City arranged in a square formation around the Shrine of Knuckles’s race.

Solid wall protecting the city from the east, west and south, but the north border is unprotected due to the fact that there is a huge cliff there.

Situated near a river and forest/jungle.

Snakes used a lot in designs for the temple and pillars, but not for commoners’ houses. Made of stone, very detailed, blue jewel. Fanged. Mouth wide.

Blue jewel/material used for much architecture, including; the temple, commoners’ homes, pillars and walls.

Many murals of an echidna on temple. Appears female. Made of stone, blue jewel circle around it.

Murals of other species on architecture. Drawn in white on reddish brown background. Blue jewel border.

Temple door is shape of open snake mouth. Blue eyes, fanged.

City situated by mountain, like Mt. Cairo with greenery instead of ice. River running through the center downwards into the hills, passed the city and into the forest/jungle.

Hills behind protective walls.

Two trees by temple door. Palm.

Two coiled stone snakes at top of temple stairway. Blue eyes. Mouth opened. No fangs.

Numerous trees placed around city. Few palm, mostly deciduous. Much grass.

Strange devices around the paths. Two holes on the top. Red light is emitted. Possibly related to the lava pits.

Stone gazebos around city. Low circular wooden table in center. Wood in-between one pair of pillars.

Various unreachable balconies.

Numerous brown circles on grass throughout city. One relic, the Rhythm Badge, was found on one of these.

Two levels in city (not including ground). Three for temple (only including areas reachable by foot).

Fiery smoke emits from huge, volcano-shaped stone objects. Four. Lined up on the path towards the temple. Walls in-between them and the path.

Six heavy stone boulders on temple up stairway. Snakes decorated on them.

Warriors circle the temple. Guards?

Door to altar made of reddish stone. Blue jewels. Echidna heads.



Amy Rose: Hey! Where am I?

Knuckles: Something about it is familiar.


Skinny belt: Hit ’em when they least expect it! That’s my motto. (Amy)

Fat: Is this life a dream? Or is it reality? (Amy)

Necklace: Well, well, well! (Amy)

Skinny belt: A good offence is the best defence! (Amy)

Skinny belt: Well... I... I just can’t sit still! (Amy)

Necklace: Grrrr! (Amy)

Necklace: I think, therefore I am. (Amy)

Fat: Hey! Look out! Get out of the way! (Amy) Skinny belt: Never gloat in victory. (Amy)

Necklace: I like fighting. Actually, I love fighting! (Amy)

Fat: We’re too hyper! (Amy)

Necklace: We must proceed discreetly. But we always do just the opposite! (Amy)

Fat: I’ve never been scared of anything my whole life! Is there anyone or anything capable of making me feel scared? (Amy)

Fat: Miracles come from within! (Amy)

Necklace: Life is always changing, and is never permanent. But our prosperity will never end. (Amy)

Necklace: You have no idea what fighting is all about. You just attack! (Amy)

Necklace: Full steam ahead! (Amy)

Fat: Move! MOVE IT! Everyone, stand back! (Amy)

Necklace: just watch... I’ll get them all! (Knux)

Fat: Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

Guy by Tree

There’s an altar in front of the gate. The Seven Emeralds are there. With those Seven Emeralds... all our dreams will come true. (Amy)

Our tribe has lived with war for a long time. Wars have made us rich. But the Chief’s daughter doesn’t agree with us. What can we do? (Knux)

Our tribe has lived with war for a long time. We’ll never surrender! We fight ‘til the end! (Knux)

Guy with back on Temple

Chao? Sacred power? No way! I don’t buy it. We’re going in to get those special stones! (Amy)

Sacred power? No way. I don’t believe it. We’re going in to get those stones! Then we can rule the world! (Knux)

Our Chief is Pachacamac. He’s very powerful He’s going to take the Emeralds from the altar. (Knux)

Guy Near (Double Stairs)

We made a lotta money with our power. But whenever we tried to get the Emeralds, some strange force always stopped us. I can’t imagine those little creatures have that much power. (Amy)

Our Chief is Pachacamac. He’s a fearless ruler! Brave. Bold. With him, we can not lose. We owe everything to Pachacamac. (Knux)

The Chief’s daughter always seems to be hanging around the altar. Perhaps she knows how to break through the sacred barrier? (Gamma)

We don’t care about the Chao. We need to get past that mysterious barrier to get the Emeralds. (Knux)

Guy by Stairs

These strange creatures seem to be living near the altar. They’re small and... well, it’s hard to describe... My grandma called them “Chao.” (Amy and Gamma)

There is an altar in front of the gate. The Seven Emeralds are there. With those Seven Emeralds, all our dreams will come true. (Knux)

Our Chief is Pachacamac. He’s awesome! He controls everything around here, except the altar... The Chao live there and have built a little world of their own. (Knux)

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