Blaze is an playable soldier as Single Player and Multiplayer

Sonic and the Head Vampire

Blaze plays the role of Captain Nemo (despite the actual one being male in the real League or 20,000 Leagues stories) in this game. When Banjo and Kazooie are brought unto the world, she finds the unconscious duo, helping them escape from the undead minions of Dracula and Gruntilda while searching for the engine part in her ship that was stolen by Gruntilda earlier, the Crystal Egg. She can use her speed and flames while briefly flying in the air. Like Silver, she trusts "M", though only at first before she, like Kazooie, becomes the most suspicious about him while searching for a way to stop Dracula and send Gruntilda back to the real world. Blaze can use her hands and legs for combat. She is also a quick runner. Her League self is playable, but her original self can be unlocked in Multiplayer.

Sonic and the Knights of Avalon

Blaze takes the role of Dame Percival in this game. As Percival, she has turned to Galahad, and is the second turned knight fought by Sonic (the first being Gawain), wielding Lavietein, the flaming rapier. Her Soul Surge attack, Burning Vortex, has her in a tornado of fire, her rapier held near her body but in a narrow spin slash.

With her final weapon, Danio Llwch, her blade is ignited when she slashes. Her Burning Vortex attack is also expanded while holding this weapon.

Mystic Monkey (game)

Blaze is going to be an ally located at Furnace Reactor.

On the pursuit of a fugitive from her world she ends up at a geothermal power plant located right on top of an active volcano. Blaze believes (and later confirmed) that the power station was established and is controlled by Eggman Nega, however he is not the fugitive she is after, but still a problem. When Blaze meet Mystic, she insist that he leaves, but since Mystic won't, tells him to stay out of her way. However she still assigns missions for him to do. Blaze finds out Mystic is after Nack the Weasel, the fugitive she is after, she eventually warms up to him.

Blaze also have some missions at Red Hot Zone. Being a fire element character, instead of Barrier Shields she gets a Fire Shield (Mystic can only get these when he applies the Fire Element to his shoes.) This offers her protection from fire based attacks and ability to walk over magma as well as the "Fireball Spin Dash".

Blaze the Cat:Journey Through Dimensions

Blaze has figured out that Metal Version's of her and Marine are causing trouble, and She must stop them from escaping.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Blaze appears as a starter Speed-Type character. In the story of the game, Blaze, along with Silver are seen in the distant future confronting Eggman Nega. When Eggman Nega escapes to the present, Blaze and Silver end up back in Sonic's world. Blaze and Silver team up with Sonic and co. in attempt to save mankind from the Gravitus and Eggman Nega who have allied.

Sonic Fanon Party

In this game, Blaze is a NPC. She is found at Spooky Ridge, and is accused of stealing Froggy.

Domestic Radical Adventures

Blaze makes minor appearances in this series. However, she makes very major appearance in DRAVS. She is a Figure Skating Competitor and has been cursed by Mephilis the Dark to wear a disguise mask created by Bokkun to become a major Louis and Skyla. She was also a Figure Skating Coordination Competitor.

Cyclonestar's universe

Blaze is good friends with Sonic.As she was being bullied as a child she kept her true emotions to herself.Once her parents were killed by Eggman Nega she was supposed to beQueen of the Sol dimension but citizens of the Sol dimension said she was not worthy and her powers would possibly doom them all.She had hidden her flames with a lace cape and grew up with the events of the canon games.Blaze discoveres Silver(And Espio)was the cause of Eggman Nega reaching the Sol dimension by leaving him in the ifrit's dimension,therefore,it was his fault for the death of her parents.Blaze was mad at Silver for a long period of time but after the events of Silver the Hedgehog(Game) they became good friends again and parted ways.Sonic,Tails and Cream reached the Sol dimension where they encountered Blaze.Later,the four were seperated. Blaze was Cream's guide to help her reunite with Tails and Sonic.Cream got kidnapped by Eggman Nega and Blaze went to rescue her.Eggman Nega attempted to kill Cream by throwing her off a cliff.This enraged Blaze causing Dark Blaze to form and defeat Eggman Nega.Cream turned out to be alive and Sonic and Tails found the two.Cream thanked Blaze as they parted their ways trying to find a way back home.Later the two Eggmans attacked the Sol Dimension kidnapping everyone inside it including Marine,Cream and Tails.Blaze and Sonic use the sol emeralds and the Chaos emeralds together to transform.This allows them to defeat Eggman and Eggman Nega and saving everyone in the Sol Dimension from being taken into a black hole.Everyone then agrees Blaze is worthy to become Queen but instead becomes the Emperess of the Sol Dimension.She has a transformation/outfit which she can transform into whenever she wants.Blaze is also Silver's love intrest but this is mainly for humor.

Hero of Mobius

Blaze is one of the main protagonists along with Sonic. She have prepared finally to tell her romantic interest to Sonic, but when she is going to say it, an alert comes from the sapphire valley, where unknown object is destroying the town. Later she hears, that "Yukon" called evil tyran have somehow stolen her Sol emeralds and Sonic's Chaos emeralds. She will blaze her way to give a lesson for a whole new enemy. 

She and Sonic meets Pilot the Blot, who knows very much of Yukon's plans and about Robot masters. Blaze gets an equipment, which protects her from a limited damage, since Yukon also made Blaze and Sonic unable to be protected from damage by collecting rings. 

Blaze can control only fire type weapons.

CD data

"Blaze is an young guardian of Sol emeralds, who keeps an eye strictly on them. She has curse, which allows her to control fire and put end to them."

"Fear the power of flames!"

Good: fiery attitude

Bad: Solitary person

Likes: Loneliness

Dislikes: Heights



  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Marine the Raccoon
  • Alet Kine
  • Louis Robinson
  • Tela the Hedgehog


  • King Alcyon Solaria (Father)
  • Queen Athena Solaria (Mother)
  • Nami Agwe Solaria (Sister)
  • Malefice Hades Solaria (Sister)
  • Terra Gaia Solaria (Sister)
  • Sora Caelus Solaria (Sister)
  • Phoenix the Cat (Younger Brother)


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