Chapter Fourteen: The Unforgotten Is Forgotten


Nick and the Sonic cast had just finished eating dinner for the day. Unfortunately, the dinner was very tensionous and aggravting, mainly because of Shadow and Rouge's fight and the King from the Legend Of Zelda: Cd-I appearing and saying "Dinner," every time someone DID say dinner. At this point, Nick was about to watch Unforgotten Realms Episode 46.

"I wonder what episode we're going to get this week! I've been waiting for too long!" Nick joyously exclaimed. Sonic and the others looked on in confusion.

"I don't get it. What's Unforgotten Realms?" Sonic asked.

"It parodies the typical board game D&D!" Nick explained. Amy's eyes then lit up.

"Ooh! If it has two D's it must be good!" Amy shouted. "After all, I have two D's on my report card!"

Nick stood there, staring (even though he was just sitting a second ago.) "...Okay, question: By "if it has two D's, it must be good!" AND your following response to said statement, do you mean it in the serious, "I'm-interested" way, the sexual innuendo way, or the stupid "I-think-D's-on-a-report-card-are-acceptable" way?" Nick asked.

"...what's the fourth answer again?" Amy asked. Amy was then hit with a chicken.

"Ow! Oh, come on! I just ate this thing for dinner!" Amy cried.

"DINNER!" the Cd-I King shouted.

" one can possibly explain how forced that reference was..." Shadow muttered.

"SHUT UP EMO BOY!" Nick, Rouge, and Knuckles all shouted at once. (It should be noted that Knuckles had said "MAH BOI" instead of "EMO BOY.") Amy then cut out Shadow's screentime by continuing to talk.

"So...who can teach us about D&D easier?" Amy asked.

"I CAN!" a voice shouted. While everyone (even Nick) looked around for where the voice came from, Justin popped his head out from the trash can next to the computer. "I'm an expert at D&D, money-stealing, and Star Wars! But mostly money-stealing."

"...hey, did you get in my trash can?" Nick asked.

"No reason..." Justin muttered, hiding a Portal gun behind his back as he said so. Nick just looked for Unforgotten Realms while Justin took everyone downstairs into the basement.

"Okay, D&D is..." Justin began, before the words "SEVERAL MINUTES LATER" appeared. "And that's how you play D&D."

Apparently, Sonic and the gang had learned how to play D&D in just a couple minutes because of the "SEVERAL MINUTES LATER" sign. Many readers, annoyed with this random lack of continuity, start throwing flames at this fic. Knuckles, unfortunately, was used as a shield as random flaming balls of reviews rained down from the sky...which...went through solid concrete into Nick's basement...

"OH, COME ON!" Knuckles cried as he was pelted with said flaming flames. Wow, that didn't sound as good as I thought it would be. After the onslaught of chaotic fireballs, Knuckles looked like he had charred black skin, and he comically coughed a puff of smoke before Justin threw him onto the floor.

"So, what shall you decide to undertake now?" Justin asked.

"And what do you mean by that?" Amy wondered.

"Character sheets and stuff!" Justin answered, randomly grabbing stacks of papers and paperback books from nowhere. Everyone sighed and grabbed a character sheet and a pencil.

" do we do this?" Sonic asked.

"Like I said during the time elapsement a couple of seconds ago: just put down a general drawing of what your character looks like in the box, write down his/her name up there, and then write down your name so we know who's who!" Justin explained. "After that, we get to probably the hardest part of it all: choosing feats."

Knuckles's eyes then lit up. "OOH! I CAN CHOOSE MAH FEETS!" Knuckles shouted, grabbing Sonic by the leg. Before Sonic could react, Knuckles lifted up Sonic's leg into the air, making him fall onto the ground and conk his head off the floor. Shadow did a facepalm.

"Knuckles, you idiot," Shadow sighed.

"Shut up, Shadow," Rouge growled. Shadow and Rouge glared at each other with intense fury, until Justin hit them both with a six-sided dye.

"Will you two focus?" Justin, annoyed, yelled. "Now, you all shall roll these four six-sided dyes to choose your point total for your six different stats!"

"Wait, do I roll six stats with four dye?" Knuckles wondered.

"No, he means roll four stats with each time we roll a six-sided four," Sonic pointed out.

"Idiots. He means roll sixty-four stats with each time a four-sided dye is rolled a sixth time," Shadow sighed.

"No, I think he means we have to roll forty-six dyes," Amy asked.

"SIX STATS FOUR!" Knuckles yelled.

"FOUR STATS SIX FOUR!" Sonic screamed.

"SIXTY-FOUR FOUR SIXTH!" Shadow retorted.

"FORTY-SIX!" Amy shouted. Soon enough, everyone got into a fistfight over the numbers that didn't add up, creating a dust cloud animation as they did so. Justin backed up, freaked out.

"Okay...this can't get any weirder..." Justin sighed, before covering his mouth. Justin then pointed his finger at the ceiling. "SHUT UP, KARMA!"

Nothing happened. As Justin was wiping his head in relief, a large foot came from the ceiling and squished him, creating a "Pfft" noise as it did so. Knuckles then jumped on the foot.

"I FOUND MOAR FEETS!" Knuckles exclaimed.

"Knuckles, that's just the same foot that squished the chicken we were eating at dinner," Shadow sighed.

"DINNER!" the Cd-I King shouted. Justin screamed.

Meanwhile, the screen turned completely white. A shadowy figure was seen standing in the light, and he grinned. The silhoutte was tall, with a dark cape and staff in one hand. He chuckled menacingly as he stood within the light.

"Is the device ready?" the silhoutte asked. A pair of eyes gleamed out from a dark spot on the screen.

"Yes, my liege. We are ready to strike in mere hours," the minion growled.

"Good..." the silhoutte chuckled, staring at the screen evilly. "Hey, someone get this screen out of here! It's blocking my view of our device!"

The cameraman which shoots Sonic's Reality Check then runs out of the way, and the readers get a glimpse of what looks like an evil radio satellite...

...before the screen changes back to Shadow strangling Knuckles, Knuckles biting Sonic, Sonic punching Knuckles, Amy trying to grope Sonic (disturbing), and Rouge constantly kicking Shadow in the balls. Tails just helped Justin get out from under the foot, since he wasn't in the mood for fighting.

"Tails, you get points in my book for helping," Justin thanked.

"No problem. I don't like to fight all that much, so it's second-nature," Tails explained.

"Sure thing. Now how do we stop them?" Justin asked. Tails just got a shiny pendant. "What's that?"

"This old thing? I made it one day while you guys were at school. All I did was polish an old rock outside, and after some shining, I made it into this pendant. Hopefully Sonic and pals will be distracted by the shiny!" Tails beamed (fitting choice of words, wouldn't you say?). Tails lifted the pendant up to the light, and the reflection of the light shot into everyone's eyes, making them fall over into one another or into the couch. Of course, the stacks of paper, books, and dice were all not harmed or even MOVED. Sonic and the gang got up, annoyed.

"What was that for?" Amy shouted.

"That was to get you guys to stop fighting! I swear, ever since we landed here, it's been one fight after another!" Tails sighed.

"It's not my fault we're aggravated!" Knuckles yelled back.

"You know what? Who really cares anymore?" Tails sighed, walking upstairs. Before he left, Tails whistled.

"Why did Tails just whistle randomly?" Knuckles asked. Then, as if on cue, Lola burst through the door and began licking Knuckles while he screamed "RAPE!" Tails, chuckling, went back upstairs.

"Well, that answers that question..." Justin sighed. Justin's watch then beeped.

"Oh...looks like I've got to get home," Justin realized, getting the paper stacks, books, and dice together.

"But what about D&D?" Sonic asked.

"You already have your character sheets and pencils. Nick has some dice upstairs. Anyways, I've got to go," Justin explained, opening Nick's back door.

"What's so important that you have to leave?" Amy asked. ("Why aren't you using the Portal gun...?" Sonic mumbled.)

"Well, it's nearing 6 PM, so I've got to get home to my family so I can have some din-!" Justin began, before he stopped himself mid-sentence. Nothing happened.

" I can have some food!" Justin exclaimed. Nick then burst through the ceiling.

"DID SUMBUHDEE SAY FOOOOOD!" Nick shouted, grabbing a fork and knife from nowhere. Justin screamed in surprise.

"NO YOU IDIOT! I'm just going home so I can eat some dinner!" Justin shouted.

"DINNER!" the Cd-I King shouted. Justin then screamed like an idiot and ran through the wall into the distance, leaving a Justin-shaped mark within the wall.

"...that's the sixth time this week..." Nick sadly sighed. Everyone noticed five of the same Justin-wall-marks side-by-side in Nick's basement, except these five were filled in. It was still visible, though. Then physics tried to apply itself, making Nick fall to the floor onto Knuckles.

"Well, how's everyone doing?" Nick asked sadly.

"Why are you so sad?" Rouge asked.

"...I checked the Unforgotten Realms site. Apparently...they've ran out of money to continue the series cause they got laid off!" Nick sighed.

"...this is tragic how?" Shadow asked. Nick just punched Shadow.

"If something you've been waiting for for a long time just up and gets cancelled, you'd be annoyed too!" Nick barked.

"...I COULD SAY THE SAME THING, NICK!" a voice shouted. Everyone looked around, trying to find the voice.

"Woah. Tell me you all heard that?" Nick asked.

"Unfortunatly, yes," Sonic asked, on tense feet, if that's even a term.

"I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! GO, DARK CLAW!" the voice commanded. Then, THE SAME DARK CLAW THAT GRABBED SHADOW FROM THE WII SYSTEM IN ONE OF THE EARLIER CHAPTERS COMES OUT AND GRABS EVERYONE. While Amy screams about tentacle rape (and subsequently is slapped by Rouge for thinking THAT dirty), everyone is sucked into Nick's Wii system.

The screen was still and white. Before long, a familiar tone was heard. A cartoony Nick stood up, rubbing his head.

"Where am I...? WOAH!" Nick shouted, looking at his hand. His hand was nothing more than a mere yellow ball at the end of a yellow arm. Nick's top body was just yellow, while his lower half was red.

"Sonic...Shadow...I think we're in the Mii Plaza!" Nick shouted. Whenever he did shout, text bubbles appeared.

"I'M FREAKING OUT!" Knuckles shouted, running across the screen and continuously falling. Sonic and Shadow were looking around, trying to figure out the current situation. Amy and Rouge got Knuckles and brought him back to the main group of people. (For the record, just imagine a Mii version of a Sonic character, with their usual color being their shirt, and their pants being black.)

"Now what...?" Amy whimpered. Some footfalls were heard, and the dark silhoutte stepped forward.

"Who are you?" Shadow demanded.

"Just a being from the dark," the man chuckled. Shadow appluaded this use of Roxas's line from Kingdom Hearts 2. Yeah, he's a Kingdom Hearts fanboy still. Don't you remember? Get it memorized.

"Wait...why do you...OH GOD," Nick shouted, now wide-eyed.

"What's wrong?" Sonic asked.

"...that being is..." Nick began, before...


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  • Nick being sad over Unforgotten Realms being cancelled temporarily again points out how TheEscapist.Com dropped UR from its site.
  • This chapter is the first to begin the actual plot for the series, although in Chapter 7 the ending scene of this chapter was alluded to twice.
  • The spelling (or lack thereof) of "somebody" Nick used when he crashed through the ceiling is a reference to a YouTube Poop with a (mis)spelling in the title itself that is the same as what Nick screamed.

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