Sonic Hearts

the cover of Chain of Colors featuring Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, Sora, Riku, and Master Xehanort.

Chain of Colors is the crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Sonic the Hedgehog. Chain as in Chain of Memories and Colors as in the Sonic game of 2010, Sonic Colors (Colors) and in Generations you had to bring life and COLOR back to the other timelines. Go through the old places Sonic ran through in the past as the Keyblade master himself and worlds that origined in the Kingdom Hearts games as the Fastest thing Alive.

The original title was ment to be Sonic Hearts, but the title was already used and the picture was saved before I found that out.

The Fastest Thing Alive & The Keyblade Master, for the first time join forces to save more than just one world.

SORA's story

Sora is on the Islands with Riku (Kairi is already taken by Mephilis at the time but Sora or Riku didn't know) when they saw what looked like a Giant monster with the Door to Kingdom Hearts strapped to its chest. It uses the door to suck in the Islands so Riku made a dark corridor that led to Radiant Garden. The monster fully ingested the Islands.

In Radiant Garden both go to the main castle to find Leon and find out what's going on. They're in Ansem's study but nothing Ansem researched met up with this. Leon suggest that they should go to other worlds to find the monster and find out what it's up to and where it came from. They try to go to another world but the monster came to took Sora and Riku to the White World (from Generations). Sora goes and investigate in what he describes as "another world" It is but not the way he thinks it is.

When Sora comes out he finds out that the place is called Green Hill and it was found 20 years ago. When he tries to go to the next place Master Xehanort comes in front of him. He says something about gems of miracle (referring to the Chaos Emeralds) of course Sora has no idea what he is talking about. Xehanort leaves and behind is Vector. He tells Sora that the same monster came to his world and took his two other friends Espio and Charmy.

More will be added soon...

SONIC's story

Sonic and Tails are in City Escape running around and being their normal selves. When they saw a monster come out with a door on its chest. Sonic remembers the monster as the Time Eater from Generations but Sonic has no Idea what the door is for. The newly named World Eater, starts to suck in the city with the door. portables come out of no where and Sonic thinks the one that pops out of no where is to some where safe. It is, it was a portal to The Mysterious Tower where Yen sid lived. Mickey was training with Yen sid when Sonic and Tails walked in. Mickey and Sonic don't really get to a good start. They tell Yen sid what's going on, he told them that a rather large man with a red jacket came with the same monster in search of something here. Sonic knows this man and tells him all about Dr. Eggman. He was here in search of answer of where can find Castle Oblivion.

Yen sid sends Sonic and Tails to Castle Oblivion, sense he never told Eggman where it is. Eggman is looking for Ventus to steal his ability to use the Keyblade. When Sonic walks in he starts to feel funny and so does Tails, they encounter a man in a black coat nmed Marluxia. He says that the feeling they're having is because they started to lose their memories. Both started in the 12th floor so the next floor is where they have to fight Marluxia. Marluxia give Sonic a card the has a red and black cube on it.

more will be added soon.


Timelines Sora has to go to:

  • Green Hill (Sonic 1)
  • Chemical Plant (Sonic 2)
  • Casino Night (Sonic 2)
  • Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD)
  • Angel Island (Sonic 3)
  • Ice Cap (Sonic 3)
  • Sky Sanctuary (Sonic & Knuckles)
  • Death Egg (Sonic 2/Knuckles/3)
  • Emerald Coast (Sonic Adventure)
  • City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Grand Metropolis (Sonic Heroes)
  • Neo Green Hill (Sonic Advanced)
  • Westropolis (Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • Crisis City (Sonic 2006)
  • Spagonia (Sonic Unleashed)
  • Splash Hill (Sonic 4:Episode 1)
  • Tropical Resort (Sonic Colors)
  • Center of Time {The place Sonic fought the Time Eater}(Sonic Generations)

the worlds Sonic has to go to:

  • Dive into the Heart (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Destiny Islands (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Traverse Town (Kingdom Hearts)
  • End of the World (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Castle Oblivion (Chain of Memories)
  • Twilight Town (Chain of Memories)
  • The Mysterious Tower (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • Radiant Garden (Kindom Hearts 2)
  • The World that Never Was (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • World of Nothingness (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • Short cuts {areas of different worlds you could only be in}(358/2 Days)
  • Land of Departure (Birth by Sleep)
  • Mirage Arena (Birth by sleep)
  • Keyblade Graveyard (Birth by sleep)
  • Datascape (Re:Coded)

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