Chaos Driver is an attack created by Kyle the Hedgehog.


The initial attack begins almost identical to Lucario's Force Palm in SSBB, except with Chaos. This knocks an opponent into the air, where they are held still with some form of Chaos Control. Then Kyle slams into them with a massive orb of Chaos in front of him, following up with a Chaos Fist attack.


With repeated Chaos Drivers, Kyle could effectively launch an opponent into orbit. The sheer force of the impact of the orb can level a mountain at full power. The power in this move is it's speed. The faster Kyle is moving when the Chaos Palm connects, ensures the amount of damage he enflicts.


Pretty much the only weaknesses in this move are A) his unprotected back. If n opponent attacks from behind at anytime, it could drop his energy levels like a bag of bricks. B) the range. If Kyle isn't standing about 10 ft away from his opponent when he begins his run-up, this attack's offensive powers are halved.

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