Butter the Rabbit is Cream's Moebian counterpart.

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Sonic Underground Remake

The Anti-Cream aka Butters was first introduced when Sonic and his friends visited Moebius to learn and help their anti selves learn their errors. Here, she is adopted by the Anti-Sleet aka Slick as a little sister while her sister, Buns, works for Scourge, Menace, and Sylvia. Later, when it seems like the rulers are about to change their ways, Dominos attacked. What happened to her, the Anti-Eggman, and her Freedom Fighter friends are a mystery...

Sonic Legends

Butter appears to be a boss in sonic legends she appears to steal the Golden Main and the Legend of Hope she is the boss of Tanyan's Volcano. She is hard to defeat you need to hit her 17 times after it's over.she contacts spybot and eggman discovers egg clinoris was down.charmix or sonic got the golden main after 10 shots at her then black makes utimate charmix and ulimate casey after ten shots the lava is rising you need to defeat her in 10 minutes
Zone 11 boss

final hit


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