Chaos Lock is a Chaos technique that gives the user an advantage over other Chaos-users.


The user sticks his/her hand out, forming 2 chains arranged in an X-shape connected by a lock with a Chaos Emerald-shaped keyhole, all made of Chaos energy. Then the user flings the formation at the target, and when it hits, the chains wrap around the target while still retaining their X shape before dissipating, leaving a glowing green marking of the lock on his/her chest. While the target is in this state, he/she cannot use any chaos abilities unless he/she has a Chaos Emerald (fake ones will not work). Any physical alterations caused by Chaos energy (Dr. Finitevus, for example) will also be temporarily removed, but super forms created by Chaos energy will be unaffected (since they use Chaos Emeralds), as well as beings made of Chaos energy. The effect lasts for about 15 minutes.


As mentioned above, this move can severely weaken those who use Chaos powers. Since god-modders prefer using Chaos moves, it can weaken them as well.


Add anyone who can use this move.


Since the move has a lot of restrictions, but can make a fight significantly easier when it hits, this is a B-rank move.

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