The Chaos Amulets (hss)

Pretty Pretty Shiny Shiny


Seven Powerful Amulets dating back 8000 years at least. They're a major source of Chaos energy but come with side effects. Belivelably created by the greatest civilazation in the history of Mobius and as a result are extremely complicated. They currently reside in Hidden Grotto Zone's Amulet Chamber.

The Silver Amulet is missing, however.


Each Amulet has its own power and a special energy that represents its color.

  • Red:Imbued with the Power of the Lithosphere, shining the Red of the Fiery Earth
  • Blue:Imbued with the Power of Space and Time, glowing the Blue of movement
  • Yellow:Imbued with Power the Sky, radiating the Sun's Yellow
  • Green:Imbued with the Power of all Life and Death, reflecting the Green of Life
  • Cyan:Imbued with the Power of Water, sparkling the Cyan of the Sea
  • Purple:Imbued with the Power of Yin and Yang, glittering the purple of Coexistence

And finally the Silver Amulet. The power of Balance and the power to control the others.

The Chaos Amulets are resonating chambers for Chaos Energy. Their Power came from the seemingly omnipotent zero-point Chaotic Force that governed Space, Time, Matter and the Stability of Reality, Life and the Absence of Yin and Yang (Wuji):

Chaos Energy

They are Infinite Sources of Powerful Chaos Energy, which, when mixed with emotions, became even more powerful. There was also Positive and Negative Chaos Energy. It should be noted that Positive Chaos Energy is NOT always good. The Inverse is also True. Negative Chaos Energy is not always Evil.

The Energy is so potent, however, that even in small doses it can cure most diseases and fatal injures, that large amounts will burn flesh, bone and many metals. If one is exposed to enough, they will be incinerated. However, those who can channel that energy will discover infinite power in the form of a super form, where ones appearance, personality, eye color, spines (If any), and their Power, Defense, Energy, Speed and Stamina increase to monsterous levels.

A strange, and almost unexplained ability of the Chaos Amulets is to store evil if left alone, to after some time is released harmlessly. This, one time was not the case...

The Silver Amulet

The Silver Amulet has the combined power and abilities of all the other amulets combined. It also has the power to control the other amulets and their energies. If this Amulet fell into the hands of someone who could control it and was evil, it could (most likely will) spell Armeggedon.

Noone knows it's location, not even Turbo, their guardian.....or does he?


There are only 2 known ways to stabilize the Chaos Amulets.

  • Putting them in extreme Subzero Tempatures (at least -20F)
  • Put them in the beam of Chaos Energy in the Amulet Chamber

When Stabilizied, the Chaos Amulets give of no Chaos Energy (when Frozen) or the Chaos Energy is contained and used to support Hidden Island and the Planet. (In Amulet Chamber)

Super Forms

The Chaos Amulets sometimes give the chosen ones a Super Form when their power is used. If you are not chosen, you will die and your soul will be destroyed.

If you are chosen, you will get a Super Form and after you power down, you will have a latent super form. This Super can be accessed when one is exposed to enough Chaos Energy, stressed, angered, or in mortal danger.

One time however, this process went horribly wrong due to so much Evil energy stored up.

This Created Super Turbo. No further Explanation Needed.


The Chaos Amulets have appeared twice. Naturally, they are a center of conflict.

Chaos Hedgedragon Chronicles

Turbo said that he found the Chaos Amulets in a beam of Chaos Energy at Hidden Grotto (were he later found out that is were they must stay) 6 days after after he awoke (the Silver Amulet was missing). He, not knowing what they could do, removed them from the energy, caused the to become super unstable, and warp to the Special Zone, flooding Turbo with tons and tons of Chaos Energy, causing him to turn into Super Turbo. After turbo retrieved them, he became their guardian.


Coming soon.

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