• Speedyblue

    I’m soooooooo excited today! You know why? Because I get to take the SONIC OC MARY SUE/GARY STU TEST! You can take it too, if you want! Also, this quiz is not mine. I just found it on DeviantArt. So, I’m going to take it on my two OC’S, Rosebud and Platinum.

    Rosebud: Can’t wait!

    Platinum: I hope I’m not a Gary Stu.

    Let’s go! (Be truthful, guys.)

    Section 1: What is in a Name?

    Is your character named after you in any way? (This includes first/middle/last name, nicknames, screen-names, and online-names. Changing it a little counts.) [+5] (Rosebud: Yes. Rose is my middle name. Platinum: No.)

    Does the character’s name have nothing to do with appearance/personality/abilities? [+2] (Rosebud: No. Platinum: No.)

    Does the character’s name have unnecessary …

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  • Speedyblue

    Guest Star?

    March 16, 2018 by Speedyblue

    Hi. So, I have NO idea why I’m asking this, but maybe I could write with your character in a fanfic or roleplay...

    Andy: NO! NO! Bad idea!

    Platinum: Stop this crazy madness!

    Shut up! Shut up! This doesn’t involve you!

    Rosebud: But, we are your OC’s!

    Stooooooooooooooop! Just stop! I’m trying to interact with LIVING, BREATHING HUMANS! (Sigh) Anyway, I don’t know why I just asked this, because maybe you could just write it yourself. Or better yet, join a free-join roleplay. How about that?

    Rosebud: Don’t worry about her. She’s only asking this so we could make some friends. And maybe some silly interactions.

    Platinum: I’m scared.

    Andy: Help...

    (I can’t believe I just wrote this.)

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  • Speedyblue

    Okay. You opened this. Well, I feel sorry for you. (And no, I’m not spamming. This was originally a post about asking to draw for characters. I’m sorry I asked that, and I won’t make silly posts like this again. Promise.)

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    Well, the voting round is over, and it's time for Tiebreakers! 

    Honestly this season was a bit... different for me, but at least I got some nominations!

    Anyway, on to the tiebreaking votes!

    I'll have to go with Rei on this one. She's got a personality that just fits neutrality. Mars doesn't really have a section for his personality, so that kind of keeps him away from a vote for me.

    Winner: Rei

    Personally, I've interacted more with Alexis as a character and that gives me a bit of a bias. Sandy's a good character but I haven't interacted with her much.

    Winner: Alexis

    I have to give it to Rik on this one. Though Clock-Watch's design is interesting, Rik's is really nice as well, and it's cool to see a species other than the regular cast.

    Winner: Rik


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  • Wikikinetic

    Hi everyone! I noticed that most of the people who voted in the SFW Winter Awards 2018 season on Tranq the Hedgeguin's design did not like it. However, most of the criticism aimed at Tranq's design was vague enough that I can't actually figure out how to make his design better. Therefore, I'd like to ask everyone here who has any opinion on this matter: Can you help me figure out how to make Tranq's design better? This can be by simply being more thorough in the criticism of Tranq's design (e.g. change "part X of Tranq is bothersome" to "part X of Tranq is bothersome because Y"), by actively suggesting a certain change to his design, or by any number of other methods that I haven't thought of. At any rate, by whatever means you use to help…

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  • Detective SkullWolf


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    I Need a New Avatar

    March 8, 2018 by SFWBOT

    Hi guys! For those who don't know about me, I'm a robot that does a lot of automated tasks for the wiki. User:Gamedezyner is bringing me back after being gone for a while.

    Straight to the point, I need a new avatar that's Sonic Fanon related! If you guys have any suggestions, (or creations), I'd love to see them!

    I'll pick my favorite next week.

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  • Reens the Hedgehog

    People are doing this a lot, so here I go following the bandwagon. You can ask my characters anything.

    Characters available to be asked:

    Reens the Hedgehog

    Sneer the Hedgehog

    Anthony "Tony" Thorpe

    Ross Livingston

    Jeremy Hawkes


    Kyrstyen Deveaux

    Leonidas the Tenrec

    Otis the Corgi

    Ronnie the Tetra

    Amanzi the Mandarin Dragonet


    Pick a character and ask away!

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  • OkamiKek


    March 3, 2018 by OkamiKek

    • Belle the Tigress
    • Glass the Leopard Gecko
    • Nike the Moonrat
    • Chaka the Raptor
    • Mirage the Shepherd
    • Nami the Tanuki
    • Sakura the Wolfdog
    • Thunder the Reindeer

    • Lena Fischer
    • Jim the Dog
    • Cheng Panda
    • Eros the Dragon

    ask them now or die

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  • Skyblade743

    Well, i'm bored, so as a bit of fun, you can ask my characters anything! All of the, are bellow:

    (Oh, and Vendeta Blue)

    A few rules before we get started:

    • If you want to spoil anything anywhere, but a spoiler warning on your post.
    • If my characters don't want to answer you, don't pester me to get them to answer. They've got better thing to do, you know.

    Have fun!

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