The Chaos Scrolls are an ancient scrolls left by the Echidna race. They detail the history of all 22 Emeralds. (The Chaos Emeralds, the Super Emeralds, the Sol Emeralds and the Master Emerald) there are 4 Scrolls but the last of the 4th Scroll was brunt

Chapters in the 1st Scroll

Chapter 1: Mobius and Sol World

In the days where Chaos Energy flowed and created the shift of everything. The energy flowed into worlds and two were unique from the others Mobius and Sol World.

Chapter 2: The Echidnas

We the Echidna tribe lived away from the other population of Mobius and colonize when we found an Emerald Mine, we used them for money.

Chapter 3: The battle of Chaos!

An army known as the Drackon Empire came to Mobius with Chaos Energy Bombs we managed to stop them but we don't know how.

Chapters in the 2nd Scroll

Chapter 1: War

Our war chief Pachacamac lead us to victory and we needed more land, but his daughter Tikal didn't like our plans we just ignore her, and get ready to find much more power.

Chapter 2: A fox?

We saw Tikal talking to some fox, we think he could be from the hidden city of Shadakor.

Chapter 3: Chaos

We find out where the Chaos, Super and Master Emeralds are, so we try to get them but we fail miserably, and Tikal seals herself and Tikal in the Master Emerald.

Chapters in the 3rd Scroll

Chapter 1: The Chaos Emeralds

We learn the Chaos Emeralds were scattered and broken into millions of Emeralds because of Chaos so we begin our search!

Chapter 2: The last of our kind for a long time

Most of our kind never came back so we guard the Master Emerald, to make sure Chaos never gets out!

Chapter 3: The Comet Sword

The legendary Comet Sword sends the newly made 7 Chaos Emeralds to the Special Zone.

Chapters in the Last Scroll

Chapter 1: The Re-Merge of the Emeralds

A Machine re-merges all of the Emeralds into the 7, but only one of our kind lives on.

Chapter 2: Hero of the Comet Sword

(This part is brunt)