Fan Couples is one of the many terms to describe the romantic pairing of two (or more) characters. Generally there are three types of Couples in fanwork:

CanonXCanon: Pairings created with two canon or official character that could and could not be in a relationship. There are currently no canon SEGA couples so the options stay open optionated.

FanXFan: Two Fan-Characters who's authors may (or may not) be in a relationship.

CanonXFan: A pairing between a canon character and an official character, often done wrong and inaccuartely by writers in order to live a fan-created fantasy with absolutely no purpose or meaning behind it, but can be done accurately if enough work is put into it, even fairly bad writers can make a somewhat reasonable Fan X Canon pairing without making it seem weird, it is recommended that if you do a Fan X Canon pairing that you are a semi-experienced writer.


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