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Cervantes Zami The Wolf is an Anthrophormic Wolf made by Mr.gameandfight. He is the Father of Alaina, Colina and Karin Zami and is one of the former antagonists. He is now currently one of the major protagonists of the Circles of Fate series Alongside Sky, Zayne and Genja. He is also currently the Most Popular Male along with being the most popular Character of mr.gameandfight's roster.


Cervantes is a slim adult wolf with medium-length black hair with two grey bangs and a small ponytail along with purple eyes. He is usually seen with a very mellow grin or smile most of the time. He wears a dark grey T-Shirt that says "I Don't Love You" (possibly referencing to most of his former lovers in the past) and two finger-less gloves sported by checkered bracelets that act as his elemental inhibitors.

He also wears Black Skinny Jeans and black tennis shoes.



Cervantes is best described for his extremely mellow and being easily inveigled. At certain points he could become easily distracted by a random bystander or something that fully grabs his attention, and can at times become heavily confused. While being simple minded, it can aid him with situations such as hypnotism or brainwashing but can mistake some attacks for others such as Speed's Regeneration could be confused with Fiert's body absorption abilities. If he finds something he can not understand, he will instantly hate it. Another Trait Cervantes has is his very slow reaction to things such as, being electrocuted.

The same cannot be said when he is in combat though he has been known to quickly react to strong attacks or ongoing fire. Cervantes' combat instincts and experience is possible the same as a usual grey wolf's, like when he knows when to defend or attack for himself or others before he gets into a battle. Even most of his battles display himself mostly relying mostly on dodging, blocking and counter attacks. In some battles, Cervantes would use atypical grab bag techniques. He is usually seen as one of the characters in the Circles of Fate series that have the greatest experience gain but could still fall for the simplest traps.

His creator also tries to make him the most straightforward and simpleminded character, which explains why he does not think as much as a regular character would, even if what he says to a person would impact them negatively. To compliment Cervantes' simple minded attitude, there is a running gag where he will identify something and compare it to what looks similar to it. Cervantes also has a certain but very critical fear to "Adorable" things such as Choa (Specifically Kuma or Sakura) or Flickies and will try to attack and kill them just because he sincerely hates them.

Powers & Abilities

Attack Flares

A few Spectral beings are born with the ability to wield a reaver. Cervantes is one of these people however in the case, the reaver seems to be "Broken". With this, Cervantes sometimes attempts to fix the reaver and hone its powers, but instead, the reaver on his hand gives off Purple and Blue-ish discharges to his right hand (where the reavers are usually mounted on the body.) If Cervantes applies alot of force on it, the reaver unleashes a random element that Cervantes will need to use in battle. with this, Cervantes calls this ability: "Attack Flares" 

  • The elements as shown and listed (1 being Lowest. 6 being Highest)
  1. Wind 
  2. Fire
  3. Material
  4. Air
  5. Dark
  6. Light
  • Note, There is a "Water" Discharge but it does not damage Cervantes.

Cervantes has two forms with one using his "dark" attack flare

Violent Cervantes - (or called Dark or Evil Cervantes) When the Dark Flare is Selected, Cervantes becomes more sadistic and powerful. His hair grows longer, and his power is gone up "A Notch". also his voice slightly changes to a maniacal tone and he has no intentions on holding back on anybody, including his friends.

Fighting Styles

Cervantes has two different types of hand-to-hand combat fighting styles for most of his bouts. One Style is Krav Maga a defensive art which consists of a wide variety of moves such as Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Jiu Jutsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Grappling. The other Fighting Style is his own custom style of Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai in which is used regularly for offense.

High Instincts

Cervantes has excellent Instinct Tactics after his intense training with Nenoko The Lynx in Gravity Ball Training. With this experience along with his countless bouts with Sky and Deep Breathing, Cervantes can keep up with opponents that can accelerate at 1.5x Light Speed.

Powerful Defense & Durability

Cervantes' Defense was standard to any normal fighter by reaching the age of 22 years old. By the time Cervantes began invasion on metropolis as an antagonist, he battled mighty the armadillo and was attacked with a moving car that weighs up to 4,009 lbs. After that, Cervantes was defeated but recovered from injury in about 6 days. Going up to his second bout with him, he was nearly defeated again but survived the blows mighty gave all over his body and vital organs. 

The Next Bout coming out of his antagonistic he had was with Knuckles the Echidna who he challenged to a No Holds Barred Fight and was single handedly Defeated again but fully recovered faster than his bout with Mighty, which is strange due to the fact at that time, Knuckles could lift up to 100 tons.

Finally in his battle with Sky's sister Ziaka, he lost brutally to an attack called the LunarNova. It "Sandwhiched Him through two small moons" and nearly brought him to death, but with sheer willpower, Cervantes Mustered his strength to survive the attack yet his body was in shambles.

With those overall feats in defense, Cervantes can be able endure up to 162 quintillion tons of power, but still noticing he will still be harmed by regular combat attacks.


"It's a shame... you're vulnerable to your own abilities..."
—Mika to Cervantes after discovering one of his weaknesses

Cervantes' Attack Flares alone cause severe damage and vulnerability to himself due to the fact that he has no complete control over any of them and he has a 1/6 chance of getting the needed element he needs for a battle. The Flares also deal damage to his arms and legs in a selected order of which element he uses (Light hurting the most and Water not hurting at all) even if he has trained to minimize the pain. Along with this, it puts Cervantes at risk of activating the Dark Flare that activates his Violent form.

Also while he is a very powerful and durable fighter, he is very slow and stationary aside from his instincts and can be easily taken down by an extremely fast fighter or one adept in teleportation. He also has a very hard time on projectiles and and beams and is usually a target to his opponent. Cervantes lacks long ranged abilities and is only preferred to close ranged combat.

While Cervantes is a character with a lot of experiences, he's not a very bright character and it makes him become easily manipulated, falter to strategies, plan out an attack, or even become vulnerable to surprise attacks.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 4
Attack 6
Spcl. Atk 8
Defense 10
Spcl. Def 9
Speed 4
Reflexes 8
Spcl. Ref 8
Psyche 10
Intellect 2
Total 86/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Above-Average
Hearing Above-Average

Major Battles

  • Cervantes Vs. Rik & Sky
  • Cervantes Vs. Rik
  • Cervantes Vs. Sky (Multiple Times)
  • Cervantes Vs. Darkstorm (Halted by Nightwing)
  • Cervantes Vs. Kikime'
  • Cervantes Vs. Fiert
  • Cervantes Vs. Chelsea
  • Cervantes Vs. Speed
  • Cervantes Vs. Ray & Speed
  • Cervantes Vs. Nenoko (Training)
  • Cervantes Vs. Patricia (Multiple Times)

Appears in....

User's Royale

Amy Rose And The Looney Tunes

Roleplay: (freejoin) Summer Beach Party

Flash Of the zombies

Super Sonic Street Fighter


  • Cervantes' Main Storyline Inspiration was a big reference from the character Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • Cervantes was never exactly planned to be a wolf during the point of his creation. (he was planned to be a leopard or sheep)


Ressurected By Peroxwhy?Gen

Peroxwhy?Gen - Resurrected03:58

Peroxwhy?Gen - Resurrected

The theme of Cervantes

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