BTH,is a new FAKE 2D game about a new character who is a fan of Sonic.


The game is a fast moving 2D platformer! Boost can Spin Dash,Spin Attack,and do a lot more! However,Boost can't Boost,huh?! Gameplay isn't that different from the 1st few games. There are also Special Stages!


Boost is a 10 year old orange hedgehog who is a HUGE fan of Sonic. This year,he plans to visit the landmark,South Island! However,his plane wrongly lands him on North Island! Boost is SUPER bored,until Dr Eggman(Robotnik) arrives! Boost evedrops on him,and he announces he will take over North Island! Boost decides to save it!


Grassboost Plains Zone

A whole world of PURE nostalgia. It'll remind you of Green Hill.

Act 1: Green Nostalgia Zone

Act 2: Spin Dash Path

Act 3: Speeding to Dr Eggman

Act 4: Jet Egg(Boss Act)

Act S1: Superfun Speed

Special: Chaos Emerald 1

Boss: Jet Egg

The Jet Egg is a super fast airship,piolited by Dr Eggman. Boost must Spin Dash to reach the back ramp. Boost must then jump on Dr Eggman's head! Repeat this 3 times.

Sunset Villa Zone

Act 1: Waterfall Run

Act 2: Robotnik Pursuit

Act 3: Sunset Ending

Act 4: Eggmutant(Boss Act)

Act S2: Dawn Dash

Special: Chaos Emerald 2

Boss: Eggmutant

Eggmutant is a giant hulk like being who will lean down to breath fire at you! When he does,you have to Spin Dash into him! Repeat this 4 times.

Boost thinks he defeated Eggman,but really he retreated to his Blimp!

Great Giza Zone

Act 1: No Deserts

Act 2: Eye of the Sphinx

Act 3: Pyramid Lair

Act 4: Egg Golem Mk. 2(Boss Act)

Act S3: Hot Hot Run

Special: Chaos Emerald 3

Boss: Egg Golem Mk. 2

The Egg Golem,will repeatedly try to smash you with his fist,when he does,hit the button on his hand. Repeat this 5 times.

Sea Ruins Zone

Act 1: Ruins of the Sea

Act 2: Mega Maze

Act 3: Water Chase

Act 4: ???(The Guardian,after being completed.) Boss Act

Act S4: Mine Cart Mash

Special: Chaos Emerald 4

Boss: ???

Eggman comes to destroy Boost,but he accidentally awakens the Guardian! The Guardian attacks by shooting spikes at Boost,Boost must then jump on them,and get high enough to jump on the Guardian. Repeat this 6 times.

Springy Toybox Zone

Act 1: Jack in the Boost

Act 2: Spring in your step

Act 3: Multicolored Magic

Act 4: Rotten Egg (Boss Act)

Act S5: Bouncy Boost

Special: Chaos Emerald 5

Boss: Rotten Egg

Rotten Egg is an Egg shaped doll! She will try to smack you! When she does, hit the switch on the Spider box! They will swarm her. Repeat this 6 times.

Zipline Mountain Zone

Act 1: Zipline Zoom

Act 2: Mountaintop Climb

Act 3: Mt Run-run

Act 4: Eggorilla (Boss Act)

Act S6: Zippin' Fun

Special: Chaos Emerald 6

Boss: Eggorilla

The Eggorilla has the same tactics as Eggmutant,but all of his attacks are 2x more powerful. Repeat the strategy 7 times.

Castle Egg Zone

Act 1: Castle Gates

Act 2: Outer Sanctuary

Act 3: Inner Sanctuary

Act 4: Egg-Man (Boss Act)

Act S7: Dungeon of the Egg

Special: Chaos Emerald 7

Boss: Egg-Man

The Egg-Man will try to smash you with his hands. He will also shoot lasers at Boost. And there is boundaries,EVERYWHERE! Boost will have to jump on the side springs,and jump on Egg-Man's head!

After Boost get's all seven Chaos Emeralds,he can reach the Egg Retreat

FINALE: Egg Retreat

Boost becomes Super Boost,and battles Eggman one last time!

Final Boss: Super Boost vs Egg Hydra

Super Boost must avoid the lasers,bombs,and bites! Plus Super Boost has to charge into one head to stun it! Then you have to jump on the red bulge. Each Head has to be hitten 5 times each!

Sonic then congratulates Boost,and gives him an autograph!



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you can barely tell that acclaimed editor Sr. Wario of Fantendo Fame made this, showing progression and growth far beyond what I would think possible. At the same time, this game shows flickers of what he would become.


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