This page is about how Caterina affected everyone as an antagonist.

Direct Conflicts with Characters


In the first issue she's introduced in, she hated Sonic and his friends because of her bigotry, ignorance and intolerance for creatures different from her, as she considered them "freaks". She also slices his leg with a strand of her hair in The Final Call.


She beats on Tails in The Final Call.


In The Final Call, she took advantage of his gullibility by lying to him, upsetting him by telling him that Polly was dead.


Caterina loves to bellitle Amy and claim she is prettier than her, often for no reason.


She beats on Cream in The Final Call.


She mocks Cheese in Spellbound.


Caterina seems to generally dislike Polly for interfering with Lerich's plans.


Athough she was part of his alliance, Lerich generally couldn't stand her, and ends up killing her in the first part of The Final Call.


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