Chaon in brawl

Chaon, along with his two friends void and vortex were once the guardians of the Stellar-Emaralds. Chosen by the elders of their Island, they were entrusted with protecting the Stellar-Emeralds at all costs. After the betrayal of Void, who stole the Stellar-emeralds for phantasm, Chaon and Vortex set out on a journey to find the Stellar-Emeralds and their friend before he plummeted into the darkness.



Chaon appears to be around 22.


Chaon is very powerful, but is often tempted by darkness.

Chaon sprite

Physical appearance

Chaon Is a black hedgehod with stripes of yellow running on some of his quills. His quills slightly resemble shadow's but curve down like sonic's. his back spikes are long much like Nazo's. He wears gray and white shoes, with gray and white gloves. his eyes are usually gray, however will change to bright yellow when he is angry. His stomach, arms and leggs are the typical hedgehog tan color.

Quill Style

Chaon has six large quills that resemble shadows slightly. His quills are curved downwards with two sticking up.


As gray is his favorite color, he wears gray and white gloves and shoes. He can sometimes be seen wearing a necklace with a strange jewel on it, it is unknown however, where he got it or what it means to him.


Chaon's persionality can sometimes be too rash. He often charges into battle without thinking of the outcome. He also has an extreme temperament,which will often cause him to be thrown into intense fits of rage, which results in the destruction of whatever is in his way. He has a soft spot for the sickely, the young, and the homeless. He also is shown to be extremely protective of his friends.


  • Chaon the hedgehog (base)
  • Super Chaon(super form)
  • Dark Chaon(dark form)
  • Fire(fire form)
  • Chatex(fusion form with Vortex)
  • Super Chatex(super fusion with Vortex)


Chaon is an extremely powerful hedgehog, he has many abilities which range from super speed to shooting electricity from his quills. He also has the ability to change forms. In his super form those abilities are amplified, in his Dark form he gains the ability to teleport, in his fusion form he has the abilities of both Vortex and himself, and in his super fusion form, he gains the ability of both super forms, making his super fusion his most powerful transformation.

Random facts

Friends: Vortex and Void. Even though Void did betray him, he still considers him a friend.

Rivals: Void. Void was considered his rival long before his betrayal.

Enemies: Void, phantasm, and anyone who would stand in his way or harm his friends.

Dislikes: Void, Phantasm, loud noises, guns, and anything happening to his friends.

Gourmet of choice: Chinese food, Mongolian food, and sea food

Beverages of choice: Water, apple juice, and orange juice.

Favorite colors: Gray and white.

Alignment: His own.


  • Chaon Was created by me (Michael Thomas)
  • Chaon's personality was designed to be much like my own.
  • Chaon's Friend Vortex was designed after my friend Daniel.
  • Chaons Dark form has bangs, however, none of his other forms do.
  • There is a chao in Sonic Adventure 2 battle, that looks just like chaon.

    Chaon chao

  • It has been said that Sonic came in contact with Chaon, vortex, and void at some point. it is unknown, however, when and how this happened.

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