Cero (Hollow Flash) is a basic technique, and is almost a signature move of the Hollows and also Hollow forms.


Cero is a basic energy beam blast, regarded as being on par with a Chaos Spear or another basic Chaos Technique. However, what makes the technique different is the influence of a Hollow mask, the prerequisite for a Hollow transformation, or for a person to become a Hollow themselves. The Chaos Energy passed through the mask takes on the user's own Hollow color signature. The beam is typically fired from the mouth, but versions fired from the hands, fingers and other body parts are more common with both more experienced and more powerful Hollows, both transformations and the creatures themselves. The actual power of the move is dependent on The technique is used as the basis for a large number of other Hollow techniques.


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Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

Taking into consideration the sheer amount of differences in the power of Hollows and Hollow transformations, the technique has an average rank of C. However, due to the massive amount of users, it ranges from a B-rank to a D-rank, depending on the user's strength and experience with the Hollow's powers.

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