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Written by Merlock, a retired editor of this wiki,

He has been adopted by,User:Sharnathehedgehog and Nuttyvids167

A short biography

Chaos with cool shoes

Chaos the hedgehog is a hedgehog that appeared one night after sonic destroyed Dr. eggman's evil hideout. He appeared after a large explosion, and seeks out Shadow, believing they have similar origins, he doesn't know, but he thinks he has been created by Eggman. He is a Grey character, having not yet chosen sides, but he doesn't have any desire to hurt sonic or his allies. He has strange, and powerful powers, only matched and bettered by Shadow the Hedgehog.


Chaos' super form makes him turn golden, like most hedgehogs do, his golden stripe turns black as night, and all of his powers seem to come from it. This worries him, and he thinks that maybe he was made for dark reasons. His other forms consist of Light Chaos, Hyper Chaos, and DARK CHAOS. Chaos isn't big on guns, but he will use them if need presses. He really longs to try a sword, but has yet to find one. He is super fast, but sonic could easily outrun him. He is stronger than sonic, but weaker than shadow. He is very good with hand to hand combat, although, he cant ever seem to control his spin moves. He can hide very well, and he hates it when his stripe glows in dark places. He is skilled with the art of food poisoning, and is more of a trickster.


He hates being made fun of. He will also take almost any dare, in fact, once, he almost got killed doing something that Shadow thought he couldn't. His key weakness though, is his sheer lack of experience. He sneezes uncontrollably if he gets anywhere near oranges. He has NO idea why. His golden stripe glows at night, making it hard for him to hide.

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