Sonic Underground Mini Show
Season 1, Episode 3
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Bummer Camp is the third episode of the Sonic Underground Mini Show.


The Sonic Underground are at a performing arts camp as junior counselers. When Sonic gets stationed at "Super Fun Swim Time", he is unpleasantly surpised, as he can't swim. Unwelcome guests lurk near by, who happen to be Sleet and Dingo, whose motives are surprisingly not what's expected, as they are on the run from angry villagers they happened to irk earlier. They end up getting lost in the woods and going crazy. A little girl at the camp is revealed to also not be able to swim. She runs off and finds Sleet and Dingo in the woods where they got lost. When Sonic and the girl find themselves in the lake, one of them miraculously becomes a hero and saves the other... but with unexpected (or maybe not) results.


  • "Camp Billibay (You Are Great)"
  • "Reach the Sky" (Acoustic and Electric version)


  • Sonic: "Wait, what's this? I'm stationed to help in Super Fun Swim Time? No way! There is just no way I'm touching that water."
Manic: "I know how you feel about water, bro."
Brody: "You know he can drown."

  • Sonia: Look, he saved her!
[The girl emerges from the water, and picks Sonic up onto the shore]
Sonia: Uh, well, the important part is that they're both saved.
Angel: "I gotta find Brody!"

  • Random Guy: Gold Troup stinks! [repeated line]


  • In this episode, Sonic's fear of water is yet again brought up.
  • Brody could swin in water (Since Mario and Sonic in the Omlimpic Games).
  • Peggy and Timmy seem to appear in this episode, but their names won't be revealed until the next episode.
  • Kathleen Barr uses the voice she uses for Kevin of Ed, Edd n Eddy for one of the kids.
  • Manic asks his brothers and sisters if they feel like "spazzes" during the song they play, and they agree that they do. This is a reference to how some viewers don't like the songs very much.


  • Samuel Vincent as Sonic
  • Louise Vallance as Sonia
  • Greg Cipes as Manic
  • Austin St. John as Brody
  • Alyssa Milo as Angel
  • Maurice LeMarche as Sleet
  • Peter Wilds as Dingo
  • Kathleen Baar as Kid #1
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Kid #2
  • Britt McKillip as Little Girl
  • Billy West as the Scoutmaster
  • Matt Hill as Random Guy


Bummer Camp

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