Chapter One: The Landing


The camera first showed a simple teenager typing on a computer. He was working on a fanfiction, from what the camera could show. This teen had simple golden-brown hair, and he seemed tall. The teen was typing quickly on the computer, and the sounds of a quiet night wafted in through the open window. While the teen was typing, his ears picked up something strange.

"What the…was that…no, it couldn't have been…" the teen thought. Continuing on, he kept typing, until he heard the noise again. This time, the reader could hear it, and it sounded like moaning.

"Huh?" the teen wonders. Looking out the window down at his front yard, he saw 6 figures lying face down in the grass. The teen went wide-eyed, but before running off, he thought logically.

"Don't want to alarm the parents before running out there…hmm…" the teen thought. His answer to find a way outside was appealed to when he heard his two younger sisters and their two respective friends come clambering up the stairs. The four girls were not seen by the camera, although a door shutting is heard.

"The girls are all playing in their room…Mom's watching General Hospital…Dad's out being a referee at my cousin's football game…and the dog's sleeping," the teen thought, looking over at his medium-sized short-furred brown dog, who was snoring very loudly. Logging off his fanfiction account, the teen walked downstairs, past his mom, and down into the basement. The basement itself was cluttered massively, and the teen could only stare in shock.

"This is the last time I let the girls down here…" the teen decided. Slowly unlocking the back door, the teen heads outside and doubles back to the front. Once there, he again sees the six figures, although all of them are standing up, dazed. The teen could already make out what they looked like, thanks to his parents' lamppost they put in the front yard.

"Ugh…hey, what happened?" Sonic asked. Standing up, with his back unknowingly facing the teen's house, Sonic started blinking rapidly.

"Hey, why am I so tall all of a sudden?" Sonic asks. Sonic looks down, and saw something unusual. His shoes were still the same, but he was wearing tan jeans and a dark blue shirt. Feeling his head, Sonic also noticed his quills were gone. Moving his hands around his body, Sonic also noted the strange disappearance of his back spines, his tail, his gloves, his pointy ears, and his nose. He also noted the strange addition of tanned skin, a smaller nose, two ears on the sides of his head, and short, flattened-out hair, though still with its blue tone.

"What is this? Is this another of Eggman's tricks! Hey, Tails! Wake up!" Sonic pleaded. Tails then stood up as well. Sonic gasped at Tails's appearance. Tails himself was significantly taller. Tails also had his two tails missing, along with his gloves, his pointed ears, and his fur. Tails was wearing a yellow t-shirt and faded grey shorts. Tails himself looked just like a human, although Sonic noted Tails tuft of fur on his head and his shoes were the same. Tails's hair was also blonde in color.

"Who are you?" Tails asked. Sonic mentally sighed in relief in knowing his and his pal's voices had not changed.

"Tails, it's me, Sonic! Where's Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Rouge?" Sonic asked.

"Sonic? What happened to you?" Tails asked.

"The same thing that's happened to you, buddy," Sonic implied. Tails looked down and noticed all of his new features.

"What's going on!" Tails whimpered.

"You can say that twice," Knuckles added on. Knuckles walked up at that point. Knuckles's features were changed too. Knuckles still had his dreadlocks, but his hair was red and his fur was gone. Knuckles was wearing a red-and-white striped shirt on, and he had tan jeans on as well. His gloves were gone too, but Sonic and Tails noticed that Knuckles still had his buff appearance. Knuckles's shoes were fortunately the same.

"Knuckles! You too! Wait, does that mean-?" Sonic began.

"Yes, it does, faker," Shadow answered before Sonic finished. Turning around, Sonic saw the humanized versions of Shadow, Rouge, and Amy. Shadow himself had black hair with red highlights in it, and there was a tuft of hair that went across his face in between his eyes in a cool wind-blown fashion. Shadow also wore a torn black shirt with a white skull on it, and he had his two gold rings still on his wrists, although his gloves were gone. His shoes were the same, but Shadow was also wearing black pants with a brown leather belt. Rouge had snow white hair, and her beauty was still evident, as per her new looks went. She had on a purple shirt, with a pink heart in the middle. She also was wearing blue jeans. Her shoes were the same, but the jeans overlapped the shoes, so all anyone saw was two white shoes with pink hearts at the tips. Amy was a huge contrast to both Shadow and Rouge's designs also. Amy still had on her signature pink dress, but it seemed modified. The pink dress she usually wore was the same color, and the white outlines were still there, but it had been humanized to fit a normal girl's clothing. Amy's headband was now jewel-studded as well, and she had her signature pink hair that went down to her shoulders. Amy's shoes were the same, and she also had on a bracelet on her right hand that was adorned with a crystal heart. Amy's pants were a simple white, although they seemed more like exercise pants than jeans.

"Everyone…what's happened to us?" Sonic asked.

"I don't know. You tell me, faker," Shadow asked impulsively.

"You know, you don't have to start calling me 'faker' again. That got old a LONG time ago, buddy," Sonic reprimanded.

"NEVER call me buddy, Sonic," Shadow threatened.

"Oh, you wanna quarrel over it, huh? How about a race then?" Sonic asked cockily.

"GUYS! Hold on a minute; how'd we get here in the first place?" Tails interjected, before anything else could so them harm.

"I…don't remember…" Amy answered.

"Me neither. It's like our memories have been wiped clean of how we got here," Rouge agreed.

"Well, THAT'S just helpful…" Shadow sighed. The teen from before then walked up to the six of them.

"Um, excuse me. Who are you guys?" the teen asked. Sonic was the first to respond.

"Don't worry about us kid. We don't know where we are really," Sonic replied. The teen backed away a step, confused.

"Okay…" the teen answered. "Are you all okay?"

"Yes, kind sir. But may I ask you where we're at?" Tails politely asked.

"You don't know where you're at…? Is this a joke of some kind?" the teen asked. Shadow got impatient and walked up to the teen.

"Look, kid. We're not joking. Where are we?" Shadow asked in a threatening tone of voice. The teen then got on the defensive.

"I'm not trying to cause trouble here. Just wondering who you are and everything. And how do you NOT know where you are? Is this some joke of some sort?" the teen asked. Shadow then got angry.

"Fine, if you won't tell us, then listen to this: Chaos Spear!" Shadow yelled.

"Shadow, don't!" Sonic yelled. This earning a confused look from the teen.

"Shadow…Chaos Spear…oh, god, no…" the teen thought. Everyone awaited the yellow burst of energy to come out and hit the poor teen in the face. It never came. Shadow just stood there, blinking.

"What? Chaos Spear! Chaos Spear! Eergh…CHAOS SPEAR!" Shadow shouted, trying to throw a Chaos Spear at the teen. Nothing happened still.

"What happened to my body? What is this world?" Shadow asked to no one in particular.

"This world? Jeez, you guys must have suffered some memory loss or something. Here, come inside. It's late, so we can figure this out tomorrow," the teen offered. Amy then jumped with joy.

"Oh, thank you! Who are you, friend?" Amy asked. The teen just looked back and smiled.

"Name's Nick! Nice to meet you! How about you guys?" Nick asked. Everyone gave out their respective names, and Nick nodded.

"Okay, then! Come on inside. I just hope I can explain this to Mom…" Nick thought out loud. Opening the front door to the living room, Nick turned to his mother, who had not realized Nick went outside.

"Nick, what were you doing outside?" Nick's mom asked.

"Um…Mom, we kinda have company…" Nick informed. At that moment, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and Shadow all walked in. Nick's mom was surprised at this.

"Nick, who are these six people?" Nick's mom wondered.

"They were conked out on the front lawn, and they don't know where they are. I think they have memory loss or something," Nick answered. "I offered them our home for the night so we can sort things out tomorrow."

Nick's mom was obviously aggravated by this sudden decision, as it was nearing 10 PM, and it had been a long day at the office for her. "Okay, Nick. But you'll have to come up with sleeping accommodations for them. The girls already have the sleeping bags for their friends, so…"

"It's okay. I'll improvise. Leave it to me," Nick replied. Nick's mom walked into the other room, and one could hear the sound of water being poured into a glass. Nick led everyone upstairs to the room he was just in. Inside the room, other than the widescreen computer, was an HDTV with a DVR attachment, a simple radio, an alarm clock, and a queen-sized bed.

"I can blow up some air mattresses for you guys up here, and I can trust you guys to decide who wants the big bed," Nick offered. "Here, let me get out the air mattresses. Now, how do I blow these things up again…?"

While Nick opened a closet, searching through it for some air mattresses and a device that pumps air into them, Shadow talked up.

"The bed is mine. No argument," Shadow decided. Shadow lazily walked over to the bed, and he jumped on top of it, landing on his back, head on the pillow.

"Oh, come on! That's not fair!" Sonic argued.

"Yeah, I mean, doesn't your girlfriend get a say, Shady?" Rouge seductively said, snuggling up to Shadow as she did so.

"Fine. Rouge and I get the bed. The rest of you: improvise," Shadow demanded.

"Oh, come on!" Knuckles whined. Knuckles was then subsequently hit in the crotch with an air mattress air blower-upper device thingy…(seriously, what are those things called…?) Knuckles winced in pain as the heavy device smashed into his nether regions, and he subsequently dropped to the floor. Nick turned around with the air mattresses and saw what he did.

"Oh, you got to be kidding me! That's the second time this week!" Nick exclaimed. "Ah, well. Here, I'll set up your air mattress first, Knuckles! Now, where do I put the tube in…?"

Sonic took to snickering at Knuckles. Knuckles shakily got up and spoke with a hoarse voice at Sonic. "Shut up, blue britches! You try getting hit in the nuts with a heavy piece of plastic!"

"Why don't you try saving the world for once?" Sonic taunted. Knuckles then blew a fuse and tried to yell, but was limited because of his previous nutshot.

"You jerk! I worked alongside you various times, and I even helped you save the world! Don't you try pulling that sheet over my head!" Knuckles shouted. Nick then lifted his head in realization.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot the bedsheets! Here, I'll go get some from downstairs while the air mattress blows up!" Nick offered, running out of the room as he did so. The air mattress starting filling with air as Knuckles and Sonic continued fighting.

Nick was walking through the kitchen when his mom pulled him aside. Nick's mom was obviously angry with Nick's rash decision on taking them in.

"Nick, I know you were thinking with a good heart out there, but we don't know these people! How can we trust them?" Nick's mom asked in a frantic tone of voice.

"Well…I can answer that if you listen to this…" Nick answered. Nick then pulled out from his pocket an enV2 Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless phone service. The phone was already opened up to the "Sounds" screen, and it was in the middle of recording. Nick stopped the recording and played it back to Mom with good audio quality.

"Um…excuse me? Who are you guys?" the audio-taped Nick asked. Some rustling was heard, and then the following conversation ensued. During it, Nick's mom interrupted.

"How does this answer my question?" Nick's mom asked, annoyed.

"It answers said question here. Listen carefully," Nick warned.

"Name's Nick! Nice to meet you! How about you guys?" the audio-taped Nick asked the 6 new friends.

"I'm Sonic!"

"My name's Miles, but you can call me Tails!"

"I'm Knuckles, guardian of the Master Emerald!"

"I'm Amy Rose! Pleased to meet you!"

"I'm Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form."

"I'm Rouge, the world's most successful treasure hunter!"

Nick then turned off the audio tape. His mom just stared in confusion.

"They…gave out Sonic character names…?" Nick's mom asked.

"And they sounded exactly like them, they dressed exactly like them, and they ACTED exactly like them. These aren't cosplayers as I originally expected; they're possibly the real deal," Nick informed.

"You mean…?" Nick's mom asked.

"I think both our lives have just gotten weirder…but just in case, we CANNOT let them into the basement or on the computer at ALL," Nick warned.

"Why not?" Nick's mom asked.

"Think about it for a second," Nick suggested. Nick's mom thought it over, then got the idea and nodded.

"Fine, then. Now, go get what you were heading for, and get them to bed. You get to bed too. We have a lot of stuff to do in the morning," Nick's mom ordered.

"Okay, then! See you in the morning!" Nick said, heading off downstairs to the laundry room to get some blankets and bedsheets for everyone.

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  • At the beginning of this chapter, Nick was typing on a fanfiction. This alludes to the fact that in actuality he is INFERNOX, although a different entity altogether.
  • As shown in later chapters of SRC, today was the same day Nick created a Joker Mii on his Wii System that eventually led to Nega-Nick's conception.
  • September 25, 2009 (the date Chapter 1 takes place) is the same day SRC was uploaded onto Fanfiction.Net.

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