Cquote1 Darkness, come possiamo stare contro di lui? Dr. Eggman non sta per rinunciare. Abbiamo bisogno di pensare a qualcosa di veloce! E mi riferisco ora! Cquote2

Blood the Fox
Blood the Fox is the mother of Cauis the Fox and wife to Darkness the Fox. She possesses Blood and Super Speed. She was 30 when she had Cauis.

Personal information

  • Name: Blood
  • Species: Mobian/Fox
  • Age: 45
  • Birthdate: ???
  • Sign: ???
  • Residence: Mobius
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Alive
  • Height: 4'5"
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Parents: None (they died)
  • Voice type: ???
  • Alignment: Hero
  • Love interest: Darkness the Fox


Blood is a fox. She is 45 years old. Her fur is black and yellow. Her muzzle and inner ears are white. Blood's eyes are red. Her shoes are red, and his gloves are white. She wears a red dress with red shorts under it.


Blood was born in the outskirts of Mobius. Her parents died when she was 2 months old. Blood was raised in an orphanage instead. When she was 14, she checked herself out, thinking that she can take care of herself. While walking away, she met a fox who's name was Darkness.


Blood not only possesses super speed, but she is a Blood user, hencing her name. She can do Red Mist with enough force. She can do Slicing Blood as well. When she gets angry enough, she can do Blood Control. The final ones are Hemostream, Bloody Splash, Red Claw, and Wave of Blood. Blood also possess super speed and can go as fast as Metal Sonic.


Blood has no weaknesses, but has phobias. She is afraid of failure (or Atychiphobia). She is also afraid of flying (or Aviophobia). Blood is afraid of drinking (or Dipsophobia). Her final fear is Coitophobia: Fear of sexual intercourse.


Blood is portrayed as a very kind, fox who is humble, and always willing to help out when she can. She can just about do anything if he just thinks about it and sums up all the answers correctly. She is very shy. Blood soon realized that she was able to be independent. Blood is also a gentle person and will stand up for those she loves regardless of the consequences.


"Dear Cauis, are you hurt?"

"What are you talking about? I never killed my parents! THEY DIED, I swear!"

"Darkness, come possiamo stare contro di lui? Dr. Eggman non sta per rinunciare. Abbiamo bisogno di pensare a qualcosa di veloce! E mi riferisco ora!"



  • Bella the Fox (Moebian counterpart)
  • Barb the Fox (Gender-Swap counterpart)
  • Bianca the Fox (Dark-Mobian counterpart)
  • Berry the Wolf (Sol Dimension counterpart)
  • Black Lightning the Fox (Negative counterpart)






  • She is the first fox (in Jake's series) to possess Blood abilities.


See Also

  • DarkOod

Theme Songs

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