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Celia is spoilt by her rich parents. She has a bad attitude and constantly is trying to ruin the life of her foe Joy the Echidna


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Friends, Foes and Family


Karla the Crocodile

Titania the Hedgehog

Ruby Mongoose

Dazzle the Bat

Diva the Racoon

Sass the Bee


Joy the Echidna

Jayme Acorn

Amy "Swift" Acorn

Naomi Mongoose


Destiny the Cat-Mother (decesed)

Kaine the Crocodile-Father

Fifi the Bat-Step Mother

Veronica the Bat-Step Sister

Sophie the Bat-half sister

Stefen the Crocodile-half brother

Romantic Interest

Shade the Hedgehog-Son of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat

Forms and Fusions

To be added


Celia is a soft pink Cat. She wears a black coat with gold hem, cuffs and belt/band and black pants with gold boots with white fake fur.


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Spontainious shopping spree!!

Hell No!

Not my Colour...

Ooo, sales!!

(to Shade) Why waste your time with her...I'm the one you want!

(to her Dad) You don't even remember her!! You can't even look at me anymore! All you care about are your new wife and your next pay slip!! (Celia snapps at her dad like this a lot.)

What Ever!!


Theme song: /to be added

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