Chapter Seventeen: Did Someone Say Filler?


The group was, for once, OUTSIDE. Which is rare for Nick's case, but we'll start here. The group was out in the park, playing in the basketball court since the majority of the park was being cleaned up after Shadow's little stint that turned into an internet meme. Currently, the group was playing basketball. Amy, wanting to savor the sight of a sweaty Sonic (try saying that 5 times fast and you get a free bagel), was the referee. The team consisted of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles against Nick, Rouge, and Shadow.

"Okay! Check the ball!" Nick shouted.

"For what? AIDS?" Knuckles asked.

" I mean bounce the ball towards me so I can bounce it towards you," Nick explained.

"Why bounce it in the first place?" Sonic pointed out.

"Because shut up," Nick answered. Sonic shrugged and bounced the ball towards Nick. Nick passed the ball back, and Tails and Knuckles began to run forward so Sonic could pass the ball and hope one of them scored a basket.

"I could pass to Tails since he smarter, but he's smaller...Knux is taller but an idiot...choices," Sonic thought. Rouge covered Knuckles, while Shadow covered Tails. Nick stood in the middle, seemingly waiting.

"Okay!" Sonic shouted, about to pass the ball to Tails, not risking Knuckles's stupidity. Sonic passed the ball to Tails, and Shadow, being overconfident, tried to catch the ball, but missed because it went out of his reach. Tails caught the ball and tried to throw it into the basket, but Nick, flailing himself around like an idiot, threw Tails off his game and made him throw away the ball. Rouge caught it and swiftly made a slam dunk.

"Tails!" Sonic shouted again.

"Hey, it's not fair if Nick is flailing around like that! His moves are too erratic AND he's six-foot-two!" Tails whined.

"Well, I felt the same way whenever I was fighting Xaldin on Kingdom Hearts 2 the other day, but you don't see me whining," Shadow mumbled.

"Shadow, you almost broke the controller," Rouge pointed out. Shadow just grunted. The group then got back into position so Sonic's team could pass the ball to Nick's team. Nick was in the middle, ready to receive the ball. Unfortunately, Knuckles was passing the ball.

"Check!" Knuckles shouted. Nick passed the ball to Knuckles, and Knuckles attempted to pass it back. Unfortunately, he threw the ball too hard, and it bounced around the entire basketball court like a pong ball. Everyone fell to the floor to avoid the wrath of the basketball...except for Nick, who was chewing on his fingernails again.

"NICK WILL YOU STOP BITING YOUR NAILS AND LOOK OUT!" Tails screamed. The basketball then began coming towards Nick's head.

"Reaction shot?" Nick randomly said as he turned around to see the ball. DarkSideIncorporated then filed a lawsuit for this infringement of their jokes. Nick got hit directly on the bridge of the nose with the basketball.

"AHHHH! OH MY GOD!" Nick screamed, falling onto his butt as he did so. The basketball landed next to him. Everyone got up fine.

"Nick, are you alright?" Sonic asked. Nick put his hands off his face; his nose wasn't broken nor bleeding, but something was definitely off with him. Nick seemed to be in a daze.

" my...nose...bleeding?" Nick asked. (It should be noted Nick pronounced bleeding with difficulty.)

"Nick?" Shadow asked.

"I can see...the...dragon dude...Steven was...right..." Nick mumbled.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" Knuckles asked, holding up 4 fingers. Nick stared at Knuckles's fingers, before slowly answering.

"1...2...3...f-four..." Nick answered. Knuckles looked at his hand.

"So, four comes after three...thanks!" Knuckles happily replied.

"Wow, he is in a daze," Rouge sighed.

"Normally, I'd say that'd be pointed out the obvious, but this is bad..." Tails noted.

"" Nick slowly asked.

"Let's get him home," Amy stated. Everyone began helping Nick back home, as he, right now, had the stability of a drunk driver on his feet. Knuckles picked up the basketball that hit Nick and followed everyone back home, unknown of the chaos they had just unleashed because of this basketball-to-the-face.

Back at Nick's house, Nick was lying in his bed, looking like a he was in some sort of coma. Everyone stood around his bed, confused.

"So...Nick got injured? For real?" Shadow asked, amazed.

"I'm suprised that happened," Sonic noted. "I mean, if Nick can get hurt, what next?"

"Well, what do we do? He got hit on his nose pretty hard," Tails pointed out. Nick's parents walked in when Tails said that, and they both got wide-eyed.

"D-did you say he got hit on his nose!" Nick's dad shouted.

"Yeah..." Tails mumbled, scared. Nick's parents began to pace the room in a frenzy.

"Oh this isn't good..." Nick's dad managed to mumble.

"What isn't good? You mean this injury could be life-threatening?" Amy wondered.

"...well, in a sense, yes. He's been hit on his head many times, as you can see," Nick's mom pointed out. "Of course, his head injuries only occured after he turned 5, so there was no real brain damage. And you know how he can get smacked in the head so many times without getting a scratch right?"

"Yeah. I mean, he DID break through the ceiling at school in Chapter 4..." Sonic remembered.

"Well...his weak spot is his nose," Nick's dad explained. "He can sniff out food most anytime using that nose of his, unless of course he's sick and its clogged. But if he gets hit on the nose, then-!"

Nick's dad never finished, as the camera zoomed out of Nick's house, showing the front of his house. A noise sounding like someone getting up was heard, and a loud scream pierced the general silence of Nick's home like a bullet to a piece of paper.

"WHERE THE **** ARE MY FRITOS!" Nick screamed, ripping on DarkSideIncorporated yet again. In fact, this time the reference was so bad, ShadyVox groped his head in pain.

"What's up, Vox?" Xthedarkone asked.

"I feel a disturbance in the force..." ShadyVox commented ominously. Meanwhile, back at the toolshed-I MEAN-plot, the camera still showed the front of Nick's house, although much rowdiness could be heard from the outside. This was exemplified by some barking from Lola, some scrambling footsteps, and the occasional bang of someone tripping and falling onto the floor.

"Where are my Fritos, Tails! I need them or I will die!" Nick screamed, obviously more delusional than normal.

"For the love of god, I don't have your Fritos!" Tails shouted back.

"LIAR!" Nick accused, before a punch was heard.

"It is heavily implied that you punched me!" Tails whined.

"Nick, calm down!" Sonic screamed.

"I NEEDZ MAH FRITOS!" Nick shouted. Before long, a frying pan smack was heard, and a thud on the floor symbolized someone got knocked out. We can only safely assume it was Nick, since all the calamity stopped when that happened. Going inside the house, everyone could see a messed-up living room, Tails with a black eye, Nick with a cartoonish bump on his head while he was knocked out, and Steven holding a frying pan.

"It looks like the frying pan from Chapter 13 and I have come to an agreement..." Steven noted.

"Why are you here?" Knuckles asked in a show of pure genius that caused an earthquake in Bolivia to occur when he said this.

"I don't know..." Steven answered in a voice that resembled Gir from Invader Zim. As if things couldn't get weirder, green slime then poured on top of Steven, covering him in the glop. The Nostalgia Critc then ran up again.

"Oh come on! Every time someone says 'I don't know' they get gooped by green slime! That's like the Burger King guy appearing whenever I say ELEPHANT!" the Nostalgia Critic screamed. This caused the Burger King guy to appear. This caused the Nostalgia Critic to run off while the Burger King guy chased him. This caused nothing to change the situation at hand, although for some reason the slime disappeared as if it were never there at all.

"What happened to the slime?" Shadow asked.

"Maybe it was just an OPTICAL ILLUSION..." Steven answered, waving his hands in the air like an idiot while doing so. Shadow wished he could use Chaos Spear at this point, but all he could settle for was throwing a box of crackers at Steven. This did not work, since Steven promptly ate said crackers. Shadow facepalmed at his own stupidity.

"Well, what do we do about Nick?" Rouge asked.

"I think we should just let him sleep..." Sonic suggested, tending to Tails's wound the best way possible: asking the magic 8-ball for advice.

"'Step on the transporter...' why is this thing so useless!" Sonic shouted, throwing the magic 8-ball on the ground.

It was later in the day, and Sonic was in the basement, playing Sonic and the Secret Rings. Sonic was going through the Night Palace level, but was thoroughly annoyed by its difficulty. Sonic kept swinging the Wiimote and tried to make the on-screen Sonic jump, but he kept dying uselessly.

"Gah! How is this so freaking difficult!" Sonic screamed, mashing the 2 button on the Wiimote in order to jump. Of course, because Sonic couldn't figure out how to do that, since the game was freaking touch-sensitive. Sonic then fell off into an endless abyss of space for the umpteenth time. Sonic growled.

"OH COME ON!" Sonic screamed. The video game Sonic then died again. Sonic, shouted, threw the Wiimote at the ground. When the Wiimote collided with the ground, it shattered. The batteries flew out and landed on the ground, the top half of the Wiimote broke, and the inner electrical contents fell apart. Sonic, now not angry, saw the broken Wiimote.

"Wait..." Sonic asked, now worried. Sonic then thought in his head about how Nick would react when he saw this. Sonic only saw an angry Nick firing his laser while riding a Katamari throwing Kool-Aid packets at Sonic while screaming THIS IS SPARTA! Sonic shuddered.

"Oh, god, I need to find a new Wiimote before Nick finds out!" Sonic shouted. Sonic then ran upstairs and went to the only person he knew could help him with getting out of tight spots: Shadow.

"Shadow! Shadow! I need your help!" Sonic shouted.

"What is it now?" Shadow asked, obviously annoyed.

"Well, I was playing video games and I broke the Wiimote!" Sonic shouted. "I need help for replacing it before Nick finds out!"

"Why should I help you?" Shadow asked.

"Because you saw Nick whenever Knuckles accidentally stole his bagel! Who knows what will happen if he finds out a Wiimote is broken!" Sonic shouted. "He could kill us all!"

"Whatever. You know he wouldn't kill us," Shadow retorted. Sonic just stared at him with an annoyed look. "...okay, maybe he would. But he would kill you first."

Shadow took a sip of his Coca-Cola as Sonic screamed. "Shadow! If Nick finds out, he'll-!" Sonic screamed.

"I'll what?" Nick slowly asked. Sonic turned in shock as he saw the dazed Nick walking down the stairs. Nick almost tripped and fell, but Tails and Knuckles were keeping him steady. "What...about...finding out?"

"Uh..." Sonic stuttered, now caught in a corner. Shadow just stepped forward, grinning.

"Oh, Sonic here just had something important to tell you. Like how he says he loves hanging out with someone so smart..." Shadow lied, grinning. Sonic's eyes widened in terror.

" mean...Shadow?" Nick asked, confused. Sonic just growled angrily at Shadow. Shadow just returned with a wink that signaled to Sonic everything he needed to know.

"Oh, I mean that Sonic loves your company. After all, he always loves hanging out with new people..." Shadow smirked.

"Really? ...but...Sonic does...not like...random...crap...or place...for long..." Nick mumbled. Shadow was surprised at this; so was Sonic.

"Nick, are you alright?" Shadow wondered.

"I...think so..." Nick muttered. " head...hurts..."

Nick then stretched out his arms, and slowly limped his way over to the couch next to Sonic. Despite the couch being a mere 5 feet away, Nick had major difficult due to his dazed state. It was to the point where he looked like he was drunk. Nick got to the couch and fell facefirst onto it, shifting his body slightly so he was lying facedown on the couch.

"Mmmph...comfy..." Nick muttered, still dazed, before he fell asleep again. Shadow and Sonic looked on, amazed.

" he alright?" Sonic asked, worried. "He would've tried to ask what was up, but he just shrugged it off..."

"Maybe he really DID get hit harder than we thought..." Shadow muttered, concerned himself. Tails and Rouge both walked in, apparently deep in conversation.

"Well, that's kind of what I've been wondering from the beginning," Tails continued. "I mean, I still don't understand why Sonic couldn't run as the speed of sound whenever he fell off his Extreme Gear during those hoverboard races on Mobius..."

"Tails, we have a problem," Sonic began, worried. Rouge and Tails both looked at Sonic.

"What is it?" Rouge wondered.

"This," Shadow answered, holding up Nick's head off the couch. Nick just bobbed his head around like he was dizzy.

"Whee...the so fluffy...sleepy time...for Nick..." Nick mumbled, before falling back onto the couch. Rouge and Tails stared in shock.

"Woah. He really did get hit harder than we thought..." Tails sighed.

"KNUCKLES!" Rouge shouted. After she said this, various scrambling was heard, until Knuckles fell down the steps and rolled over to Rouge's feet.

"Yes?" Knuckles asked, obviously not fazed by the fact he fell down a flight of steps for no reason. Everyone else was not fazed by this, as they all pointed to Nick.

"You messed up Nick pretty bad earlier with your chaotic little basketball earlier," Rouge growled. "Now he's probably badly injured in the head, LITERALLY."

"How badly? Like his brain is injured?" Knuckles asked. This flash of pure genius caused a power malfunction in North Korea.

"Maybe. But who knows? Nick might be this way for a long time," Sonic retorted. "And considering he's the only one who knows about this place more than we do, we could be in serious trouble."

"...what about Sean? Or Steven? There's also Nikki," Knuckles mentioned.

"Nikki's had less lines in this fic than Tails has had screentime," Shadow sighed.

"Well, still!" Knuckles mentioned. Rouge just smacked him upside the head.

"Just keep quiet you. Nick gets one free shot at you when he comes back to...IF he does. I guarentee it," Rouge growled.

Meanwhile at Steven's house, Steven was playing Halo 3: ODST on his Xbox 360 with his younger brother whenever the phone rang. Punching the shaky wooden table with the phone on it next to him, Steven managed to shoot the phone out of the cradel and make it land on his shoulder while he continued to kill many, MANY Flood in ODST's Firefight mode.

"Yo?" Steven began. The screen split in two to show Tails on the other end.

"Steven! It's me, Tails! There's a big problem here!" Tails whined.

"How big?" Steven asked, not convinced.

"Bigger than Mike," Tails answered.

"Not good enough," Steven sighed.

"Bigger than Sean's ego," Tails tried.

"Still not convinced," Steven continued.

"Bigger than Nick's head," Tails wondered.

"Nope," Steven continued. Shadow just grabbed the phone from Tails.

"Bigger than your banana, if you get my drift," Shadow growled. Steven then jumped over the divider line for the phone screen and landed in Nick's living room, before beating the crap out of Shadow.

"NEVER INSULT MY BANANA!" Steven screamed.

"Why are you so upset that I insulted a fruit?" Shadow asked. Steven's eyes widened.

" meant the actual fruit?" Steven asked.

"Yeah...what'd you think I meant?" Shadow asked. Ensue the 30-second awkward silence with the beeping phone-off-the-hook noise.

"Um...never mind," Steven quickly said, jumping off of Shadow and mentally deciding against continuing to beat Shadow up. Steven then heard some groaning, and he turned around to see Nick mumbling something into the couch. Steven lifted Nick's head up to hear what he was saying.

"Bird...bird...bird is the word..." Nick mumbled, before Steven dropped Nick's head so it fell back onto the couch. Steven then turned to everyone before punching Knuckles in the face.

"OUCH! WHAT DID I DO!" Knuckles shouted.

"You caused Nick to go into this state in the first place!" Rouge growled.

"Oh, he did?" Steven asked. "I was just randomly punching the first person closest to me; I didn't know I'd actually punch the perpetrator."

" mean you just randomly...never mind," Sonic sighed. "Ignoring the fact that you jumped through the telephone lines to get here...and also ignoring the fact that you were here about 10 minutes ago with that frying you know how we could fix Nick?"

"Well...usually time heals all wounds, especially this one, so all we have to do is wait..." Steven diagnosed.

"So you mean we'll spend this ENTIRE freaking chapter standing here and waiting for Nick to wake up?" Sonic asked.

"Don't you have a Wiimote to buy?" Shadow retorted.

"(bloop)," Sonic screamed, as he ran out the front door and began running to the nearest GameStop, which was about 2 and a half miles away. The rest of the gang just continued to look at Nick.

"...hey, where's Amy at?" Rouge asked.

Upstairs in the cold room, a cardboard box was moving around erratically. There were some small air holes, and the box was taped shut. Something inside the box was vigorously trying to escape said box. Then, Amy hit the box with her hammer.

"Keep quiet in there! You're not coming out yet!" Amy shouted. The box just continued to struggle as Amy continued to whack said cardboard box.

"On second thought, I don't want to know," Rouge sighed. Steven kept looking at Nick, trying to figure out how to pass the time, until he got an idea. Going upstairs and ruffling around for a bit, Steven came back down with an electric shaver.

"What is that?" Sonic asked.

"Just watch," Steven chuckled, before turning on the shaver. A couple minutes of cutting down the forest known as Nick's thick, curly hair later, Nick was completely shaved bald. Everyone was doing their best to avoid laughing too loud to wake him up. Nevertheless, Nick got up, still in a daze, and turned to his laughing "friends."

"What' fun...ny?" Nick asked, before he felt his head. Nick was a bit surprised to not feel his hair, but he got up and stumbled past everyone into the kitchen. Everyone followed Nick, wondering what he would do next. Nick got himself a glass of water and drank it down shakily. Everyone waited for a couple seconds.

"...what's Nick going to do now?" Rouge asked. Then, out of nowhere, Nick's hair grew back as if it was normal again, while the words "CH-CH-CH-CHIA" played in the background. Steven just threw the electric shaver onto the couch, slinking back in defeat.

"I hate it when he does this..." Steven sighed. Shadow and the gang just stood there, amazed.

" did he do that?" Shadow asked. Nick then fell over onto the floor.

"Screw...physics...I have...cheesy bread..." Nick mumbled, before falling asleep again.

"...cheesy bread?" Knuckles asked.

"Well, at least he didn't make a LittleKuriboh joke," Steven thanked. Nick then jumped back up.

"WHERE THE **** ARE MY FRITOS!" Nick screamed, again.


It was nearing dinnertime, and Sonic still hadn't found enough cash to scrounge together for a new Wiimote. So far, Sonic had about 20 dollars he had gotten from Nick's house (from Steven's back pocket, when he wasn't looking), along with several wet coins Sonic had managed to steal from the wishing fountain. So Sonic literally trampled on many people's hopes and dreams to buy a Wiimote; it's not like anyone else isn't doing that nowadays with embezzelment and fraud...oops, I'm going out-of-character. Continuing on, Sonic, totaling his cash so far, had nearly 30 dollars. Another 10 more and he could afford to buy a used Wiimote at the GameStop. Of course, Sonic knew he only had the rest of the chapter to figure out how to get the cash. Sitting down at a table near a pretzel shop, Sonic slunk his head into his hands.

"Aw, man. How am I going to find 10 dollars soon? Man, this sucks," Sonic groaned. "I hope a plot device occurs soon."

"Did someone say plot device?" Justin asked, as he walked up to Sonic. "I'd thought I'd seen you earlier when you were stealing from the water fountain."

"Why didn't the police stop me?" Sonic asked.

"Dude, it's Sunday. Everyone's off their jobs," Justin mentioned.

"Then how is the mall open?" Sonic pointed off.

"Stop questioning this story's continuity. We've been slacking on this fic for a month; don't start boring us with little details," Justin laughed.

"But-?" Sonic began. Justin just pointed a finger at Sonic.


"Will you two please keep it down! Some of us are trying to work over here!" a voice yelled. Justin and Sonic turned to see a male teenager standing behind the pretzel shop counter, looking very angry. The teen's clothing had mainly a white shirt on, with blue jeans as well. His shoes were really weird-looking; they had a blue edge as well as white sides and a black streak going down the middle. The man's hair was slicked back from him brushing it, obviously, but there were a couple strands that dangled out in front of his face. Sonic noted that there were five different strands of dangling hair. Justin walked up to the counter, with a snarky face...whatever that meant.

"And just who are you supposed to be? A main character?" Justin growled. The teen growled, before smirking.

"Soon enough I will be! And just for your information, you can call me Silver!" the teen shouted. Sonic then randomly spat out a soda he was drinking even though he didn't have a soda three seconds ago.

"WHAT THE FU-!" Sonic shouted, before the mall exploded. One exploded mall later, Sonic ran up to Justin and Silver, surprised. "SILVER! SILVER THE HEDGEHOG!"

" did you know?" Silver asked, his voice low...wait, how was the mall still functioning? Whatever.

"Well, who else has a stupid name like Silver?" Sonic asked.

"Who has a stupid name like Sonic?" Silver retorted.

"Touche," Sonic admitted. Silver's watch then beeped, and Silver jumped over the counter he was behind.

"Looks like my shift's over for the day," Silver noted.

"You have a job?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, I mean, who knows how long we'll be here for?" Silver pointed out. "Speaking of which, where is your pal going?"

Sonic turned around and saw Justin walking away. "Justin, where are you going?" Sonic asked. Justin just turned his head around while still walking away.

"I have to get to the fourth floor of the mall pronto!" Justin revealed, before turning a corner and disappearing from Sonic and Silver's view. Sonic shrugged it off, until he realized that the mall only had three floors.

"What is he trying to pull?" Sonic growled. Sonic, about to chase Justin, was held back by Silver.

"Whoa, hold on, Sonic," Silver noted, holding Sonic back. "Look, I heard you needed 10 dollars?"

"Yeah..." Sonic answered, remembering his point of coming here in the first place. Silver just stuck out a 10 dollar bill.

"If I can come live with you, since you probably have a house here, I can give you this," Silver asked. Sonic thought about it for a bit.

"Well...we'd have to ask Nick, but since's he's disoriented...sure!" Sonic agreed, shaking Silver's hand, taking the 10 dollar bill, and smiling happily. "Just do something about your voice. It's really irritating."

"My voice?" Silver asked, in his high-pitched Sonic 2006 voice. "What's wrong with it?"

"It's just...high-pitched and whiny. Just stop talking for a bit," Sonic asked.

"Why would my voice be high-pitched?" Silver wondered.

"Stop talking," Sonic pleaded.

"Why?" Silver asked.

"Have you ever played Sonic 06?" Sonic asked. Silver looked surprised.

"What?" Silver wondered. Sonic was surprised that Silver didn't know what that was, despite the fact his workplace was right next to a FRIGGIN GAMESTOP. But whatever. Sonic just ran into the GameStop, bought a new Wiimote for 40 dollars (Since I am too lazy to Google their actual price), and he then took Silver back to Nick's house, with the Wii plot device in his hands.

Nick was sleeping again, this time for a longer period of time. Everyone was exasperated from what happened this time. Nick had nearly crushed all of them quickly with his head, had it not been for Knuckles, they would've been doomed. Everyone sat there, catching their breath, as Sonic and Silver walked into the front door. Then they walked into the room.

"Hey guys. Guess who's joining us?" Sonic asked.

"Your masculinity?" Shadow owned.

"Silver," Sonic answered. Steven's eyes then went wide, before he ran out of the room screaming. Then everyone began screaming like idiots until Amy came downstairs.

"Why are you all screaming!" Amy screamed. (LOL THE IRONY)

"Silver!" Rouge shouted, pointing at Silver as she did so. Amy then began trying to kill Silver with her Piko Piko Hammer, until Nick began to wake up again. Everyone stood in fear as Nick slowly got up, before he yawned and stretched his arms out.

"Man...that was a weird dream!" Nick noted, now speaking normally. "It was almost as if I...hey, why are you all so scared?"

"'re fine now?" Knuckles wondered. Knuckles was then kicked by Nick.

"Never hit me in the face again," Nick growled, before turning to Sonic, Amy, and Silver.

"Who's the new guy?" Nick asked.

"Silver," Sonic answered.

"Really? You mean the Silver with the terrible voiceacting from Sonic 06?" Nick asked. Silver was surprised by this.

"What? Bad voiceacting! Me!" Silver shouted.

"Yep," Nick answered.

"NO WAY!" Silver screamed. The jumping box from Amy's P.O.V. before came careening down the stairs and hit Silver instantly, before Dr. Octagonapus jumped out of the box, fired his laser, and ran out laughing. Silver got up, surprised.

"...what's going on?" Silver asked.

"Everything," Shadow sighed.

Sean was sitting in his room, watching television, until he began to get sick of it. Sean was flipping through channels, but all he could find were programs about bad comedians, the low economy, or bad cartoons. Soon enough, Sean turned off the TV.

"Wow. I've truly had it with this! Someone needs to make good television!" Sean growled. Sean then got an idea, and he grabbed his webcam and hooked it up. After a couple minutes of shooting a small video and editing it, the screen you were reading changed to show only three words: Public Sean Announcements. (My answer to Sonic Sez Segments)

Sean ran up on screen, with a big smile. "Hello, everyone. You may recognize me as Sean from the hit series Sonic's Reality Check. Well, I'm here to tell you something important," Sean began. "Here on SRC, we love to joke around big-time, but there comes a time when the joking stops. This is usually when something bad happens. With that being said, don't blow up malls. Ever."

Sean's face turned serious. "Malls are places where snooty teenagers go to whenever they have too much money to spend irresponsibily, and there are also other people who work there for your gain. Don't try to take it all away from them by destroying the mall. Malls are people too, you know," Sean added, before walking off-screen and signaling the end of SRC's first PSA segment.

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  • This is the first chapter to introduce the Public Sean Announcements, a play of both typical PSA's and the PSA's given at the end of Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • This is the first actual chapter to introduce Silver as a character.
  • The "WHERE THE F*** ARE MY FRITOS!?" joke is a sort of "spin-off" joke of the Cheetos joke in Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Abridged Series by ShadyVox.

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