Carly X is a series made by User:Twilight the Wolf. It is has the cast of iCarly, but as Sonic characters.


Carly X is about the cast of iCarly being turned into Sonic characters, then telaported to Mobius.

Sam,Carly, and Freddie decide to continue ICarly and send a message to their fans on a video. The message is:

'Carly: Hey! I may look different but I'm Carly! Sam: And I'm Sam! Both:And this is ICarly!

Carly: Today a weird thing happened. Sam:Weeeiiiiirrrrd.

Carly:Something changed us into animals! Me, Freddie, and Spencer

are hedgehogs, and Sam's a;



Soon the iCarly gang runs into Sonic and the others, and become friends.


Carly, Freddie, and Spencer are hedgehogs.

Sam and Chuck(His name is changed because Chuck does not sound right.) are foxes.

Also, though not counted in the cast, Valerie is the main villain alongside Dr.Eggman, and she is a rabbit.

Sonic and his friends are also included in the show.

Theme Song

The theme song for Carly X is the Sonic X theme song and the iCarly theme song played over each other.


  • Creddie is the only iCarly cast couple used, because of Twilight supporting it.
  • Carly has stronger feelings for Freddie in this series, for the same reason as above.
  • Instead of the show starting with a recording of iCarly, it ENDS in a recording
  • Sam and Carly both wear Penny Tee's which at first confuses and insults the Sonic crew.


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