Chaos Abyss is a technique created by Shadow the Hedgehog, and a signature move of his.


This technique allows Shadow to take weapons and objects, then place them in a hammerspace of Chaos Energy, allowing Shadow to bring them out for his use whenever he wishes. To store something, Shadow must first place his hand on it. Once he does, a black energy creeps from his hand and completely covers the object. Once it's been completely covered, it seems to evaporate instantly. In reality, it's been "absorbed" into Shadow's hammerspace. The larger the item, the longer it takes to "absorb" it. When bringing out an item, a black and purple orb of energy that originates from his hand is created, which expands to a size large enough to hold the item. The orb then "pops", revealing the object within it. Shadow can store items as large as vehicles such as tanks with this power, but it takes quite some time to "absorb" them, and the orb will eventually become so large as to be unwiedly, making this technique preferable for weapons such as blades, guns, and explosives. People can be stored in and survive within the hammerspace. When attempting to describe it, the best that can be done is describing it as a "vague dream, that you forget the moment you wake up". This technique can also be used as both an offensive technique or a bluff; the "pop" from the orb can cause damage to those who are near it, and the orb's size can be used to make the opponent think Shadow is bringing out a much bigger weapon than he actually intends to.



  • None


  • Zero the Wolf stores his large arsenal of weaponry in a very similar way to this techniques function.

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