• SnowlessWinter

    EDIT: i fuCKING PUT "Character's" INSTEAD OF "Characters" FUCKING KILL ME

    Basically, I've been going through my characters and there are some I don't want anymore so I made this so anybody can give them better homes.

    And please, take only one.

    • Lauren Hernandez - Wolf
    • Lorraine the Hedgefox
    • Ernest Carroll - Hedgefox
    • Scar the Dog | New Owner: Celestia879
    • Soul the Bat
    • Destiny Romo - Echidna
    • Ruby the Wolf
    • Spectrum the Panda
    • Selena the Wolf
    • Salvador the Wolf
    • Octavia the Owl
    • Mara the Hellhound

    Once I give you them, you can change whatever you want.

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Read my profile. Bash me in the head. I'm coming back.

    For the people who adopted my characters, you can keep them. (Except I don't know what to do about Reens. All three of her versions. *whimper*)

    I'm sorry if I created such a scare. I was an idiot. Thanks.

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  • Skyblade743

    The ones I didn't vote for are crossed out.

    Rebel 3:ACTION

    Luella the Mouse

    Tobias the Crescent

    Honestly? Luella is closer to an anti-hero than a neutral. Tobias is much better in that respect.

    Shiloh Almeja the Bivalve

    Fei the Pigeon

    Rei the Psionic

    Rhyna the Echidna

    Scalar the Cheetah

    Statyx the Hedgehog

    I said it in my previous awards thing, but I don't like Scalar's design with all the light colours. It just looks odd to me. While Statyx's design screams Shadow the Hedgehog, it is so. Damn. Cool.

    Rei the Psionic

    Reens the Hedgehog

    I didn't vote for it before, so i'm not voting for it now.


    The Gaia Grid

    I'll stick by my original post in saying that I can't upvote the Gaia Grid without a proper history, although I love the concept and hope it w…

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  • CrimsonFlame2K

    NOW PLAYING: Sky Should Be High (gvgkid remix) - Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

    So, after the First Round, plus a ten day extension courtesy of Piano, we've got quite a large number of categories that need some tiebreaking and, I've gotta say, it seems we've managed to weed out the truly impressive stuff from the weak shit throughout the First Round.

    Of course, this is a competition, and there can only be one winner in these categories, and as for how I'll indicate which of these entrues gets the vote, I'll be using the for that.

    Also, before I forget, since Piano hasn't responded about it, I have decided to personally dedicate this blog post to the unfortunate departure of Reens the Hedgehog. This one's for you, Reens!

    Now, with all of that sai…

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  • SnowlessWinter

    I can't really talk about it right now but I won't be active on anything for a bit.

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  • Leeprower1012

    Picture replacements

    August 10, 2017 by Leeprower1012

    These are pics I've done for several people. If I have drawn for you, I suggest you replace them with the ones below.

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  • XophPsycho

    yay i'm 16 now or something.

    i don't know.

    Reens leaving has killed my mood, so i'm just not feeling up to anything right now. 

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Hello, everyone. As you can see by the title of my blog, I will be leaving the wiki for good. I recently was almost scammed by someone who I thought was going to hire me for a job. Now I don't feel safe on the internet at all. Please don't be sad or angry about this. It is my decision and mine alone. If you would like to adopt any of my characters, including Reens, please feel free to adopt them. You can change anything about them, but please try to keep their spirit intact. Hope you all have a great day and/or night. Thank you for reading.

    Reens the Hedgehog

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  • SnowlessWinter

    Checking in.

    August 6, 2017 by SnowlessWinter

    Ah, I'm just feeling nostaliagic right now. I've been stressed lately and I've felt the need to stop by. Tbh I just want to drop off my other platforms for awhile.

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  • Smash The Echidna

    That is assuming that I live up to be 100 years old. :V

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