• AnnabelleRich

    Soooo, it's 3:30 in the mornin' and I don't wanna go to bed ;u; I has begun writing this story a few years ago, featuring 3 of my characters who are a dancing/performing group known as Team Dancing Treasures. The members are Marisol the Chihuahua, Carmen the South American Leopard, and Isabella the Spanish Lynx. They are all indeed of some sort of Spanish decent, with their dancing skills that go from belly dancing, to urban dance. They each have their own special weapons for battle, of some sort of ancient backstory that they had all found at some point during their adventures. Sort of like a tribute to Rouge the Bat, they enjoy exploring ancient ruins in search for treasure whenever they have the chance. Gotta get some sort of thrill in …

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  • Austin Bison

    So hey. After being on this site for a few months, and transporting other characters from previous sources, the list of characters on my profile has started to pile up and become cumbersome. I've been trying to think of ways to fix it and make it look nicer, and the idea I like the most is to build a sort of "character select" screen on either my profile or its own page. So, does anyone who can code better know how I can pull this off? My idea was making a tilesheet with a "frame" that would allow me to expand the roster by simply adding more headshot pics of characters in said frames. Would it be possible to put pictures right against eachother to form a larger image and give each one of the icons a link to their respective profile, or if…

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  • Journey125

    I won't lose to that Knuckles recolor. 

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  • HauntedAlchemist

    Yup, voting again. Like last season I'll be voting through Astri when I can finally draw again.

    Unlike everyone else, I won't be starting until July. In a few days I'll be taking a week long trip to visit a dear friend of mine (and another good friend on the side), so I won't be back until then.

    Happy voting!

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  • Darkest Shadow

    Ayy what's up, I'm the hostest with the The Host with the Most, Darkest Shadow, but just call me Piano.

    Alright, time for my votes. Gonna try my best to do at least two categories per week this year, just to pace myself. (But of course, if I'm bored out of my mind I'll obviously put some more in

    Alright, let's see what we got here!

    1. Reens the Hedgehog
    2. Zaffre Fylloma the Koala
    3. Marissa FireRose
    4. Cheeri The Cat
    5. Cyra The Archer
    6. Celia the Fox
    7. Ali Atash the Caracal
    8. Vendeta the Hedgehog

    1. Luella the Mouse
    2. Asher The Fennec Fox
    3. Mars the Dire Wolf
    4. Max Irvaron
    5. Nocmere
    6. Tobias the Crescent
    7. Saphie the Swift
    8. Rik the Spider Monkey
    9. Paradox the Spider
    10. Arrow the Hedgehog

    1. Heath Iliad the Monkey
    2. Aeon the Hedgehog
    3. J.C. the Hyena
    4. Mira the Fennec
    5. Luna the Bunny
    6. The Mastermind
    7. Doctor Jay the Hed…

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  • MaxIrvaron

    First time here, and I'm ready to roll! If I get something wrong about your character, please message me.

    (Also, I might be going slowly.)

    1. Reens the Hedgehog - +1 Just yes! She is an awesome character, what with her personality and morality. Maybe a bit more heroicness could be added...
    2. Zaffre Fylloma the Koala - +0 I mean, I like how ealistic the character is, bu I don't get a hero vibe. More of a neutral one to me.
    3. Marissa FireRose - -1 Was really bored reading it, and most of her flaws seem like things everyone has.
    4. Cheeri The Cat - +0 Love her personality, and her cheery (heh) attitude, but running from the law doesn't make her seem like a hero to me.
    5. Cyra The Archer - +0 This one's different; like the hero part, just not the personality. It…

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  • Skyblade743

    So, now I vote for the first time I’ve been here!

    Before I review these characters, I would like to say I have been pleasantly surprised about how good the OCs here are. Sonic OCs have always had a bad reputation (Coldsteel, I’m looking at you), and I’m glad to see there’s not many badly thought out characters in here, nor are there many Mary Sues.

    Anyway, let’s get started, because formatting this on Word is worse than formatting code!

    Reens the Hedgehog – Good character, the weaknesses balance out the powers well. One thing I would point out is that the fact she seems unfazed by her father’s death and her mother committing suicide (although slightly more the later) seems a little off to me. The shy personality kinda fits that purpose, but i…

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  • Jet Set Ronnoc

    • Reens the Hedgehog - +0. She seems cool and all, but the page doesn't actually list anything heroic she does aside from maybe looking for her brother? Otherwise, I could believe she's a hero, but I don't actually know that she does anything heroic. 
    • Zaffre Fylloma the Koala - +1. This doesn't exactly list what he does as a hero either, but I can excuse that because he became a medical worker. While not a hero in the typical sense of the word, he still pursues a noble career that's specifically meant to better others. 
    • Marissa FireRose - -1. This character is pretty boring as far as heroes go, and in addition to not actually listing anything heroic they've done (aside maybe from fighting her sister? (if that's even what happened, it's kinda vag…

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  • CrimsonFlame2K

    Well, then. Looks like another awards has begun and my god there are a helluva lot of entries this year! I'm only posting this now cuz Piano is taking so damn long.

    I thought it would be more convenient if I got a bit of a head start by typing all this up, but I'll actually begin voting when Piano says so. Besides, I'm actually heading out in a bit so, hopefully, the Voting Phase will have started by the time I get back. Good luck to everyone who's been nominated!

    Alright, I just got back from my school's orientation and, lo and behold, voting seems to have started! Now, as for how I'll vote, I'm gonna be using Adachi's method and use the highlighted text template, so my votes will be shown as such:

    Okay, enough bullshitting around, LET'S ROC…

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  • Detective SkullWolf

    OH LOOK AT ME JUMPING THE GUN AND POSTING BEFORE PIANO EVEN STARTED THE VOTING! Hopefully, I can finish this time and not have my votes magically disappear from my hard drive right at the end

    For the convenience of Piano or anyone who just wants to scroll quickly through these to see what my votes are without reading my reasons, I will be using a highlight template. , , and

    God I hate this category. I always feel bad when I criticize other people's art when I'm no where near capable of making decent artwork myself. But it's one of the simplest categories, so let's get it out of the way now. I'm going to try my best not to harp too much on the characters' designs since that's not the point of this category, so forgive me in advance.

     if I must!"…

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