Chapter Fifteen: Saving The Day, One Video Game At A Time


How long had it been since they were knocked out by the mysterious man in the silhoutte? No one knows. All they did know was that they were somehow stuck in the Mii Plaza...inside Nick's Wii gaming console. That sentence alone screwed all forms of physics to an unimaginable level.

"Hey, is everyone alright?" Sonic asked, rubbing his head as he did so. "I think we got knocked out or something...where are we?"

"Um...I know we're inside the Mii PLAZA...but this is a different place," Nick mentioned, noting that the sky was dark and there was little light.

"Well, can someone explain to me what's going on?" Knuckles asked.

"ROUGE!" a familiar voice shouted. Rouge turned around and was hugged by an apparently-worried Shadow.

"Jeez! It's been how long? A week or so? Man, things have been hectic!" Shadow exclaimed.

"I thought you HATED me..." Rouge growled, pushing Shadow away.

"Hated you? What did I do?" Shadow obliviously asked. Rouge was about to lose it, whenever Amy spoke up.

"GUYS! If that's Shadow...then WHO'S HE!" Amy cried, pointing at the Shadow that fought Rouge earlier. Everyone stepped back from the fake Shadow and he laughed.

"WOW! You are all IDIOTS!" the fake Shadow laughed. "The master was right in creating all of us!"

"The master?" Nick asked. The fake Shadow then began morphing into a different entity. This prompted the Transformers song to begin playing, even though this guy wasn't mechanical. When the transformation stopped, Nick was looking into the face of...SEAN!

"WOAH! Sean, when did you turn evil! I always knew you would try to destroy us, but not like this! I mean, after all, you always hated Canada over us..." Nick mumbled. Sean hit Nick upside the head.

"Idiot! I love Canada! And I'm not Sean! The Sean you've known for the past week WAS A LIE AS WELL!" the now-fake Sean shouted.

"Then who are you?" Nick asked. (It should be noted Knuckles was having a spaz attack from this confusion.) The silhoutte from before again walked up, coming into everyone's view. The silhoutte I mentioned last chapter...was Nick, except with a dark cloak and staff.

"This is Negative Sean. I am Negative Nick. You can call us Nega-Sean and Nega-Nick for short," Nega-Nick growled. Nick's eyes widened.

"HOLY SH*T I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!" Knuckles exclaimed.

"So Nega-Sean turned himself into Shadow to try and break us up!" Rouge growled.

"And now you're in a love triangle with Knuckles," Nega-Sean grinned. Shadow's jaw dropped.

"What...?" Shadow asked. Rouge's faceturned...rouge.

"Um...I can explain..." Rouge nervously giggled.

"HOLD IT!" Sonic yelled. "So you mean to tell me, that, for about an entire week, the real Shadow and Sean were stuck inside the Mii Plaza while clones replaced them to distract us, and that in turn made Rouge's love life go on a thin wire of despair?"

"Yeah, that's right," Nega-Nick confirmed. An awkward silence then occurred.

"'s harsh..." Knuckles commented.

"SHUT UP! I've had it with this bullcrap!" Nega-Nick screamed. "Ever since day ONE, it's been recurring gags, pathetic jokes, sexual innuendos, and CONSTANT FIGHTING! I'm sick of it!"

"But why are you trying to do this anyway?" Amy wondered.

"Because this fic is STUPID!" Nega-Nick screamed. "What is the point of bringing Sonic characters into reality whenever all they do is get into even MORE crap that makes no sense! And I've been enduring this for the entire fic!"

"Wait...what do you mean?" Nick asked.

" created me as a joker Mii on the morning of your Sonic characters coming into reality!" Nega-Nick screamed. "And then you threw me into MII HELL!"

"...the Mii Parade?" Nick guessed.

"YES! THE FREAKING MII PARADE!" Nega-Nick shouted. "But...I got smarter. And I created Nega-Sean as an advisor!"

"I LOVE SKITTLES!" Nega-Sean shouted.

Meanwhile, deep within the Mii Parade, the real Sean was tied up with chains and rope. Sean then twitched a bit.

"I feel as if someone impersonating me decided to say that my least favorite candy was awesome...I'LL KILL THEM!" Sean shouted, struggling to escape the chains as he did so.

"Wow, he really is Sean's opposite...and same with you too, Nega-Nick," Shadow pointed out. "But there's no time for games!"

"Funny, considering YOU'RE IN ONE!" Nega-Nick yelled. "And now, I shall unleash my invincible army! GO NICK CLONES!

Immdiately, many clones of Nick rose up from behind Nega-Nick. Oddly enough, most of them were in Storm Trooper outfits.

"Oh, great. A Star Wars reference? Come on, seriously? What else are you going to lampoon?" Shadow growled.

"CHOCOLATE!" some random guy screamed as he ran by the screen chasing someone selling chocolate. What? It's the Mii Plaza. Anything can happen. Really, anything. Shadow sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. Several Nick Clones stepped forward afterwards. These Nick Clone commanders were the spitting image of Nick himself, except they were always showing one emotion and subsequent color: one was red and angry, one was blue and sad, one was white and stupid (wow that sounded unintentionally racist; my bad), and the final clone commander was yellow and overly-optimistic. Nega-Nick turned toward the yellow Nick clone, annoyed.

"SPONGEBOB WE ALREADY MADE A REFERENCE TO YOU! LEAVE!" Nega-Nick commanded. SpongeBob, for some reason dressed up as a Nick Clone, left the story with a sullen look. This left a total of 5 Nicks: one original, one negative, one angry, one blue, and one white. Everyone stood there, staring.

"Oh, we need a deus ex machina..." Knuckles whimpered.

Said deus ex machina came in the form of the screen changing view to outside the Mii Plaza. Tails came downstairs, confused.

"Huh. Wonder where Nick and the others are..." Tails mumbled to himself. Tails then grabbed the Wiimote on the table and sat down on the couch. "Might as well see what I can play."

Tails turned on the Wii system via his Wiimote. After doing so, the people inside the Mii Plaza looked to the sky as they saw the lights turn on, signaling someone was using the Wii system. Sonic and the gang all cheered in relief.

"Alright! A deus ex machina!" Knuckles laughed. Nega-Nick just growled.

"THERE IS NO FREAKING DEUS EX MACHINA IN LIFE, FOOL!" Nega-Nick screamed, before charging at the heroes with the device he had used to entrap them inside the Mii Plaza in the first place. Nega-Nick fired the cannon, and a large dark claw flew out and grabbed Rouge. Shadow, with no other words, cut off the arm with a quick judo chop.


"But isn't your actual existance being here causing more insolent and random crap that would probably never happen in the first place?" Nick pointed out. Everyone stopped as soon as Nick said that. About a total minute of awkward silence followed.

"...remember when this fanfic was about Sonic characters coming into the real world and getting used to the real world?" Sonic randomly asked. Nega-Nick then screamed as loud as he could before getting a gun that fired dark claws at everyone.

"I'LL RIP ALL OF YOU APART!" Nega-Nick screamed. Back in the actual world of humans, Tails went into the Mii Channel. Whenever the large Mii Hand appeared on the Mii Channel, all the Miis looked up and saw the hand. All the Nick-Clones began screaming in terror.

"IT'S THE MASTER HAND! RUN!" all the Nick-Clones screamed, before running off. Nega-Nick and Nega-Sean just did a facepalm.

"Wimps. Now for the en-WHAT!" Nega-Nick screamed. Looking up, Nega-Nick realized that the Master Hand was about to grasp him. In the real world, Tails grabbed the Nega-Nick Mii, smiling.

"I guess I could consider this revenge for the random crap Nick put us through," Tails laughed. Tails then grabbed the Nega-Nick Mii (unknowingly giving everyone else a chance to escape) and Tails began swinging the Nega-Nick Mii around mercilessly.

"CURSE YOU, NICK AND YOUR PLOT DEVICES!" Nega-Nick screamed. Nega-Sean then took action and tried to shoot at everyone with his own dark claw gun, and he managed to capture Rouge.

"Haha! Hot chick for the taking!" Nega-Sean laughed. Shadow then kicked Nega-Sean right in the nads that affected him so hard the real Sean could feel it. Speaking of the real Sean, the real Sean ran up to the group of good guys and winced in pain.

"Guys, I just escaped from the Mii Jail because of the Master Hand, and why does my crotch hurt all of a sudden?" the real Sean whimpered. Nega-Sean then ran off, scared. Nega-Nick, still being thrown around, screamed in annoyance. The group of good guys all gathered up together.

"Okay, so what have I missed since last week or so?" Sean asked.

"Well, we did that chapter with the Seven Rings In Hand song remix already..." Knuckles pointed out. Sean began thrashing Knuckles.

"YOU IDIOT! THAT WAS MY IDEA!" Sean bellowed. Nick then started thinking, which created some dangerous smoke.

"Guys! We have to escape from here!" Nick shouted.

"YOU CAN'T, FOOLS! IT WAS A ONE-WAY TRIP!" Nega-Nick exclaimed.

"Then how did you get Nega-Sean out into our world and back?" Nick asked.

" SHUT UP!" Nega-Nick shouted. LittleKuriboh then began a lawsuit against INFERNOX for ripping off his joke. Nick then stared off into space.

"Nick, why are you staring off into space at a time like this?" Sean asked.

"Well, I have one idea...but it's risky," Nick pointed out.

"And what would that idea be?" Rouge asked.

"Well, I'll show you!" Nick gleefully exclaimed. "You see, in order for us to escape, first I have to do this..."

Nick then twisted into a curl in a counterclockwise position.

"...spin around, STOP!" Nick continued, spinning in one direction and stopping immdiately.

"Double-take three times! One, two, three!" Nick shouted, twitching his head while doing the double-take.

"Then...PELVIC THRUST!" Nick screamed, somehow flying through midair with his pelvis acting as a guide of some sort. (It should be noted that Nick was saying "WOOOOO!" as he did so.) Nick's pelvis then began slowing down (0_0...?).

"STOP ON YOUR RIGHT FOOT! DON'T FORGET IT!" Nick bellowed, stopping on his right foot as he did so. Nick also pointed at Knuckles while doing so, and this successfully creeped out Knuckles.

"Now its time to bring it around town..." Nick continued, taking off his head and making it spin around his Mii body. Everyone gaped. "...bring it around town..."

Nick then reattached his head after his head revolved twice around Nick's Mii body. "Then you do THIS..."

Nick then somehow morphed into where his body was normal, but his arms and legs were switched.

"Then THIS..." Nick continued, somehow turning into a perfect Mii version of Mario as he said so.

"Then you do that, and this, and that, and that, and this, and than, and THEN!" Nick shouted, somehow morphing into Yugi, Billy Mays, Michael Jackson, Hillary Clinton, SpongeBob, Brad Pitt, Ash Ketchum, and Rayman all in a random seizure-spawning flash during that time. Nick then faced away from his friends, and he began screaming like an idiot.

"...what does this have to do with...?" Shadow began, before A FREAKING TIME SPACE RIFT OPENED UP WHERE NICK WAS SCREAMING. And, of course, it was big enough for everyone to leave through it.

", a Spongebob AND a Dragon Ball Z reference in one go. Good job, Nick," Sean sighed. Nick and the others left through the portal that led to Nick's home. Cuz, you know, this fic is normal and following physics like that.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Nega-Nick screamed. Nega-Sean then realized something.


"And what would that be?" Nega-Nick asked calmly, since the Master Hand had let Nega-Nick down now.

Back in the real world, Nick and the others (to Tails) literally burst out of the TV from the portal, but the TV was fine. Tails was scared, even more than he's ever been, and this prompted him to jump and hide behind the basement's green rocking chair, crying.

"Tails, it's just us! Why are you scared?" Sonic asked. Tails's head popped out from the side.

"Sorry. You all just REALLY scared me," Tails apologized. Tails, now calmed, steps out and begins heading upstairs to get some food or something to calm his nerves. Everyone else went upstairs too, since they had nothing else to say...except for Nick, but all he really did was scream "SPAGHETTI!"

The hour of the day was night. Why did I say that; it makes no effing sense. Whatever. It was nighttime outside, and the clock in the basement read 11:30. A dark silhoutte is seen in front of the Wii system. The silhoutte is revealed to be Sean.

"Master Nega-Nick, can you hear me?" Sean asked, talking through some random earphones. Nega-Nick's voice appeared on the other end.

"Yeah, what's up?" Nega-Nick asked.

"Two things: 1) why didn't you just send Nega-Sean to impersonate the real Sean?" the (now obviously fake) Sean asked. The fake Sean then transformed from the Sean cover-up to Negative Steven.

"And two: are you near the center of the plaza?" Nega-Steven asked.

"To answer in order: I don't know, and yes," Nega-Nick answered. Nega-Steven just pressed a button on his headphones, and an electrical pulse burst out. Nega-Nick and Nega-Sean then came out of the Wii system, chuckling evilly and with a low tone.

"Now...let's see what troubles we can stir up next time," Nega-Nick grumbled.

"Why don't we just kill them in their sleep?" Nega-Sean asked. Nega-Nick's eyes opened wide.

"Good point. Let's-!" Nega-Nick began, before a NEW PLOT DEVICE appeared in front of them and blasted them out the door. While the three Negative beings flew into the sky (screaming, "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!"), the plot device appeared, and it turned out to be...Nick Jonas? Holy (Censored) what's Nick Jonas doing in the basement? Other than what he usually does...

"Well, that was close. Now for our time to begin!" Nick Jonas grinned, pulling out a weird device from his pocket that looked like a stopwatch. The screen then blacked out, and the words "EVEN MORE EVIL VILLAIN" appeared. This prompted a now-very-faraway Nega-Nick to scream in pure agony. Then Nick Jonas moonwalked out Nick's back door with the weird device, heading towards a strange structure that was being built in the park behind Nick's house.

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  • Although Nega-Sean and Nega-Nick were introduced this chapter, they were technically introduced into the series in Chapter 7 when the dark claws came out of the Wii system and captured the real Sean and Shadow.
  • The opening footnote for the setting of the chapter is a reference to the Nostalgia Critic's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog review.

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