The C-6 Sniper Weapon System is a sniper rifle and attached gear produced by Hammerforge Industries, and is one of the few rifle systems used by both G.U.N. and the Moebian Liberation Army.

C-6 Sniper Weapon System

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Type5.45 mm caliber semi-automatic ballistic sniper rifle
Technical Information
Length122.5 cm
Maximum Range
  • 1.3 km (anti-personnel)
  • 800m (anti-armor)
  • 5.45 mm anti-personnel rounds, fed by a twelve-round detachable magazine.
  • 5.45 mm armor-piercing rounds, fed by an eight-round detachable magazine.
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

A Hammerforge Weapon from the Col'nesian War, the C-6 SWS was one of the Col'nesian Army's best sniper rifles, capable of firing both anti-armor and anti-infantry rounds. At the time of the design, the Col'nesian Army was fighting the Eggman Empire, with the Eggman in command, who later became Chicken Man, known for his use of cyborgs along with robots and organic soldiers. Due to this, weapons capable of firing both kinds of round were useful, and as such, two years in, the first examples of the C-6 began to emerge. Post-war, the rifles remain a constant in the Col'nesian Army, while quite a few have appeared in the armories of G.U.N. and the Moebian Liberation Army.

With a maximum range varying from 800 meters using armor-piercing rounds to a 1.3 kilometer range with anti-personnel rounds, semi-automatic fire, clip sizes ranging from eight to twelve rounds, and reasonable size and weight for a Mobian or Overlander to carry, the gun is known for it's usefulness, although quite a few stolen examples have been retooled for larger ammunition.

Most of the gun is made of steel, with wood laminate covering the stock & upper portion of the body, although some examples replace the wood laminate with a high-duty plastic. Recoil off each shot is reasonably minimal, although it is known to bounce slightly higher than anticipated when first learning, due to recoil. The gun is gas-operated, so the gas emitted by the fired bullet re-cocks the gun for its next shot.


Standard from Manufacturer

  • C-6A - retooled into an assault rifle, normally uses 45-round magazines, maximum range of 1km.
  • C-6F - folding-stock variant, designed for airborne troops.
  • C-6N - standard rifle w/ night vision scope & silencer as standard.
  • C-6S - special operations, only used by Col'nesian Army elite snipers, fitted with recoil brakes to lower recoil further.
  • C-6SA - selective fire special operations variant - both manual and semi-automatic options on the one gun.
  • C-6H - optimized anti-armor variant, fitted with heavy-duty barrel
  • C-6 Bear - commercial hunting rifle variant.

Customized Examples

  • Hermes: MARS heavy custom version, reverse-engineering the design and using additional, more advanced materials. Quad-setting firing capabilities: sniping, submachine-style, explosives, and even beam shots. Fires customized explosive rounds that are capable of concealing the direction of the shot. Uses features from C-6 through C-6H, melding the features into a single weapon. Made out of the same materials used in U.N.M.A.D.E. combined with scavenged technology from the Black Arms. Optimized for range and precision, with a maximum range of approximately 3.5km. As a one-off, the heavily-customized gun is monitored by the CEO, Ronan Windrine, himself, as a potential basis for two or three other sniper designs, including a potential successor to the C-6, rumored to be in the design phase.

Known Users

  • Stark the Hedgehog - One of the most well-known users in the Moebian Liberation Army, even though he only used his example for a year. Stark was known for his two-sided personality, thanks to his genetic ability, and due to one-half of this personality, turned out to be an expert shot, regularly picking off targets at maximum range in the wind.